Israeli Jets, Drones Stage Intensive Overflights in Lebanon Airspace


Israeli warplanes and surveillance drones on Sunday staged heavy overflights in Lebanon’s airspace, including over Beirut and its suburbs, sparking panic among the residents of a nation still reeling from the devastating August 4 explosion at Beirut’s port.

LBCI television said Israeli warplanes overflew Beirut, Sidon and Keserwan at low altitude.

Al-Jadeed TV said Israeli jets also violated Lebanon’s airspace at low altitude over the southern regions of Tyre and Bint Jbeil.

Israel has intensified its overflights in Lebanon’s airspace in recent weeks and it regularly bombs targets in neighboring Syria, sometimes from Lebanese skies.

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Missing cedars 10 January 2021, 14:11

We have rockets that we use after our entire country and people are leveled from the sky in a very few bombs. Very smart defense strategy.

Missing un520 10 January 2021, 16:23

Israel can fly as low and slow as they want over the next week, because Hezbollah and Iran does not dear to shoot one bullet against them, giving Irael the excuse for an all-out attack..

Thumb lebanon_first 10 January 2021, 16:58

Hezbollah will not attack Israel.

Hezbollah prefers to turn its weapons against peaceful lebanese to force us to give away the control of our government. Easier. Lower hanging fruit.

Missing phillipo 10 January 2021, 19:52

Why just the next week?