Bizri: Gradual Vaccine Shipments Start Next Month


Head of the national scientific committee for COVID-19, Dr. Abdul Rahman Bizri said on Saturday, the countdown to receiving the coronavirus vaccine has begun, but noted that Pfizer “is not lenient” with Lebanon on the financial issue.

“The real countdown has begun to receive the vaccine in the first half of February, we could even receive it in the first quarter of the month,” announced Bizri in remarks to LBCI television daily show Nharkom Saeed.

He said Lebanon will gradually receive the shipment it requested from Pfizer and other companies, “but our problem is that Lebanon is still classified a middle-income country, and Pfizer is not lenient with us on the financial issue," he added.

Bizri noted that frontline responders including healthcare workers, nurses and the paramedics should be the first to get the vaccine, even before the doctors do.

On the availability of storage facilities for the vaccine, he said: “We have a minimum of 20 refrigerators, and there is no problem with the storage capacity of Pfizer vaccines,” indicating that there is a mechanism for using vaccines within 5 days of arrival.

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Thumb cedar 17 January 2021, 03:20

Get the Oxford Astrazenica vaccine, it does not use Rna sequencing which alters your genetics .. it uses old technology which is a proven method for vaccines.

Even better a 3 month lockdown and total elimination strategy in lebanon.

Must have free covid tests for everyone and daily tests for health workers cleaners taxis and transport anyone interacting with people such as police etc...

Mandatory 15 hotel army run quarantine with 3 tests before leaving.

Mandatory masks if outside for all people. Mandatory 1.5 to 1.8 meter separation of people no matter where they are.

The list goes on.

Thumb cedar 17 January 2021, 03:23

**15 day hotel army qaranteen. Create 3 special qaranteen hotels in order to contain the spread in hotels and between transportation. .

Also hard border lockdown and the 15 day hotel army controlled qaranteen must be for all air sea and land arrivals including air flight crew and staff

Thumb cedar 17 January 2021, 17:35

15 days is the science you ignorant fool. That is the time it takes to determine if someone has the virus because the incubation period in some people means they are positive but the covid test will say negative even uptoo 13 days.

Missing cedars 17 January 2021, 23:22

Bakeer..what's the rush

Missing phillipo 18 January 2021, 08:47

Not bad, only 3 months behind others.