Berri Asks Hassan to Move Qatari Field Hospital to Beirut


Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has asked caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan to move a donated Qatari field hospital from the Tyre region to the Rafik Hariri University Hospital or the Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium, Hassan’s press office said.

The field hospital will be operated by the University of Balamand in cooperation with the relevant syndicates, medical faculties, university hospitals and the Red Cross under the direct supervision of the Health Ministry and its specialized crews, the office added, thanking the efforts of Dr. Elias Warrak, the President of the University of Balamand.

Moreover, Hassan’s press office noted that “efforts continue in Seer al-Dinniyeh and Tripoli for setting up two Qatari field hospitals as soon as possible,” adding that “devices present at the Sports City (in Beirut) will be moved to them.”

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Missing phillipo 17 January 2021, 18:02

In what other country can the Speaker of Parliament interfere in matters not relating directly to the running of the Parliament? NONE

Missing cedars 17 January 2021, 23:15

Everyone missed the end Of the request. And the stored hospital with flour bags from sports city.

What the hell is the medical donation doing in the sports city?

Complete failure of the minister and state.