Report: 3 Alleged Hizbullah Members Arrested in Mexico

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

An alleged Hizbullah member has been arrested in Mexico and handed over to U.S. authorities, Mexican media reported Sunday.

Reforma newspaper identified the detained man as Rafik Mohammed Labboun Allaboun, a U.S. national, who was wanted by the U.S. government.

Allaboun was arrested in the city of Merida late Saturday as part of an operation conducted by Mexican immigration agents and local police, the report said.

Two other suspected Hizbullah members -- George Abdalah Elders and Justin Yasser Safa of Belize -- were arrested along with Allaboun, according to the paper.

Since U.S. law enforcement authorities had put out an international alert on Allaboun, he was sent to Houston, Texas, on Sunday, the report said.

The fate of the other two remains unclear.

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Missing bistonie 10 September 2012, 07:55

I wonder what they were arrested for? Could it have anything to do with the white powder or maybe they just vacationing.

Default-user-icon Cynic (Guest) 10 September 2012, 13:02

They were pilgrims :)

Thumb benzona 10 September 2012, 13:56

FT/Mowaten: Tu as un article de presse pour étayer ton histoire? Because I'm simply not going to believe what you say without proof...

Thumb Bandoul 10 September 2012, 16:11

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Long live Israel and the USA.

Thumb lebanon_first 10 September 2012, 17:13

Why the aggressivity FT?, the guy is just asking for proof!!

Thumb benzona 10 September 2012, 20:48

FT, t'es complètement déglingué. Irrécupérable. Demande à ton patron ou il se fait soigner, bien que ça ne lui réussisse pas plus que ça, qui sait sur le long terme. L'espoir fait vivre et il ne te reste plus que cela!

Mowaten: merci pour les liens, ils sont intéressants. Je vais approfondir ma documentation sur cette histoire interpellante.

Missing shark12 10 September 2012, 08:40

Good to hear.

Missing ibn_israeli 10 September 2012, 09:37

Great work! White supremacist gangs in orange county california funnel millions to Hezbollah. Get them as well

Missing forces 10 September 2012, 14:43

fitting it is called orange county :)

Thumb Bandoul 10 September 2012, 16:10

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Long live Israel and the USA.

Thumb bigsami 10 September 2012, 17:16 u like the Israelis because they are sharing your warped opinion on M14. Your such a moron and still don't know why are on a Lebanese site and not on your homeland Tehran site!

Thumb Bandoul 10 September 2012, 21:32

This sanctimonious BS from a person who advocates the shooting of M14 supporters in the head and dissolving them in acid. Go look in the mirror, if you still have an urge to spew your hate afterwards then put a sock in it. You are the No 1 hypocrite on this forum and you have pledged your allegiance to a man who is now allied with the same regime that humiliated him and chased him out of b3abda with his tail tucked between his legs, he is a coward and a denier that the regime he is bowing to, is holding Lebanese prisoners and denying it. If you had an ounce of morality and ethics you wouldn't even spew your filth here. I pity you and feel sorry for those who have to interact with you on a daily basis. You are warped and a decaying, soulless ghoul.

Default-user-icon Atef (Guest) 10 September 2012, 09:55

What says they belong to Hizbullah Naharnet? Do you know that the Pope who will visit Lebanon is an Hizbullah agent?:)

Default-user-icon haydar haydar (Guest) 10 September 2012, 14:54

Nah Atef, but the Pope should never be allowed to come to Lebanon because he visited the Zionist entity.

Let's dance, one, two, beat yourself on the head, ya Hussein, ya Hussein, hop, hop, boycott the Pope.. hop, hop, labbayka ya Nasrallah w la immaka ya Bashar, boycott the Zionist supporter.. smash your head make it bleed, jump, jump, Resistance, Nasrallah w boycott the Pope w bass.

Thumb whyaskwhy 10 September 2012, 13:12

Irrelevent of whom they are if they were arrested for drugs then good justice has been served, M16 or M18 or M21 heading out of London....

Default-user-icon Joseph Kibbeh (Guest) 10 September 2012, 13:44

With Names Like George and Justin is it now safe to believe that Hezboullah does have Christian Members thus making the argument of a lot of people on this site regarding Hezboullah only has Shiite Members no longer fit for purpose and valid, that is if in fact these 3 poor guys have not been set up by the likes of the FBI and CIA as they sure love entrapment over the USA....

Missing forces 10 September 2012, 14:47

how do you know these guys are christian, they could be atheist. BTW mohammed in most westrn countries has changed his name to Michael. a thorn by any other name is still a thorn. I think it is irrelevant who these guys are,if they are wanted for something and got arrested what is the big deal, it is not like HA are saints or anything..

Default-user-icon mfawaz (Guest) 10 September 2012, 15:02

Joseph Ali Kibbeh, remember the Hezballah member who set up a terrorist cell in Egypt has a officially issued Lebanese ID with a fake name.

Thumb benzona 10 September 2012, 13:54

Si tu vas a Rio, n'oublie pas de t’arrêter par Mexico... oleeee!!! They're getting the terrorists one by one. 7abbe 7abbe.

Default-user-icon shak (Guest) 10 September 2012, 16:35

Hizbulla is the ''VIRUS'' of this planet

Default-user-icon Awwad (Guest) 10 September 2012, 16:42

ibn israeli welcome to el nahar forum, were proud to have and hear your opinions .lets work toghether to get rid from this microb called "hizballa" and lets open the frontier between israel & lebanon and have a good life very soon amen

Missing gabby3 10 September 2012, 17:02

Hizb-cocaine is so clean. Nasrallah will say he knows nothing of this. It is an Israeli plot of some kind.

Looks like the money from Iran and Syria is drying up.

Default-user-icon Charles Miller (Guest) 10 September 2012, 17:07

You're right, everyone knows that all Hizbullah are really Aztecs in disguise!

Thumb lebanon_first 10 September 2012, 17:16

How can a "georges" be a HA member? We know full well that HA does not hire christians. I think the filthy zionist media is creating this bad advertising against HA.

Missing people-power 11 September 2012, 04:32

One of their employees is the pathetic deserter Aoun

Thumb Bandoul 11 September 2012, 16:00

God bless America for despite all its faults, it remains the beacon for freedom, the model to live up to and the envy of the entire world. If America falls, the world falls with it, if it stands, there is hope for all to defeat tyranny, oppression and subjugation.