Geagea Says Early Polls Can be Alternative to Internationalization


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Wednesday reiterated his call for early parliamentary elections as a way out of Lebanon’s compounded crises.

Noting that Hizbullah, the Free Patriotic Movement and their allies have failed to fix the situations despite having an elected president, a parliamentary majority and two-third majorities in several governments, Geagea stressed in an interview with Radio Free Lebanon that there is only “one available solution.”

“We should push them to resign through going to early parliamentary polls,” Geagea added, noting that such a solution would be easier than the “internationalization solution” which involves “communication with the Arab group and the friendly international community.”

The LF leader also again called on lawmakers who do not belong to the parliamentary majority to resign.

He explained that a new parliamentary majority would elect a new president and form a government that has a “different approach.”

Adding that most of Tuesday’s protests were “spontaneous” and a “national reaction to the deterioration of living situations,” Geagea denied that the LF had orchestrated the demos.

“Yes, the LF was also behind stirring the protests in Baalbek, Kfarrumman, Nabatiyeh, Tripoli, al-Abdeh and the rest of the Lebanese regions,” he added sarcastically.

“What happened yesterday surprised us all, and of course LF supporters were among those present on the streets, seeing as they are also citizens like the rest of people,” Geagea said.

But he strongly denied that the LF had a plan to organize the protests.

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Thumb 03 March 2021, 19:35

Let us repeat the message the old class of politicians doesn’t seem to get: كلن يعني كلن
Yes, we know some are better than others, or shall I say some aren’t as bad as the others... but your time is up.

All parties that existed during the civil war that were created under the era of massive corruption 1990-2020 should be disbanded. The fate of its members will be decided by the new generation afterwards.

Thumb gebran_sons 03 March 2021, 20:01

Early poles do not provide enough time for Thawra and Diaspora to unite, develop comprehensive election multi-disciplinary plans, initiate contact with major organizations including world bank, France and USA, and present honest and competent women and men to represent the Thawra and its program for next elections. For once, people will have a choice to vote for a vetted program and honest individuals instead of zuammas. But first all should prepare for Cedar Revolution II in spring or summer. Cedar Revolution II is based on 2 simple principles: Effective Neutrality and No arms outside army (same as Batrak message. CR I was misappropriated by zuamas. CR II should remain independent of zuamas and a growing convergence point (boule de neige) to put an end for corruption and occupation by criminal HizbIran. Lebanon remains the Country with the best potential and future in the region.

Missing kazan 04 March 2021, 08:03

Hard to say what's best for Lebanon, the population has different cultures and focus, I wonder if the creation of Eastern and Western states will be the answer, I doubt it, within each group / religion you have competitive royalties / warlords, to name a few: (the Auons, Frangiehs, Chamouns, Gemayels ... etc ...) (Salams, Karames, Hariris ..)( Berris, nasrelas, Mokdad..) (Jumblats, Arsalans ...), and the main problem is the common people, they are good followers mentality of dependence

Missing rabiosa 04 March 2021, 17:11

before any polls, the election law need to amended to a very simple one. ONE MAN ONE VOTE. I know it will never happen.

It's the ONLY law that will ensure the current class will not be reelected as the majority are not elected based on their manifesto, if they ever had one. Most were on a "List" and people vote for that List having no idea who's on it or what they stand for.

When you vote for one person you know what you're getting, so you have a choice to vote them in or not if they have provided you of they will do for their district once they get in.