Saudi Crown Prince Has Surgery for Appendicitis


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the kingdom's de facto ruler, has had successful surgery for appendicitis, state media reported late Wednesday. 

The 35-year-old prince had "successful laparoscopic surgery (Wednesday) morning for appendicitis at King Faisal Specialist Hospital" in Riyadh, the official Saudi Press Agency reported. 

SPA tweeted footage of the prince walking out of the hospital with an entourage and getting into the front passenger seat of a car.  

The prince has overseen the most fundamental transformation of Saudi Arabia in its modern history, shaking up the ultraconservative oil giant with an array of economic and social reforms.

But he has also presided over a crackdown on critics including prominent clerics, activists, and royal family members. 

He faced a storm of condemnation over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the kingdom's Istanbul consulate in October 2018.

A US intelligence report -- soon-to-be released -- is believed to have concluded that Prince Mohammed was behind the killing.

The White House has said President Joe Biden will speak with King Salman, not his son the crown prince, when he makes his first telephone call to Saudi leaders. 

Biden has not yet spoken to the king but is expected to do so "soon". 

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Thumb gebran_sons 25 February 2021, 14:08

Wish Biden showed same interest in punishing the murderers of Lukaim Slim, Rafiq Hariri, Gebran Tueni and all Cedar Revolution martyrs instead of kneeling in front of the Iranian criminal regime that had killed thousands of its people since Khashoggi murder. Biden seems to take the US to the same Hell Aoun has taken Lebanon.

Thumb 25 February 2021, 15:34

Biden and Aoun both suffer of an advanced form of dementia. The guys can’t finish their sentences ... exactly like Bouteflika.

We know who was controlling Algeria, it was the brother. We know who’s controlling Lebanon, it’s the in-law. I wonder who’s controlling the USA.