Jumblat: Internal Division in Lebanese Govt. over Syrian Crisis Has Emerged

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat warned on Monday against attempts to create division among Syria and Lebanon’s Druze population regarding the former’s anti-regime demonstrations.

He said in his weekly editorial in the PSP-affiliated al-Anbaa magazine: “Internal division has also taken place within the Lebanese government” where some sides support the Syrian regime and others back the protests.

“Syria’s Druze have a long history of resisting occupiers and they will do so today in the name of liberating their country from oppression,” he continued.

“They will not allow some thugs from Mount Lebanon or the Syrian regime to lure them into a trap,” he stressed.

Addressing the Druze, the MP noted: “They are seeking to turn you into Israel’s border guards. Our history is marked by coexisting with our Arab Islamic surroundings and the future belongs to those seeking freedom in Syria.”

“You belong on their side,” said the Druze leader.

Jumblat described the regime’s promise of reform as a “joke”, slamming major powers’ support for this “charade” where it has supplied the regime with arms, intelligence, and naval vessels.

He made his statement in reference to Iran’s recent sending of a warship to Syria and Russia’s similar move a few weeks ago in a show of support for the regime.

“Instead of helping the Syrian people end four decades of oppression, these countries are hanging on the regime at the expense of the country’s unity,” remarked the PSP leader.

He wondered whether these powers have any strategic interests in fragmenting the region or if they are keen on the offshore oil wealth along the eastern Mediterranean.

Furthermore, Jumblat accused the West of adopting a “silly” similar approach as that of Lebanon, which has sought to distance itself from the developments in Syria.

The MP remarked that the West had initially advocated the Syrian people’s demands and it is now simply calling for setting up humanitarian corridors.

“The West is using the division among the Syrian opposition to justify its failure to recognize it,” he added.

He attributed the West’s position to Israel and its security, “which has been maintained in the Golan Heights thanks to the policy of defiance” against occupiers.

This policy destroyed Lebanon’s national unity and “paved the way for foreign meddling, which culminated in political assassinations and successive wars under various excuses,” he stressed.

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Default-user-icon Shady( Free Lebanese) (Guest) 20 February 2012, 16:55

This is a sad reality but totally true, what Walid Joumblatt said, because at the end of the story,Russia, China, the west are just calculating the game for their own interests,and ignoring the syrianspeople rights for freedom. Welcome to the new world order!!! And druze anywhere in the world will not get involved in this conspiracy agaisnt humanity.

RIP ya Kamal Joumblat.

Default-user-icon Fundy Blue (Guest) 20 February 2012, 17:24

It looks like the investment of filthy money in this piece of scum by Qatar and Saudi Arabia has not produced anything. So he raises the volume of his vocal filth. Perhaps he will once again spew insults against Fairuz for singing in Syria, for example. There is no level deeper than the one this embodiment of filth is already in. And it is there that he meets with and rejoins his old pals of Hariri Mafia and their Christian Sunnis.

Default-user-icon +oua nabka+ (Guest) 20 February 2012, 18:24

syrians killed ur father. And still u worked with them , give back all powers and money u gained under Syrian occupation
So u give ur people some dignity and if u want democracy in Syria start by being demcracctic itself and ur party and ask for democracy for all the arab world including the gulf countries.

Thumb primesuspect 20 February 2012, 18:37

Hip hip hip.... Hoooorrah! DIVIDE ET IMPERA.

Default-user-icon Humby Korumby (Guest) 20 February 2012, 19:16

Every time he opens his mouth he insults himself. But the one who insulted his father's memory will not think twice before insulting anybody, and himself, too. If this is not the embodiment of filth, nothing else is.

Missing helicopter 20 February 2012, 20:40

I do not think his father's memory needs any insulting.... his father was not very nationalist/patriotic. His father aligned himself with the PLO against his own State.

Thumb Bandoul 20 February 2012, 22:30

Does history say that of is this your opinion?

Thumb ado.australia 21 February 2012, 05:44

This is historic fact. Kamal Jumblatt and the Mourabatoun (sunni militia) sided with the PLO against the lebanese army. The Christains sided with the army and abracadabra... civil war.

Thumb Bandoul 21 February 2012, 07:17

looks like I have some research to do...in the past you've not been a trusty source for thruth telling...sorry, I call it like I see it and on more than one occasion I've caught you fibbin a little my dear ado. We shall see what I dig up.

Thumb ado.australia 21 February 2012, 07:43

bandoul, i would love for you to point out the times a lied. There is a difference between ones opinion and a statement of fact. Good luck with your research. If your in lebanon, virgin megastore has a great book of mostly captioned photographs of the 1959 -1980 years.

Thumb Bandoul 20 February 2012, 22:29

Who are thugs from mount leb? I don't know what he means by that? GMA and company or Dr. G and company?

Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 20 February 2012, 22:31

Jumblat is thinking rationally and logically. he's invariably been on the isde of those who aimed for freedom. I condone his thinking at a time when other people, save Saad harriri, are hiding in hibernation awaiting the outcome from the Syrian strife and upheavel. I for one think that even if the regime in syria prevail, it would not be able to govern a nation that dislike it. The regime in syria should know this. jumblat has read the situation rightly and is singing on this mantra because he knows full well who is going to win. Jumblat had also read the situation well when he dissociated himself from saad Harriri and sided with Hassouna. But now, he's reading deeply into the Syrian case and his piercing knowledge would prevail.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 21 February 2012, 00:03

History is written by the winners and is a matter of interpretation. If you think Kamal Jumblatt was a nationalist (to the Arab nation, not Lebanon) that's one opinion, if you think he was a traitor and worked with foreigners (PLO) to bring Lebanon to destruction that's another opinion.

Thumb ado.australia 21 February 2012, 05:50

There is no honour in this man.
Lets see his groomed replacement, son Taymour, and if he was also taught on a trampoline.

Thumb Bandoul 21 February 2012, 07:19

there is no honor amongst thieves, by necessity all politicians are thieves....but there is honor in self preservation.

Thumb ado.australia 21 February 2012, 07:38

true but self preservation is not always honourable.