Israel Foils 'Smuggling Attempt' on Lebanon Border, Arrests Two


Israeli forces on Tuesday foiled a “smuggling attempt” near the Ghajar village on the Lebanese-Israeli border, an Israeli army spokesman said.

“The forces detected a number of suspects approaching both sides of the security fence,” the spokesman, Avichay Adraee, said on Twitter.

The Israeli army “fired several flares and managed to arrest two suspects inside Israeli territory, referring them to Israeli police for interrogation,” Adraee added.

The spokesman did not reveal the nationalities of those arrested nor the type of the material that was to be smuggled.

Lebanon’s National News Agency had earlier reported that Israel fired more than ten flares over the towns of Ghajar and al-Abbasiyeh during a search operation.

Israeli ambulances were also seen moving opposite al-Abbasiyeh after gunshots were heard inside Israel, NNA added.

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Thumb s.o.s 18 November 2020, 00:20

The Shia are smuggling hasheesh to Israel... nothing new under the sun.

Default-user-icon cocoman (Guest) 18 November 2020, 06:17

Where are the trolls? Still sleeping?

Missing apc1 18 November 2020, 18:24

Nice to see Lebanese and Israelis getting along!

Missing phillipo 18 November 2020, 20:16

If Lebanon had a responsible government, they could get on much better.

Missing puff 19 November 2020, 04:26

We have iran and syria...the two most progressive nations on earth...barrel bombs, nuclear ambitions and the list goes on...why on earth would be want to be associated with the civilised world when we have that?