Clashes in Jiye, Khalde as Road-Blocking Protests Continue across Lebanon


Several people were injured Friday in a clash between Hizbullah supporters and protesters who were blocking the Jiye road, prompting the army’s intervention, media reports said.

An-Nahar newspaper said knives and rocks were used in the clash.

LBCI TV said the clash first started between a young man who hails from Barja and young men from Jiye described as Hizbullah supporters.

Earlier in the day, heavy gunfire was heard in the Khalde area during the blocking of roads there. The National News Agency reported that the army was encircling the region.

The Mustaqbal Web news portal, citing a social media video, said gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire towards Sheikh Omar Ghosn and his sons, who have influence in the Khalde area.

The video purportedly shows one of the shooters in the army’s custody after he was captured by men from the area. His bloodied face and hand suggest that he was beaten up. Asked by the men about where he hails from, the young man answers Baalbek.

It was not immediately clear whether the incident was linked to the road-blocking protests in the area.

Separately, two people were injured when the army intervened to reopen Sidon's seaside road after it was blocked by protesters.

Protesters meanwhile blocked highways and road in Jal el-Dib, Zouk, Jounieh, al-Saadiyat, Naameh, Mazraat Yachouh, Beirut's Martyrs Square, Salim Salam, Jarmaq, Jdita, Deir Zannoun, Tripoli's al-Nour Square, the Kuwaiti embassy intersection, the Cola roundabout, Riyaq, al-Beddawi, Ksara, Kfartebnit, Palma, Aramoun, Saadnayel and Ferzol.

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Thumb doodle-dude 05 March 2021, 20:49

lol @'the young man answers Baalbek.'

Thumb 05 March 2021, 20:54

There are no Shias in Jiyye, the infestation hasn’t reached that area of Lebanon yet. The “supporters” are being sent there, but they can’t be locals.

Missing kazan 06 March 2021, 12:23

it's understandable to be against a political party, but I believe it is not constructive to be against all the religious community of this party.

Thumb 06 March 2021, 15:37

They murder the few intellectuals who speak against Iran, they rob, bankrupt, terrorise, destroy Lebanon and they’re backward people. What are you talking about! They’re a bloody brain tumor.
The first step in healing is for you and them to accept the facts, acceptance is key, Kazan.

Missing kazan 06 March 2021, 17:22

report, reply to your comment:To keep it simple, you have good people and bad people, and circumstances can turn bad people into good and also good into bad. This fact applies to all countries, all ethnicities and all religious communities, by being aware of this, each one of us could contribute to a better world.

Missing samiam 06 March 2021, 14:02

part of the kizb strategy of not blocking the road from the south to dahye. remember the big deal of the person that got killed while he was speeding from the airport at 4 in the morning---kizb tried to blame the protesters, but then the video came out and they had to shut it.

Thumb justin 05 March 2021, 21:08

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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 05 March 2021, 22:05

ارتفع سعر صرف الدولار في السّوق الموازية، مساء اليوم، إذ سجل 10100 ليرة لبنانية للمبيع و 10150 ليرة لبنانية للشراء.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 05 March 2021, 21:16

These are the glory days of the 'Strong' Christian President.......

Default-user-icon jorj (Guest) 05 March 2021, 23:10

Lebanon under occupation by iran why nobody dare say it

Default-user-icon Ali Sareini (Guest) 06 March 2021, 07:05

blocking roads that serve the people does not bring about change. Those who oppress us don't use the roads of the common man and woman, they use roads that only they know about. You want change block the homes of those who we want to leave the country, or call upon the countries who have giving these corrupt officials a dual citizenship to take them away from us. Europe and the U.S. should tell them that either you use the citizenship we bestowed upon you, or it will be taken away and you will only be Lebanese. Believe me once our dual citizen shia, sunni, and christain Lebanese believe they and their children will lose their dual citizenship they will quickly leave Lebanon to the people who did not destroy it, and that will show you what we true Lebanese can do when you remove that mill stone from around our collective necks.