Miqati Regrets March 14 Boycott, Keen on Forming Cabinet Suitable for the State

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Premier-designate Najib Miqati expressed regret at the March 14 coalition’s decision to boycott the new government but said he would form a cabinet that is worthy of representing the state.

In remarks to An Nahar daily published Monday, Miqati said he was on the verge of agreeing with March 14 when the alliance announced it would not participate in the cabinet.

“They left us – the president and I – to confront the situation alone,” he said.

Miqati praised President Michel Suleiman, describing him as a wise man. “The biggest proof of his patriotism is that both the March 8 and 14 forces are (verbally) attacking him.”

Despite the rejection of March 14 to participate in his government, Miqati said he was confident he would succeed in his mission.

“I can wait. I don’t want a one-sided cabinet and I won’t announce a government (lineup) that doesn’t include at least 10 or 15 ministers that I would be proud of,” he told An Nahar.

Miqati stressed that the cabinet and not parliament is the image of the state. “An inappropriate government means an inappropriate state.”

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