Khalil: Lebanon Must Import Different Types of Vaccine besides Pfizer’s


MP Hassan Khalil said on Wednesday that Lebanon should import Covid-19 vaccine from several sources, amid speculations that Lebanon's decision to get the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine reportedly in February could be delayed or not sufficient for a large number of Lebanese.

“The government should take an initiative to allow the import of approved vaccines from any scientifically approved source, regardless of waiting for the contract with Pfizer, similar to what countries of the world do,” said Khalil in a tweet.

“It is important to have the vaccine available at the cheapest prices to reduce the disaster. We will stress this in the Parliament session,” he added.

Lebanon is set to receive its first shipment of coronavirus vaccines in February from Pfizer-BioNTech, according to caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan.

But the vaccine requires “complicated” storing requirements, in a freezer at -Celsius which experts fear the government could be incapable of making properly.

Adding to the above, Lebanon is scrambling to approve a law that protects the company from legal action shall complications arise because of the virus.

Pfizer announced they would not sign with Lebanon before it approves the law, which hands total responsibility for any side effects to the Lebanese State.

The new requirement was brought to surface only Tuesday.

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Thumb cedar 14 January 2021, 05:46

Ask Australia for the oxford vaccine. They are making them in australia and have almost 50 million doses ready to go.

I'm sure they can donate 10 million doses to Lebanon.

But most importantly daily free tests for all hospital and emergency workers, cleaners, transport and security must be done in lebanon.

Compulsory 15 day in army controlled qaranteen hotel for all travelers and for all flight and ship cargo crew.

Total lockdown for 3 months and big fines for those who don't obey.

Social security net for food and medicine vouchers for all lebanese in need.

Digital tracking online of where people go and which shops if any.

Start using contactless paywave cards instead of cash as the virus spreads through cash!

These are the absolute basics no shortcuts.

Default-user-icon True Lebanese (Guest) 14 January 2021, 10:46

Nabih Berri is not getting a big enough commission from the pzifer vaccine it seems and he set his dogs out to bark!

Missing phillipo 15 January 2021, 09:13

Is his dreaming because Pfizer and Moderna might be Kosher not Halal?