Geagea: Lebanese Forces Will Not Name Hariri


Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea said Tuesday he “will not name” ex-PM Saad Hariri for the premier post, because he believes no change is possible in the presence of the “ruling trio.”

“A new government is required to implement reforms, which can not be achieved in the presence of the ruling trio,” said Geagea referring to the Free Patriotic Movement, Hizbullah and Amal Movement.

Geagea said he was “confident that no results can be achieved with their presence,” that's why "the LF will not nominate Hariri for we do not wish to engage in any joint initiative with the ruling trio."

Geagea denied any relationship between not naming the ex-PM and an earlier position regarding the presidential battle.

“But shall Hariri be designated to form a new government, the LF will certainly support any positive step his government takes,” added Geagea.

The LF chief saw that early parliamentary elections are Lebanon’s way out of the crisis.

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Missing kazan 20 October 2020, 15:36

this man doesn't get it, the problem is not only the trio, since 1943 we had different trios , peaceful periods were artificial , inequality, corruptions, injustice , police state always existed in this country. this man is using popular language hoping becoming one of the next trio, he is an Opportunist.
Lebanon solution: 2 states, divorce, all pther options are waste of time , you keep the same system with differen names.

Missing 10452km2 20 October 2020, 17:55

What would be the makeup of your 2 states solution kazan?
1- A Christian one and a Muslim one? Won't work. First how would you reconcile the Shia and Sunnis who are currently at odds. Second no sooner the divorce happens that the different Christian denominations begin to bicker with this spreading even to inside the different denominations.
2- A Christian/Sunni one and a Shia one? Won't work. What happened to the Christians in the south and the Bekaa regions and the Shias in Matn, Keserwan and Jbeil? And how long before the Christian and Sunnis begin to bicker?
3- A Christian/Shia and a Sunni one? Won't work. The majority of Sunnis live in the urban centers of Sidon, Beirut and Tripoli and rural Akkar with the rest scattered around the country. Do you plan a relocation program similar to the late 1940s India-Pakistan one? Yeah that one worked great. Also Christians and Shias cannot even decide who Lassa belongs to.
4- A Shia one and a Sunnis one? Please see number one.

Missing kazan 20 October 2020, 20:41

The problem with people who have difficulties to evolve, is that their mind set is conditioned to find reasons why it won't work, this is waste of energy. in this case why don't you try to find a solution outside the Lebanese box ( which is religion), why not try to imagine a conservative society ( not limited to certain religion) and the second one more liberal ; of course in both I would expect internal competitions but through trial and errors competition will focus more on issues than on individuals or religion. I hope I made myself clear , if not think about it give it a chance

Missing kazan 20 October 2020, 20:30

SOS: your comments are logical and profound, keep the good work going, btw do you live in Lebanon?

Missing 10452km2 20 October 2020, 17:34

The ottomans also used to gather all the patriots opposed to their hegemony and hang them.

Default-user-icon Think (Guest) 21 October 2020, 17:35

There is nothing you can do to correct or connect the minds of labanese because most hatred and cruel are the minds of few who is born criminals...I am not labanese but knowing the history and mindset...

Missing thecause 21 October 2020, 18:45

Well done!