Jaafar Clan Kidnaps Syrian Opposition Members in Retaliation to their Abduction of Family Member

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Members of the Free Syrian Army abducted overnight two Lebanese citizens and a Syrian national, reported Voice of Lebanon radio on Saturday.

Khodr Hussein Jaafar, Ahmed Medlij, and Syrian Abdullah al-Zein were kidnapped for their alleged role in persecuting Syrian opposition members in Syria, reported the daily al-Mustaqbal on Saturday.

The Jaafar clan retaliated by abducting some 50 members of the opposition in the Syrian border towns of Zeita and al-Burhaniyeh, it added.

They have been taken to the region of Beit Jaafar near the city of al-Qasr in al-Hermel in the Bekaa, it continued.

VDL said that the residents of Arab al-Mojadleh and Abou Jabal have since intervened to negotiate the release of the hostages.

The Free Syrian Army proposed the release of Jaafar in exchange for all the Syrians, but the clan refused, it revealed.

Al-Mustaqbal reported however that ten Syrian had been released.

The Syrian army has repeatedly infiltrated Lebanese territory in the North and Bekaa since the eruption of anti-regime protests in Syria in March 2011.

It has kidnapped Lebanese citizens for various undisclosed reasons and taken them to Syria before releasing them.

On Wednesday, Syrian troops crossed over into Lebanon, kidnapped Mohammed Mahmoud Ibrahim, and took him to Syria.

Last month, al-Jadeed TV cameraman Ali Shaaban was killed by gunfire from Syrian troops across the border in the northern Wadi Khaled area.

In January, Syrian forces kidnapped three Lebanese fishermen off the coast of the northern border town of al-Arida.

They killed one of them and returned the other two hours after they were abducted.

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Default-user-icon Tokky (Guest) 12 May 2012, 11:12

Leave Lebanon OUT OF IT. We have enough stinking problems with our domestic filth and do not need more. LEAVE LEBANON ALONE.

Missing abdelhakim 12 May 2012, 12:48

Lol and some people complain about "violation of soverignity". Since when has lebanon sovereignity? Eastern lebanon doesnt have a border with syria, its open business, its like leaving one town to visit another and absolutely not like entering a new country.

Missing helicopter 12 May 2012, 19:25

And where do you stand on the topic of demarcating the border with Syria and collecting arms from all and confine it only with the state?

Thumb jcamerican 12 May 2012, 16:20

They are not accustomed to laws and authority in the wild wild east.

Default-user-icon Tannous (Guest) 12 May 2012, 18:47

will we see the m14ers condemn the violation of lebanese sovereignty by the rebels of the "free syrian army"?
anyway that is funny because the jaafar family are old timers in the mafia business, the new thugs from the fsa thought they could mess with them and they probably will all finish in a ditch