Jumblat Hails Pope's Visit: Lebanon, Syria Do Not Need Lessons in Resistance

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat called on Monday for committing to the Taef accord as “an interpretation of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Lebanon.”

He said in his weekly editorial in the PSP-affiliated al-Anbaa magazine: “The Lebanese people are obligated to double their efforts in order to implement the Apostolic Exhortation in order to remove fears of a large number of Lebanese, especially Christians, in order to eliminate the concept of minorities.”

The pope ended on Sunday a three-day visit to Lebanon during which he signed the Apostolic Exhortation.

Jumblat added that the visit achieved important goals, starting with asserting Lebanon's diversity “especially in a region that is based on eliminating the other.”

He noted the major role the Christians played in the Arab Spring, adding that Muslims in Lebanon are also urged to support the Apostolic Exhortation and maintain their country's diversity.

Commenting on Iranian Revolutionary Guard head Mohammed Ali Jaafari's statements that members of the Quds Force are present in Lebanon and Syria, the MP said: “We can make do without such remarks.”

“It's as if the Lebanese and Syrian people are in need of advise on resistance and dignity,” he added.

"A number of Quds Force members are present in Lebanon and Syria... we provide (these countries) with counsel and advice, and transfer experience to them," Jaafari said during a press conference on Sunday.

Jumblat continued: “The Lebanese people have strived to liberate their land and end occupation for the sake of liberty and freedom before the Iranian support came into play in Lebanon.”

Such statements confirm the regional and international conspiracy against the Syrian people, he noted.

They help fuel the sectarian divide, which is the greatest threat to the Arab revolts, he stressed.

“His statements may have been aimed at increasing this divide,” he remarked.

“The remarks pose a threat to the unity of the Lebanese and Islamic people. They pose a danger to the Arab revolts and only help some western powers,” Jumblat declared.

“Do Iran's interests converge with western ones?” he wondered.

“The Iranian statements will only lead to more destruction in Syria, but its people will be victorious in the end,” he added.

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Missing gabby3 17 September 2012, 18:07

Jumblatt is waiting for a critical monent to make the gov't fall. When ASSad is running away or dead, etc. He will move back to the side of the patriots. Good remarks on Iran. Screw them we don't want them.

Missing shark12 18 September 2012, 08:56

Well said ya Walid Beik ,we dont need a backward Irianian to talk to us about resistance..