ISF Source Denies Sayyed was Smuggling Arms with Samaha

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A source in the general directorate of the Internal Security Forces denied that former General Security chief Maj. Gen. Jamil Sayyed accompanied ex-minister Michel Samaha to Syria to allegedly smuggle explosives to Lebanon.

In remarks to al-Akhbar daily published on Wednesday, the source said MTV station’s report “is not true and the interrogation of Samaha and his bodyguards did not reveal any such thing.”

The denial came a day after MTV quoted a security source as saying that police are trying to verify the unconfirmed reports that Sayyed was in the car with Samaha when the former minister allegedly smuggled explosives from Syria to carry out bombing attacks in northern Lebanon.

Both men are close to the regime of President Bashar Assad.

A military judge is set to interrogate Samaha for the second time on Thursday.

He was charged over the weekend by the military tribunal along with Syrian officer Maj. Gen. Ali Mamlouk and another officer identified as Brig. Gen. Adnan of being part of a terror network aimed at destabilizing the country by planting explosives in northern Lebanon, as well as planning to assassinate religious and political figures.

The former minister was arrested by the ISF Intelligence Branch last week during a raid on his house in the North Metn town of Jwar al-Khenshara after an informant, Milad Kfouri, told police about the alleged plot.

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Default-user-icon Black (Guest) 15 August 2012, 11:06

Mazbout mitle el aghbiya yalle la72ine michel aoun the traitor.
Aya tuesday?????
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Thumb hakawati 15 August 2012, 11:09

MTV - the anus of the Lebanese media

Thumb lebneneh 15 August 2012, 12:40

FT your M14 hatred is unbelievable...these are more or less half of the Lebanese people the "resistance" is claiming to protect.

Thumb bigsami 15 August 2012, 18:59

lebneneh....don't waste your post on BSThrower. He is NOT even Lebanese and a SCUM that supports Iran and Assad.

Thumb whyaskwhy 15 August 2012, 12:56

Awe and he looked so innocent too, always knew he couldnt hurt a fly bless his cotton socks! looool I am sure hes releived (as if he cared less with Bashars support behind him)and he is lighting up a few candles by now.

Thumb Bandoul 15 August 2012, 19:14

I didn't expect this type of language from you :(

Thumb primesuspect 15 August 2012, 19:41

I have more respect for the ISF than any political personality in Lebanon. Let's hope they remain this way, we desperately need more people like them.