Families of Abducted Pilgrims in Syria Urge Qatar to Cooperate

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The family members of the 11 abducted Lebanese pilgrims staged a sit-in on Friday near the Qatari embassy in Ain el-Tineh in Beirut.

Sheikh Abbas Zgheib, who has been tasked by the Higher Islamic Shiite Council to follow up the case, urged Qatar to cooperate to resolve the case of the abducted men.

He told reporters “we are a hospitable people also,” hinting that they might kidnap Qatari citizens in Lebanon.

Zgheib, surrounded by the angry protesters, threatened to ignite Lebanon if the government failed to act.

“We are keen on preserving Lebanon and its interests but not at the expense of our dignity,” he noted.

Zgheib called on Prime Minister Najib Miqati to form a committee to follow up the case.

“Escalatory measures began… We refuse to bargain on our dignity,” he said.

The protesters said that they might stage protests near the U.S. and Saudi embassies.

LBCI TV reported that a brief dispute occurred between one of the journalists and the Internal Security Forces, but the protesters interfered and the situation calmed down.

On Tuesday, the families of pilgrims threatened that Turkish citizens would become “guests” in Lebanon if Ankara does not make serious efforts to set the abductees free.

The 11 pilgrims were kidnapped by a group of armed men in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo on May 22 while returning home from Iran.

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Thumb Marwan34 10 August 2012, 13:01

“we are a hospitable people also,”! are they kidding us ?

Thumb dasphinx 10 August 2012, 15:11

Qatar gets upset with Lebanon: thousands of Lebanese in Qatar lose their jobs and thousands of Lebanese in Lebanon lose income from Gulf tourists.

Lebanon gets upset with Qatar? Who f&^%^g cares?

People liek Abbas Zgheib is the enemy of Lebanon. He should take his hospitality and shove it.

Thumb geha 10 August 2012, 16:00

first let me clarify I am totally against the kidnpping of any person. that said, I would like to comment as follows:
it is in the interest of hizbushaitan to deteriorate any relationship we have with any Arab country so that our diaspora cannot work there anymore so that they empoverish everyone else, while they get millions from iran to buy our land like isrelis did with the palestinians.

Thumb fero 10 August 2012, 17:39

you do realise this has nothing to do with HA but for some reason you will not let that hate go . this has to do with lebanese citizens being held captives and the allies of the FSA nnot doing a thing about it but you dont see that

Default-user-icon Bubba (Guest) 10 August 2012, 18:45

It has everything to do with HA it controls the government that is not doing a thing about it, also to blame is the coward hiding underground "the onee who refuses to apologize" to quote one of the abducted Pilgrims. Besides why they demonstrating at the Qatari embassy rather than the Syrian one like the abducted Pilgrims asked them to.

Default-user-icon Fadaka ya Bashar (Guest) 10 August 2012, 16:29

Truly a bee2at al hadinat for complete idiots. The 11 kidnapped pilgrims asked them to demonstrate in front of the Syrian embassy so they go to the embassy of Qatar. How much of this idiocy is caused by brain damage from the Ashura celebration and how much of it is inbreeding. If the 11 get dispatched to meet their individual quotas of 67 virgins Sheikh Abbas Zgheib will blame everyone from Sweden, Surinam, Switzerland, Senegal, Serbia, Suriname, Sri Lanka, Spain, Solomon Islands (Zionist ski equipments?), Somalia, South Africa, South Korea and every other country beginning, with S for their demise/good fortune except the one his Iranian party supports. As usual the families will believe and accept that their loved ones be sacrificed on the altar of Hassan loves Bashar for a fistful of Iranian cash. The 11 men are replaceable cash is forever, until the next payout.