FPM Bloc Says Hariri Trying to 'Marginalize President'


The Free Patriotic Movement-led Strong Lebanon bloc on Tuesday called on PM-designate Saad Hariri to “return to the spirit of the National Pact,” warning that “the marginalization of the President” does not serve “Lebanon’s unity.”

Noting that it wants “the formation of a reformist and balanced government comprise of capable specialists as soon as possible,” the bloc asked the Lebanese if it is the right time to “marginalize the president constitutionally.”

In a statement issued after its weekly e-meeting, the bloc also warned that “the marginalization of what the President represents in the process of forming the executive authority” will not serve “Lebanon’s unity” nor “the Lebanese who are longing for a government that would resolve the accumulating crises.”

It added that it has offered “everything that can facilitate the formation of the new government, even to the extent of non-participation.”

“Every accusation that the President is seeking the blocking one-third is a baseless accusation behind which there is those who want to practice the policy of elimination and return to an era in which the president of the republic used to be an aggrieved and weak partner in authority’s hierarchy,” the bloc went on to say.

“This era is gone forever and if there is an intention for partnership, the solution will immediately emerge,” Strong Lebanon added.

“If the elimination process continues, this will mean that there is someone who wants to prolong the crisis for unknown motives,” it warned.

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Thumb gebran_sons 16 February 2021, 22:05

There is a big difference between marginalizing the president, and marginalizing Michel Aoun who has single handedly marginalize the Christian community and what it has stood for for centuries. Aoun is a premeditated murderer of a country and he knew the catastrophic consequences to Lebanon the day he signed his Faustian deal with Hizb Iran for personal benefit. Aoun and Bassil should rot in prison for the irreparable harm they have caused the Christian community and all Lebanese institutions by being Hizbollah Useful idiot!

Thumb thepatriot 17 February 2021, 10:22

Aoun has marginalised Lebanon for years now!
He is the shame of the History of our so called Nation...