Al-Rahi Urges All Lebanese to Recognize Lebanon as 'Final Homeland'


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Sunday said that it would be unreasonable for the Lebanese to “waste all their sacrifices and martyrs for the sake of domestic caprices and foreign schemes.”

“That’s why we invite all Lebanese for a moment of conscience in order to renew recognition of Lebanon as a final homeland, and to translate this recognition into ultimate allegiance to the Lebanese homeland and to an independent, legitimate and free state,” al-Rahi said in his Easter Mass sermon.

He lamented that Lebanon has reached the current wretched state of affairs due to “the poor political performance, the lack of maturity in governance and the negativity of political choices.”

He added: “How can we celebrate the holidays while half of the Lebanese people are in a state of hunger and some of them are below poverty line? “How can we rejoice while our vibrant manpower is emigrating without looking behind, including university graduates, doctors, engineers and specialists?” al-Rahi wondered.

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Thumb 04 April 2021, 16:26

Happy Easter to all.

Missing kazan 04 April 2021, 16:47

"Final homeland"?may be for the gangsters in suits and the poor who can't afford to leave, and if they do, they risk drowning in the Mediterranean.

Thumb Mystic 04 April 2021, 17:37

It was Hezbollah whom saved the Christians of Maloula, one of the last places on Earth to speak the same language of Jesus Aramaic.

Yet the Western backed Patriarch of Lebanon continues to forsake Christians around the Middle East, whom does not play into the hands of America and the West. Just as Jumblat the Druze whom also has forsaken the Druze in Syria.

They claim to be nationalists, but what about their minorities? What would have befallen the minorities, had the Resistance not intervened to hold back the Da3ish and Al Nusra Hordes?

Ofcourse Israel and America keeps it quiet, because they were the ones to start the turmoil and death, in order to fulfill their own sadistic objectives.

Thumb lebanon_first 04 April 2021, 21:25

I second inhindsight.

We dont need hezbollah weapons or its mezzanine power, or its protection. We can get weapons from the west that operate under a lebanese agenda and dont need iranian weapons operating for iran's agenda on our soil.

For Lebanon, hezbollah milicia is way way worse than da3ech.

Default-user-icon Guest (Guest) 05 April 2021, 04:05

10000% disagree. I'm Lebanese who happens to be Christian and hates all of our corrupt politicians, regardless of their sect. for you to say that the unevolved cavemen of Daesh are better than Hezbollah? That right there shows me your sectarian blindness. And get weapons from the West? The same West that keeps propping up our corrupt politicians as puppets to do their own bidding? No thanks for your vision and "Lebanese" agenda. Sounds like your "agenda" is the same agenda from the 70s and 80s that wreaked havoc on the Christians of Lebanon when their militias (now parties) were puppets of some Western govts. Sadly some of us haven't learned our lesson that Europeans and the US don't care about us Lebanese as a whole, whether Christian or Muslim.

Missing boulos1010 05 April 2021, 12:59

Democracy, free will and weapons outside the hands of a national army does not work period. We are slaves to a malitia with loyalty to Iran