SNC Seeking Transitional Govt., Paris Mulling No-Fly Zone

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Syrian National Council, Syria's main opposition group is studying the formation of a transitional government, its leader Abdel Basset Sayda said Tuesday.

"We are currently studying the formation of a transitional government," Sayda said after meeting French President Francois Hollande in Paris against a background of hints from the Syrian regime that President Bashar Assad could soon step down.

"It is a process that requires a lot of consultation. We mustn't go too fast but the Syrian National Council will attempt to get there as quickly as possible."

Asked about the possibility of forming a government in exile, Sayda said his priority was creating a government inside the country.

Speaking in Moscow earlier, Syria's Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil said Assad's resignation could not be a condition for negotiations with the opposition but added: "Any problems can be discussed during negotiations. We are even ready to discuss this issue."

Sayda also revealed that the French president was “seriously mulling” the possibility of establishing a no-fly zone in Syria with the aim of protecting civilians.

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Thumb lebnanfirst 21 August 2012, 22:35

With broad hints that your beloved Bashar is on his way out, doing things right the first time is the way to go. Then again I forgot you follow Aoun and all he does is rush for one catastrophic into another. Way to go, NOT!

Thumb makhaleh 21 August 2012, 23:05

wowowow dare u refer to him as AOUN....his name is general kneel and bob..(hes always on his knees bobbing for his beloved leader bashar) havent u ever asked why he always opens his mouth very wide lol

Missing gabby1 21 August 2012, 22:40

Flamethrower will have cold water poured on him and his voice will be extinguished when his hero Bashar the killer is gone. I will be laughing in your face FT. I am laughing right now about Maher the brother of the killer. I hope Bashar's evil mother is happy. She got what she deserved with more to come.

Thumb makhaleh 21 August 2012, 23:06

7aram gabby.....something might turn microscopic if you pour cold water on positive theres nothing there already cuz flameshitter talks like some1 who likes to take it from the uhm uhm

Thumb andre.jabbour 21 August 2012, 22:42

Did you call your contact at the CPL to ask if you were allowed to discuss the matter publicly? Do it before they chop off 200 $ from your salary.

Thumb makhaleh 21 August 2012, 22:58

hahahaha nice then he will be a broke flameshitter

Missing helicopter 22 August 2012, 01:49

Fellow Commentators,
I want to urge you to show more civility towards one another. Lets make the comments useful and helpful in propagating positive and informative analysis of the news. Judging by the majority of the comments, if we were to replace Lebanon's current politicians with the commentators Lebanon will not benefit by much (if at all). We can do better, keep in mind the goal is to explain one's point of view in a classy way and/or point out the faults in another comment.....and not to pour insults at other commentators

Missing freemind 22 August 2012, 02:41

@helicopter: wow, nice... i wish there were more like you around.

Missing freemind 22 August 2012, 02:48

because, at the end of the day:
14 + 8 = 0

funny when a M14 criticizes Iran for being extremists, Hezb for being terrorists, they somehow forget that they are backed by Saudis who are as extremists and Al Qaida/Salafitst(etc.) as bad or i should say worse...

and M8 -> vice-versa.

At the end, neither Iran or Saudi loses, but Lebanon.
A change of mentality is probbly the best option to get out of this mess.