One Dead, Many Hurt as Residents Clash Anew with Army in Nahr al-Bared

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

At least one Palestinian was killed and several people, including three Lebanese soldiers, were wounded on Monday in clashes that erupted between the Lebanese army and residents of the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared during the funeral of Ahmed Qassem, who was killed during unrest at the camp on Friday.

An official speaking on condition of anonymity told Agence France Presse that "one Palestinian refugee was killed and seven others were wounded" by gunfire.

The Lebanese Army Command said in a statement that the three soldiers were injured in the clashes.

The army used "tear gas and rubber bullets, and then fired live rounds at people who insisted on attacking (a military post), leading to several of the attackers being injured," said the statement.

It added that youths threw Molotov cocktails at the soldiers and torched an army vehicle as well as part of the military post.

A camp resident said soldiers had opened fire on the youths without provocation.

"The situation in the camp has been tense for days," another camp resident told AFP. "Both the army and the youths were provoking each other. We fear something bigger is being prepared, because the army is deploying in large numbers around the camp now."

Al-Manar television said that the residents surrounded an army vehicle before setting it on fire.

Conflicting reports have emerged over the number of injuries, with LBC television saying that four people were wounded and al-Manar television saying around 10 were injured.

Al-Manar also said that two people were killed in the clashes.

Earlier on Monday, a military source told al-Jadeed that the army only used rubber bullets and teargas in a bid to contain the situation.

One of the youths from the camp told al-Jadeed that the army opened fire at the residents when one of them pelted the soldiers with rocks.

He confirmed that one person was killed in the incident.

Qassem was killed and three others were wounded on Friday when the Lebanese army opened fire during a spat at the Nahr al-Bared camp.

The violence erupted after the army arrested two Palestinian men who were on a motorcycle and refused to stop at a checkpoint, the source said.

The arrest prompted hundreds of the camp’s residents to block roads with burning tires and hurl stones at army troops.

News about Monday's clashes quickly spread to other Palestinian camps across the country, including Ain al-Hilweh, where residents burned tires and pelted with stones an army checkpoint at the northern entrance to the camp.

The army fired in the air to disperse the crowd. Al-Jadeed said a Palestinian refugee was wounded in the confrontation.

Nahr al-Bared was almost totally destroyed in 2007 during a months-long conflict between the Lebanese military and the al-Qaida-inspired group Fatah al-Islam.

The fighting killed some 400 people, including 168 soldiers.

The military controls access to the camp and has checkpoints inside Nahr al-Bared -- the only one of 12 Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon under the direct control of the Lebanese security forces.

By long-standing convention, the Lebanese army does not enter the camps, leaving security inside to the Palestinians themselves.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) estimates that some 425,000 Palestinian refugees are living in Lebanon, a country with a population of four million. Others, however, estimate the number to be closer to 250,000.

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Thumb shab 18 June 2012, 18:43

Send them back to gaza

Default-user-icon Bango (Guest) 19 June 2012, 03:56

Cheikh Saad is going to hate you for saying that!!!

Thumb lebanon_first 18 June 2012, 18:49

What the heck are those 'guests' still doing here? Who in Lebanon is protecting them??? Hezbollah is against them. Hariri waged war against them in 2008, and the Christians have been fighting them since the 70s. So who the hell permit them to stay?

Thumb lebneneh 18 June 2012, 18:59

Wow your ideas are so progressive!

Thumb lebneneh 18 June 2012, 19:05

All of you guys writing your comments up here are so impulsive and full of hatred. Even though some of these causing the problems should be locked up what does the whole population of the camps have to do with this. You know what's the problem with this's that no one has an inch of respect for it not even it's own population. Spread peace, love and respect for human nature and for what is right not childish, impulsive fascist opinions. Grow up!

Missing Cyanide 18 June 2012, 23:57

not fascism my friend.. they are attacking our army man.. they killed our army!! who ever shoots ur army is your enemy. they tried to take over lebanon and disrespected us in the 70s. then they kill us after we gave em a place to live and lebanese risked their lives trying to fight with them.. a lebanese christian and muslim sheik were killed at an army checkpoint and not a single leb shot and injured an army personell. they instead attacked our glory because of two stupid zo3ran that didnt want to stop and had no papers.. thats why my felow lebanese angry for.

Thumb lebneneh 19 June 2012, 11:06

They, they they. Go arrest them. Don't label the whole palestinian population in the camps. The majority are just people who want to survive. If in this country we stop labelling each other and focus our energy on dealing with the problems instead of impulsively becoming spiteful of whole communities then a lot of wars could have been avoided. Let's try to learn from our history!

Thumb lebneneh 19 June 2012, 11:02

Jobs?! Because Palestinians are taking all the high paid jobs of this country. They are barely allowed to work Mr flamethrower.

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 18 June 2012, 19:27

close all 12 palestinian camps in lebanon and send these poor refugees to the rich gulf countries where they can cater for their needs
just for info there is not 1 single palestinian camp in saoudieh ?why ?

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 12:26

You seem to be very young to instigate this issue! I am sure you will have differnt views when you are above the age of 30!

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 18 June 2012, 19:37

the palestinians refugees caused lebanon a lot of harm they are the cancer of our country, send them either to west bank and gaza
no to taoutine

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 12:16

Someone like is a cancer to Lebanon! and for your information, the palestinians are refusing the Taoutine and live in the same country where you are living! full of recism and fascism! shame on you!

Missing ramezg 18 June 2012, 20:49

Hezbollah should be integrated into the Army, so that the combined army is strong enough to conduct a countrywide door-to-door sweep of the entire country, including the Palestinian camps, and remove all weapons of all sizes and types -- except kitchen knives. And when the sweep is complete, throughout the entire territory, a second sweep should start. Parliament should eliminate self-sovereignty of the camps. Weapons should be carried only by the army, which would include a special commando corps inherited from the Hezb. It is time for the Lebanese to take back their country and assert sovereignty over their entire territory.

Thumb shab 18 June 2012, 21:25

The army should be strong enough to conduct a countrywide door-to-door sweep of the entire country, including Dahyie and all Persian militia filth nests and the Palestinian camps, and remove all weapons of all sizes and types -- except kitchen knives. And when the sweep is complete, throughout the entire territory, a second sweep should start. Parliament should eliminate self-sovereignty of the camps. Weapons should be carried only by the army, which would include a special commando corps inherited from the Hezb. It is time for the Lebanese to take back their country and assert sovereignty over their entire territory.

Thumb lebanon_first 18 June 2012, 23:35

A dream come true... Meanwhile, the army must 'negotiate' with thugs to keep stability...

Missing Cyanide 19 June 2012, 00:04

this is not the correct timing to do so.. i am with everything you wrote but not now.. the hizb has done a lot for lebanon and will need a guarante for handing their weapons.. i am not with the idea that they should have arms at all.. lebanon needed their weapons in the past and the government and all lebanese factions supported them. now there has to be a well studied plan for that transition with a guarante for the hib

Default-user-icon Brutus (Guest) 18 June 2012, 21:01

There should be a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE with any terrorist in Lebanon, let alone foreign terrorists. ZERO TOLERANCE means complete annihilation of such a force that endangers Lebanon's internal stability.

Default-user-icon Hebbo habib emmo (Guest) 18 June 2012, 21:09

hey, guys come on. Dont get so excited? U realy think this is a country? If u do, time to wake up. We're a joke to ourselves and to t he whole world.

Default-user-icon Saad (Guest) 18 June 2012, 21:24

Disarm and deport these animals. We are behind the army 1000%, let us help you, we (villagers in the south) have lots of (unfortunately) experience dealing with these Palestinians. They used our towns and homes as shields to attack Israel and we died, time to finally rid Lebanon of these unwelcome and ungrateful refugees.

Thumb J_Sarkis 19 June 2012, 17:34

Saad is right, our army is stronger than a bunch of Palestinians with guns thinking they can take over the country! Great comment Saad.

Missing spartacus 18 June 2012, 21:28

In case some among you wanted to check what is the version of the Palestinians on the incident, have a look at the link

Missing Cyanide 19 June 2012, 00:27

They gave the army every right habib.. ma 7ada bikabbir ras 3al Jeish.. nshalla yit3allamo ba2a..

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 12:19

What right? to shoot live bullets at disarmed children? Israel doesn't do such things! inshalla ento beteo3o ba2a before it is too late!!

Default-user-icon Saad (Guest) 18 June 2012, 21:34

Agreed, they should have cramped them into another camp as a punishment. Ungrateful, and unwelcome, disarm and deport them once and for all.

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 12:32

Wow. really? you should be the prime minister in lebanon! with these views lebanon will be destoyed with 24 hours! The racism against palestinians seem to have been inherited to you through the roots of your family! Palestinians are survivals! don't you get it?

Default-user-icon Habz (Guest) 18 June 2012, 23:43

It's funny to see all these anti-Asaad posters advocating a full-scale Lebanese Army crackdown on the camps. Now you know how many pro-regime Syrians feel about "the free syrian army". If the salafists are so oppressed, why don't they just move to Turkey or better yet, Saudi Arabia. No christian or alwaite "dogs" over there...

Missing cedars 19 June 2012, 05:30

Who is creating unrest to distract the world about the Syrian civil war? Anyone attacking the Army was at some point in time trained to do so in the Sa3eka camps in Damascus at the orders of the terrorist Bashar and his Shabiha.

Default-user-icon Peace (Guest) 19 June 2012, 09:35

To Anonymetexaus & Lebanon first & Haytham: You are so racist and full of hatred and fascism ideas. You don't even have the slightest political background to discuss such issues, nor you have any sense of humanity in your blood! typical "some" lebanese!I will not allow myself to lower my level and respond to your disgusting and sick comments about the most giving, honourable and sacrifing nation "palestinian people" who at least have respect to the lebanese governoment and army far more than many wiered lebanese individuals like you two.Shame on you! you should be so ashamed of yourselves for these statements!

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 09:56

This really makes me laugh. You guys are so funny! you are talking as if the palestinians is the main cause that there is no stability in Lebanon and you love to choose that Israel has nothing to do with this!Is it really because of the palestinian you only have a 2 hour electricity supply a day?? and because of the palestinian your roads are completely demaged?? and your food is poisoned and internet is down and petrol is so expensive,robery, car theft, breaking into houses, killing, shooting etc...Is it really the palestinian who are behind this? or is it only the fact that YOU simply hate the palestinians? I am sure you can at least admit this to youeselves boys! my advise to you: try to be loyal to your country not to persons and I am sure things will get better!

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 10:26

Please talk to the arab world and the whole world to get the palestinian people out of there! Palestinians would be so grateful to get out from this misery! Do you tink palestinians ar happy to live in camps and being surrounded by lebanses army all around the camp boarders 24/7? with all respect to the national army in lebanon, Isreal doesn't do so to the palestinians in palestine!

Default-user-icon J. S. (Guest) 19 June 2012, 16:29

Why are you constantly complaining about it? It's not our fault you all decided to come here. If you are so unhappy, GO BACK TO PALESTINE!!!

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 10:26

And the fact that the palestinians are still armed is not at all to form any threat or insecurity or instability in Lebanon! the problem is that the lebansese government can not give the palestinians any security gurantee that no lebanese party or "forces" will make another massacre to them as was done in Sabra 7 Shateila camps and tel el Za3tar! shall I remind you what the Lebanese forces and Ellie 7beiqa did to those camps when they were unarmed, what they did to children, babies, women, old men!Palestinian will remain armed as long as they have no trust that the lebanese government can protect them and this is quite challange for the government to do considering all armed militants in Lebanon at the moment. The weapon in the camps is only for people to protect their children! imagine yourself in their place with your children! Imagine and realise that you did not choose to be there, but forced to be there! Just think about it for a little while!Did you?

Default-user-icon NOW (Guest) 19 June 2012, 10:33

Of course we dislike any group of people (palestinians in this case) that take our land, use our resources, cause violence, harbor terrorists and kill our army serviceman. They already have a problem with Israel, we as lebanese don't have the political capacity or the power to help retrieve their land. SO yes Peace2012, we don't like the palestinians and want them OFF OF OUR LAND, just like they want the jews off theirs. Is that not loyal to my country? So getting the pals off our land will make things better!

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 11:26

So,in our opinion Palestinians are like jews? is this how you look at your palestinians? shame on you! I should actually be responding to someone like you!

Default-user-icon PalsBringNoPeace (Guest) 19 June 2012, 10:39

WE DONT NEED TO FEEL FOR THE PALESTINIANS WHEN WE CANT EVEN TAKE CARE OF OUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN. Someone needs to help us before we sit here and debate how to save the Palestinians form their problems. I don't need you PEACE2012 to remind us about what happened to unarmed palestinians in history, we have all suffered, not just the pals. Spare us your pity cry for the palestinians. We just want our land. Period. Get Out!!

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 11:31

Ha ha ha.. who is asking you for take care of us? we take good care of ourselves! but what I am saying : dont mess with the palestinians and their safety! and second the palestinian camps are rented for 99 years from the lebanese government and paid for in advace for the 99 years, so I guess this is 35 years to go! tough!

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 11:42

You don't seem to want to remember?eh? if you lebanese (Not all) are saying that you dislike the palestinians and want them out! That's a democratic request from a racist and fascist citizen like yourself but until such time palestinans should remain armed so that this 'dislike" or hatred that you have rooted in your heart doesn't lead to a massacre from people or militants like you against the palestinians! And when Palestine is freed inshalla today, we will then have a completely different debate with people like you in lebanon!Things will change! a matter of time, that's all!

Thumb shab 19 June 2012, 12:40

It will never be freed, Stop your illusion and go back to Gaza. If you have behaved civilized, none will have hated you.

Default-user-icon J. S. (Guest) 19 June 2012, 16:26

Things wont change. You guys don't even have a country and now you are threatening the Lebanese? Did you forget to realize that you ARE A GUEST IN THE COUNTRY! If it wasn't for the Lebanese you would all be dead in Israel! Yet you still dare to insult your hosts! IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH LEBANON, GET OUT OF IT AND GO BACK TO PALESTINE!if it still exists. >:l

Default-user-icon J. S. (Guest) 19 June 2012, 16:26

Things wont change. You guys don't even have a country and now you are threatening the Lebanese? Did you forget to realize that you ARE A GUEST IN THE COUNTRY! If it wasn't for the Lebanese you would all be dead in Israel! Yet you still dare to insult your hosts! IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH LEBANON, GET OUT OF IT AND GO BACK TO PALESTINE!if it still exists. >:l

Thumb lebneneh 19 June 2012, 11:01

Because they are human being and the majority of them are human being who just want to survive and if you were in their place I just hope you would treated better.

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 12:13

Thank you Lebneneh! this is a very mature, realistic, understandin and responsible statement from a very mature and responsible person like you! Luckily and in deed very fortunate that there are some good lebanese people like you still around which certainly makes the situation less tense.

Thumb normzz117 19 June 2012, 11:29

the1phoenix 100% ,well said mate

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 12:05

No it is not a concidence nor it is anything to do with the National Dialogue meeting reasserted the wish of disarming the palestinians, it is an accumulating burden and pressure of the bad treatment of the lebanese army individuals to the palestinians at the camp enterance check points! you don't seem to have a clue of what is happening there!

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 12:09

It doesn't work like this and it is not as simple as so! you need to have a more regional political views of this matter!

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 12:36

You wanna motivate the soliders to get killed by compensating their lives with complex living standards to their family? How clever you are? did you suggest to lebanese government and army commander Qahwaji? they might like the idea! get real!

Missing peace2012 19 June 2012, 12:41

Talk for yourself, dont make a general statement of behalf all the lebanese people! there are many good lebanese people in lebanon and outside lebanon with very positive and constructive attitude! there should corrective matters to correct a mistake and not making a fatal mistake to correct a minor mistake done by those two young gentlemen.

Thumb J_Sarkis 19 June 2012, 17:50

The Lebanese people have had to suffer because of the PALESTINIANS in Nahr-al-Bared, so 'anonymetexasusa' is right, if you are so unhappy living there, then absolutely no-one is stopping you from GETTING OUT!!

Thumb Marouni 19 June 2012, 16:31

Okay let's assume. Palestinians came to Lebanon over 60 years they were welcomed warmly and we gave them as much as we could . But don't forget Lebanon is a small country and our capabilities to help those refugees where and are still limited. So what happenend to those "guests" instead of integrating themselves they got violent and thought they can liberate Palestine from South Lebanon at our expense. People in the south where opressed by the plo etc.... bombs were droped at Beyrouth. Things became worse when Arafat came and thought he could to what he wanted to in Lebanon . This guy was supported by all Palestinaíans because of him and his ignorant followers with their shameful behaviour a civil war erupted. Now 35 years later nothing changed the still so what they want don't respect anyone and even hate Lebanon. I gotta say I have no mercy with those people if they do what they wanted they should be taught a lesson.

Thumb Abubakr 19 June 2012, 17:28

Give the palestinians basic human rights ..and then tell them not to become thugs. but until then I as a Lebanese support them blindly , because they love under intolerable condition, if u were to be in their shoes you would have done the same , ma3lesh shifna what the Lebanese did when the electricity went very stupid people here on naharnet who just talk shit ..and dont think..think u racist dumb asses arrogant people ..the Lebanese people are a disgrace to humanity !

Thumb Abubakr 19 June 2012, 17:29

Live *

Default-user-icon James Ashker (Guest) 12 February 2013, 00:07

Please remember that Jesus is a Palestinian, who suffered enough, and humilated, and cursed etc.; so are the Palestinian people.
When Jesus the son of Mary will come; trust me the palestinian will return to Palestine with their leader; The Prince of peace; Jesus the son of Mary.
Be patient, we are not far away from that day when Jesus will rule from Jerusalem; Te entir world will acknowledge the " TRUE JUSTICE."
Jesus said, " Love one another as I have loved you."
We are on this earth being tested by " God."
Please love another and be patient untill the day the Prince of peace arrive. Then you will unite in his love and all glorify our Perfect Creator of all that is was or ever will be.
In the name of Jesus; The Light that God send to the world; and His God; lets pray for peace and justice for all.