Lavrov Accuses U.S. of 'Justifying Terror' in Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Russia on Wednesday lashed out at the United States for backing the armed opposition to the Syrian regime, saying Washington's failure to condemn the July 18 blast that killed top security officials meant it was justifying terror.

"This is quite an awful position, I cannot even find the words to make clear how we feel," Lavrov told reporters. "This is directly justifying terrorism. How can this be understood?"

Lavrov expressed bewilderment at calls on Russia to clarify its position on Syria, saying Moscow's policy was crystal-clear and it was the West whose actions were contradictory.

He criticized the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, saying she had argued that the attacks in Damascus meant the U.N. Security Council had to agree a sanctions resolution against Syria last week that Russia later vetoed.

"In other words, to say it in plain Russian, this means 'we (the United States) will continue to support such terrorist acts for as long as the U.N. Security Council has not done what we want'," Lavrov said.

Russia has repeatedly rejected accusations Moscow is backing the regime of President Bashar Assad in the crisis, claiming it has an even-handed approach while rebuking the West for siding with the rebels.

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Thumb jcamerican 25 July 2012, 15:10

Mr. Lavrov don't forget who was supporting Bin Laden against you. He was a freedom fighter at that time. Don't worry soon the opposition will be labeled as terrorists when they cross the line.

Default-user-icon AnonymousR (Guest) 25 July 2012, 15:54

Actually, the American also like their own brand of Dictators and some of the worse kind. As far as I know, they still support the GCC countries which are far from being open and democratic. Their policy vis a vis Egypt was wishy washy and lead by events on the ground. They didn't care enough about Tunisia to do anything. They supported Saddam in the 1980s until he no longer prove useful to them. As for Libya, well they joined EU calls for NATO action very late. Let's not even discuss the support of African dictatorships. So, well, I guess the Russians are not alone in meeting a dictator they didn't like. Hmmm...

Thumb jcamerican 25 July 2012, 17:31

I guess Saddam and the Shah were democratic regimes loved by the Russians.

Default-user-icon j.epstein (Guest) 25 July 2012, 17:40

what does lavrov know?
he knows hizbullah is a usa intel operation.
he knows the israeli concern over chemical weapons falling into
the hands of hizbullah is a false concern since israel is aware of hizbullahs origins. any transfere of chemical weapons is what the usa and israel want. those weapons are then in the hands of usa intel to
be used as an excuse or to get their hands on weapons the west sold syria the weapons return of evidence.
so this is not about dictators or chemical weapons it is about syria going into civil war and who benifits?
some (you would hope) are working very hard to stop this civil war that would end up in lebanon.