Parliament Convenes to Discuss Aoun’s Message on Forensic Audit


Lawmakers attended a general parliament meeting on Friday at the UNESCO Palace to discuss President Michel Aoun's message to help conduct forensic audit after the withdrawal of an international consultancy firm from the task over insufficient documents.

At the opening of the session, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said the audit should include not only the bank’s accounts, but the entire public institutions, LBCI TV station reported.

Urging consensus on the matter, Berri said: “I hope the audit will be conducted on the ministries and public administrations."

Hizbullah MP, Mohammed Raad said: “We firmly support an audit of the bank’s accounts and agree that the audit should be conducted on all ministries and public institutions.”

Raad suggested a temporary lifting of the bank secrecy if it impedes the audit process.

For his part, MP Ibrahim Kanaan of the Strong Lebanon bloc said the state has failed to appease the Lebanese who lost their lifetime savings in Lebanon's banks.

“The Lebanese citizen is bemoaning his lifetime savings that disappeared in the banks, and the state did not provide any explanation on how they were lost,” said Kanaan.

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Thumb ex-fpm 27 November 2020, 14:57

In any country or company, audits are a matter of fact and the norm, but not in Lebanon. Ministries have become safe havens for sectarian ministers who would act without accountability. In fact, Bassil boasted about it and was proud how budgets were prepared in Lebanon.

Gebran Bassil: We can teach Washington, London how to run a country without budget

Bassil's Live interview with CNN's Becky Anderson

Thumb janoubi 27 November 2020, 14:59

الطحين المقدم من العراق يُباع في الزهراني.. والكيس بـ 42 ألف ليرة!! إليكم التفاصيل

Missing samiam 27 November 2020, 16:27

What a bunch of useless politicians---why didn't they convene BEFORE the firm figured out it wasn't going to get the documents and then leave? Most likely, this is another chance for them to say something and NOT do anything.

Of course, littlejohn will blame this on zionists.....

Missing kazan 27 November 2020, 18:10

unbelievable ,they just disdain the people, they think the people are stupid and they are the saviors, they accept to be corrupt, they accept to steal , they see it as reward for their leadership they are mentally ill ,in their culture they see it as " ANA CHATER". Sad to see that their followers worship them