Govt. to be Formed 'Sunday or Monday' as 'Druze Hurdle' Lingers


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri will present a complete draft cabinet line-up to President Michel Aoun in the coming days and the government may be formed Sunday or Monday, MTV reported on Thursday.

It added that although the formation process has entered an advanced stage, some obstacles have not yet been resolved, including the one related to Druze representation.

“Should Hariri insist on an 18-minister cabinet, that will limit this representation to a minister from the share of Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat,” MTV said.

Lebanese Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan meanwhile wants a portfolio for his party, which would necessitate forming a 20-minister cabinet.

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Thumb SheikYerbouti 29 October 2020, 19:08

Talal Arslan did not even show up to the Baabda PM consultations. His sham block that Bassil created for him consisting of the three Aounis had to go there alone. It looked comical when Bassil spoke for the Aouni block then immediately after, Mario Aoun stepped in the speak for Arslan's pretend block.

Missing kazan 29 October 2020, 21:45

we should be less interested in their names and to which party they are associated but more interested to hear and read their objectives , and time scale of their deliverables, to name a few: 24/7 electricity; investigation port blast, stolen money, employment, education,health,
safety, etc..

Missing phillipo 30 October 2020, 10:01

It's allright learning their objectives, but........will their political parties allow the implementationof these objectives. That is the question.

Default-user-icon hans (Guest) 30 October 2020, 07:20

But can these Ministers bring to justice the individuals who siphoned off Lebanon's hard currency reserves into their foreign bank accounts? Will the media investigate the actions during the LP meltdown of each one of these Ministers? Those who helped destroy the livelihood of millions deserve the MBS Ritz Carlton treatment. Into the Phoenicia without room service until they cough up their foreign holdings. US Treasury and Interpol can help find the money.

Default-user-icon Zack (Guest) 30 October 2020, 11:41

Hans , you are 100 % correct . Less about their parties / religions and more about the country and the people living under their rule ! It is a shame on whats happening here . This country was here long before any of the Americas and still a third world country ! When will they learn how to lead us to be a prosperous country without having need or lean on others . This the million dollar question !!

Missing phillipo 30 October 2020, 12:45

They don't have a chance.