EU Chief Warns Brexit Deal Must Not Hurt Single Market


The president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen warned Wednesday any post-Brexit trade deal must not undermine the EU single market.

"We will do all in our power to reach an agreement, we're ready to be creative," she told the European Parliament, warning that Britain must agree to fair trade rules in any agreement. 

"But we are not ready to put into question the integrity of the single market, the main safeguard for European prosperity and wealth."

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Thumb chrisrushlau 26 November 2020, 20:00

"The EPP Group is the largest and oldest group in the European Parliament. A centre-right group, we are committed to creating a stronger and self-assured Europe, built at the service of its people. Our goal is to create a more competitive and democratic Europe, where people can build the life they want." (website of her European People's Party).
Poor Germany has an inferiority complex? That's what got Hitler elected, according to Ralf Dahrendorf. They needed a resumption of parental authority. "The Allies" didn't want to change a thing, so that the invasion of Asia, from east and west, could roll on unabated. Unfortunately it now appears that the invasion will be indefinitely postponed, leaving some venerable institutions, like the Foreign Legion, without a clear historical mandate, which means German support for Zionism is on the block as well.