UNIFIL to Assist in Cleanup of Oil Spill from Israel


The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon spokesperson Andrea Tenenti said the UNIFIL will study the ways it can possibly help Lebanon counter the threat of an oil spill from Israel affecting Lebanon’s shores.

“With regard to the oil and tar spill that reached parts of Lebanon’s southern shores, local authorities have contacted the UNIFIL inquiring about the assistance that could be provided within the limits of our capabilities and available equipment,” said Tenenti in a statement.

“For our part, we are studying these requests to see how we can help,” he added.

President Michel Aoun had on on Thursday explored “the measures that should be taken to limit the oil spill and its negative impact on the Lebanese coastline, especially after the appearance of sporadic black spots on the southern coastline all the way to Ramlet el-Bayda” in Beirut.

The disastrous oil spill has blackened most of Israel's shoreline and deposits of tar have started washing up in the Lebanese south.

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Thumb milou 26 February 2021, 17:25

My good sir, don’t you find it puzzling that he Israeli government put a gag order on the investigation? I’m not making this up, I read it in a far right Israeli paper. The Greek ship theory is just a deflection.... either way, the spill comes from Israeli waters, it’s directly responsible for what happens. To the very least they should come cleanup the reef and beachfront and pay some international organization to do it. But it shouldn’t give money to any Lebanese government.