Mustaqbal: Syrian National Council’s Letter to Lebanese Paves Way for New Phase of Ties

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Mustaqbal Movement praised on Friday the Syrian National Council’s open letter to the Lebanese people, especially regarding its proposal to review Lebanese-Syrian agreements and demarcate the border between the two countries.

It said in a statement: “The council’s brave step will pave the way for a new chapter of ties between Lebanon and Syria.”

“These ties will properly reflect the fraternal relationship between the countries,” it added.

The council’s initiative focused on bolstering political ties, based on diplomatic standards and in a manner that respects the interests of both sides, it continued.

“The movement voices its complete support for the Syrian people’s choices in its pursuit for freedom and democracy,” it stated.

“The Syrian National Council placed the ties between the two countries on the right track … which may pave the way for the construction of ties that are based on joint interests,” added the Mustaqbal statement.

The Council stressed on Wednesday that it seeks to establish strong ties between Syria and Lebanon that respect the sovereignty and independence of each country.

It said in an open letter to the Lebanese people: “To this end, the Lebanese-Syrian Higher Council should be dissolved and agreements between the two countries should be revised.”

“The revision should establish new agreements that take into consideration the interests of both states,” it continued.

The council said that these goals can be achieved once the Syrian revolution is successful and the ruling regime is overthrown.

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Missing allouchi 27 January 2012, 16:07

New FREE Syrian government + M14 = New prosperous era for Lebanon and the Levant. The democratic Sheikh Saad Syria is in the making and no one will stop us.

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 27 January 2012, 17:00

Don't worry cookie boy, the bear just stepped into a trap. It won't be long now. I will buy the skin right now and wait a short time.

Default-user-icon Goranimo (Guest) 27 January 2012, 17:21

So Al Mustaqbal, who got the boot of their pathetic lives when cheikh Idiot was handed his one-way ticket into Twitterland, take themselves as the representatives of the whole country! mesh edrin ykhalsso bi wasakhon! Now this is real democracy!

Default-user-icon Skyfall (Guest) 28 January 2012, 07:11

@ Goranimo or Le phenicien, maybe you should change your way of talking so we dont recognize you, the only person on this site that uses the " one way ticket " of his master , the great , one and only chicken mixed with cheetah General, speeding coward that went on a average speed of 120km/h to the french embassy while his comrades where beeing slaughtered. By the way, thank god GENERAL doesnt know how to use twitters, or even facebook, with alll his insuline shots as well as LSD and treatments for Alzheimer, it would be an awful spread of lies and insults...

Thumb arzz 28 January 2012, 09:10

yep the ruling of Lebanon by the brotherhood and salafis government in Syria. Nice just what we needed. More Ziad Jarrah's and future Al- Zawahiri's.

Thumb jabalamel 28 January 2012, 14:14

from time to time, little insignificant worms crawl out and say something in order not to be forgotten.

Also, the filthy zionist information war department joined to say something, but it's just usual hallucinations.