Jumblat Anew Links Nitrates to Damascus, Opposes 1559-Like Resolutions


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat has reiterated that the ammonium nitrates that exploded at Beirut port had been imported to be used in “striking Syrian cities and villages with aircraft-dropped barrel bombs.”

In an interview with LBCI TV, Jumblat added that the barrel bombs “replaced the chemical weapons, which in 2014 were seized from the Syrians following Barrack Obama’s agreement with Vladimir Putin.”

“The nitrates were provided as an alternative for destruction and were brought from an unknown source, that’s why we call for continuation of the probe,” he said.

“The Syrian regime brought this material to Beirut port because it was easier for it and 2,000 tons were taken from the 2,700-ton shipment,” Jumblat added.

“I cannot accuse a person, I’m rather accusing the Syrian regime, and this is what I did after Rafik Hariri’s assassination. I accused the regime and I maintain my accusation,” the PSP leader said.

He accordingly called for the probe to unveil “the Lebanese nationals and the Syrian regime allies who brought this material.”

As for Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi’s call for a U.N.-sponsored international conference on Lebanon, Jumblat said he agrees with al-Rahi on only one point: “the need to find some sort of international rapprochement aimed at preserving the Lebanese entity.”

“But I’m not with those who dream of returning to so-called international resolutions, such as 1559 and other resolutions,” Jumblat added, referring to a 2004 U.N. resolution that had called for Syria’s withdrawal from Lebanon and the disarmament of all armed groups including Hizbullah.

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