Hariri Says to Cooperate with Everyone for Country's Interest


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri hinted Thursday that he intends to cooperate with all parties in the coming period.

“If the country’s interest requires an understanding with everyone, then the country’s interest should come first,” Hariri told reporters.

Asked about the “positivity” he showed today, Hariri said “it’s the beginning.”

Hariri was earlier in the day designated by President Michel Aoun to form a new government after securing slim support from members of parliament.

He vowed to stop the economic, social and security meltdown and rebuild after the port explosion. "I say to Lebanese who are suffering hardship to the point of despair, I am determined to keep my promise," he said.

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Thumb doodle-dude 23 October 2020, 00:21

lol @ SupportTehran

Missing SupportBeirut 23 October 2020, 09:06

I think iran has done plenty of evil and i don't trust it. But nice try ya troll. How many accounts do you have?

Thumb doodle-dude 23 October 2020, 10:00

lol @ 'How many accounts do you have?'

Default-user-icon cocoman (Guest) 23 October 2020, 10:46

Failure and corruption in one picture

Thumb ansarullah 23 October 2020, 12:07

God bless SupportBeirut for being a first time poster who uncovered the usual zionazi commentors on naharnet these days with multiple accounts.

Shia Shia Shia !!!

Missing lebonknees4peace 23 October 2020, 12:34

God bless all the supports of Lebanon that are peace loving and want a Lebanon free of sectarianism!!
Free Lebanon! Free Lebanon! Free Lebanon! Disarm Hezb! Disarm Hezb!

Missing easygoing 23 October 2020, 15:42

Hezb is one the cancers of Lebanon and that is why the country is like this now a days. They like Hariri cause he is part of the system. What a pitty for this country and for it’s people which unfortunately they will never be free. 1 year for nothing and turning back to the same place, even worst now..i think i’ve never seen a worst political system than this in any country. Why doesn’t Hezb go to Iran and leave Lebanon in peace? This people just don’t understand of democratic or freedom. They only understand the way of arms. They use Lebanon and the Lebanese for there own benefit.