Aoun Stresses Commitment to U.N. Resolutions, Especially 1701


President Michel Aoun on Monday emphasized Lebanon’s keenness on “cooperating with the U.N. in all fields” and on “adhering to U.N. conventions and resolutions, especially Resolution 1701.”

He also called on U.N. agencies to “continue offering support and assistance to Lebanon, especially amid the difficult circumstances it is currently going through.”

Aoun voiced his remarks in a farewell meeting with outgoing U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis, who has been appointed as the U.N. Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Libya and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).

In appreciation of Kubis’ efforts in Lebanon, the president decorated the U.N. diplomat with National Order Of The Cedar (Knight Grade), wishing him success in his new mission.

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Missing phillipo 25 January 2021, 17:21

Perhaps he can explain to us all exactly what has he done to make sure that Lebanon itself adheres to Resolution 1701,specially the paragraphs regarding the disarming Hizballah and their removal from south of the Litani.
His answer will be extremely short - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Thumb doodle-dude 25 January 2021, 22:14

lol@lebjohn731 the only Shia independent leftist from sea above:)

Thumb janoubi 25 January 2021, 17:37


Thumb justin 25 January 2021, 17:43

and that commitment clearly manifests itself in:

- Sending drones into Israeli airspace
- Digging tunnels into Israeli territory
- Bringing Iraqi Shia militia leaders and giving them tours of the border
- Storing ammunition and missiles between houses in the South
- Preventing UNIFIL from inspecting villages for weapons

and the list goes on....

Thumb galaxy 25 January 2021, 18:55


Missing rabiosa 26 January 2021, 17:09

Do he even know what resolution 1701 is?

Missing phillipo 26 January 2021, 19:11

If he does, why isn't he implementing it.
If he doesn't, then someone in Lebanon is keeping their President ignorant.