France Braces for Mohammed Cartoons Backlash

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

France stepped up security and appealed for calm Wednesday after a weekly magazine published cartoons of a naked Prophet Mohammed that risked fanning outrage in the Islamic world.

Security was reinforced at French missions and other institutions in countries feared most at risk of a hostile reaction.

Embassies, consulates, cultural centers and international French schools in around 20 countries will be closed on Friday in case they are targeted in demonstrations following weekly Muslim prayers.

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius admitted he feared a backlash in the Muslim world, where tempers are already running high over an anti-Islam film made in California and posted on the Internet.

Police were deployed outside the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine which published the cartoons. The magazine said its Internet site had been hacked and was not accessible.

The left-wing, libertarian publication's offices were firebombed last year after it published an edition "guest-edited by Mohammed" that it called Sharia Hebdo.

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault urged "responsibility" and said anyone offended by the caricatures could sue.

But he and Interior Minister Manuel Valls said freedom of speech, including caricature, was a "fundamental right" backed by the law.

Leaders of the large Muslim community in France said an appeal for calm would be read out in mosques across the country on Friday but also condemned the magazine for publishing "insulting" images.

The weekly carried a total of four cartoons which include images definitely intended to represent Mohammed, as opposed to any other Muslim.

In two of them, the Prophet is shown naked.

One is inspired by Jean-Luc Godard's 1963 film "Contempt" and features the Prophet Mohammed asking the director "You like my buttocks?" -- parroting a line delivered by Brigitte Bardot in the film.

Another shows the founder of Islam crouched on all fours with a star coming out of his behind with the inscription "A Star Is Born."

The film references were supposedly an attempt to satirize the crudely-made short movie "Innocence of Muslims" which has triggered the worldwide protests since it was released on the Internet.

But the explicit, arguably vulgar, nature of the drawings made it inevitable they would cause offense.

Another cartoon depicts a cover of Closer, the magazine which last week created a furore by publishing photographs of Prince William's wife Catherine, topless promising exclusive snaps of "Mrs. Mohammed".

The figure shows a man's gap-toothed, bearded head on top of a woman's body with bared breasts.

Ayrault said anyone offended by cartoons could take the matter to the courts but made it clear there would be no action against the weekly.

"We are in a country where freedom of expression is guaranteed, including the freedom to caricature," he said.

"If people really feel offended in their beliefs and think there has been an infringement of the law -- and we are in a state where laws must be totally respected -- they can go to court," Ayrault said.

He also said a request to hold a demonstration in Paris would be refused. France's Interior Ministry has already banned all protests over the controversial film following a violent demonstration last weekend near the U.S. embassy.

A complaint of incitement to hatred was lodged by a Syrian organisation with a Paris prosecutor on Wednesday but there was no immediate decision on whether there would be criminal proceedings.

Charlie Hebdo's editor, Stephane Charbonnier, defended the cartoons, slamming critics as "ridiculous clowns."

Charbonnier, a cartoonist, said Ayrault should be "supporting press freedom and the republic rather than allowing himself to be influenced by these ridiculous clowns who are protesting".

Meanwhile the magazine's Facebook page was inundated with messages defending or attacking its action, while news sellers reported that customers were buying up their stocks of the weekly specifically to destroy them.

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Default-user-icon Ben (Guest) 19 September 2012, 12:11

French court stopped the pictures of Kate Middelton by legal messieurs, but do not act to stop pictures of Prophet Mohammad. Double standards.

Default-user-icon canon (Guest) 19 September 2012, 16:30

I'll bet if anyone tries to publish topless pictures of Prophet Mohammad they will be stopped by legal messieurs, besides Kate Middelton double standards are more appealing than his.

Default-user-icon muslimoon muslimoon la la lalalala (Guest) 19 September 2012, 16:34

mowaten did you see hassan the other day talk about someone using double standards and cheap tricks to get free publicity and capitalize on a non issue.

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 17:44

"bottomline: in europe, respect the european way of life/culture. enjoy a freedom you cannot find in ur home country and live your beliefs (whatever they are) personally, without shoving them down other people's throats." <--- I agree, its absolutely the right and moral attitude to adopt.

Thumb CuriousMole 19 September 2012, 21:32

@mowaten.... France did not pull the images of Kate... The court did, after the royal family went to court seeking injunction.

Learn about the difference between the government and the judicial system in developed countries.

If you are interested, you may file a case with a French court to seek injunction against Charlie Hebdo.

However, your post denotes a complete misunderstanding of basic civic laws in developed countries. Tells a lot about who you are, and how you think and operate. Listening to your post, vision of 14th Century Inquisition-laden Spain comes to mind...

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 19 September 2012, 12:50

he is not as glamorous as Kate ..

Default-user-icon Mohamad (Guest) 19 September 2012, 13:04

this magazine and its editors should be held to account according to their own anarchist dogma.

Missing phalangistes 19 September 2012, 13:05

Well little Ben, the picture of kate went out all over the world, in closer and chi magazine. Kate Middleton then sued the magazine but it was to late. the damage was done. Now Kate is living person. you can ask mohammad or any one representing him in France to sue charlie hebdo because till now no one single muslim have done it. Too lazy, they are more intersted in going to the street like savages. My personal opinion is that all those species that went into the street breaking shops, burning cars and building are young ignorant men with an excess of testosteron and a lack of sex

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 14:53

mowaten, you are 100% correct...

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 14:57

phalangistes, You have a right to your personal opinion of course but you do sound like an ignorant racist and a bigot...

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 19:23

Faith is a private matter which should be practiced at home and the places of worship. Leave the street for commerce and mutually beneficial economic growth that permit people to live free and pursue happiness. Those who have hijacked Islam intend to use illiteracy and poverty of the faithful as tools of terror in order to dominate the west and rule by the sword.

Missing phalangistes 19 September 2012, 15:22

Come on!!!!! those "french" muslim cheat on their prophet 180 days per years by drinking, getting stoned, stealing, burning cars and when it come to show a picture of mohamad they get all excited!!! give me a break mowaten. those in france protesting are just a bunch of thugs who have nothing to do. they better go back from where they came and try to do the same drinking activities and see where they will end up.

Missing phalangistes 19 September 2012, 15:34

and tell me!! what do you found sooooo offending on the page of charlie hebdo! did you see any budhist burning mosque or building when the taliban destroyed the biggest budhist status in Afghanistan? How many sarcastic picture of the Christ we saw, picture making fun of the pope and the church! did you see any incident? did you see embassies burning? did you see ambassador killed? NO. so i repeat myself, those species protesting are a bunch of uneducated men, with and excess of testosterone and a BIG BIG lack of sex. they are sooooo frustrated that they go burn anything on any occasion.

Thumb Chupachups 19 September 2012, 16:04

I totally agree with phalangists... And to the others, I think u r living in this fairytale and one day it will bite you in the buttox

Thumb Chupachups 19 September 2012, 16:05

Phalangists is right

Thumb lebanon_first 19 September 2012, 16:19

i have to agree with phalangistes. I agree that the film and the cartoons are useless junk. But I also agree that those protesting are a testosterone filled manipulated youth who is looking for a reason for their frustrations. 99.9% of moslem's would never have seen the movies and their attitudes is between "i dont care" and "it is not so important". Those manifesting are being manipulated.

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 17:49

Take your kind of Islam and practice it on Arab soil and stop shoving it down our throats.

Missing phalangistes 19 September 2012, 13:09

Charlie hebdo exists since 1960. still doing profit, never went bankrupt and certainly do not need publicity! and i really dont see what is wrong with the picture.

Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 19 September 2012, 13:19

For the sake of world peace, all countries should decree that any attacks on any prophit, especially Muhammad, should be forbidden once and for all. Like this we save all nations the backlashes that cost a lot and threat destabilization of the world peace.

Thumb Chupachups 19 September 2012, 16:07

Disagree that is stupid .. Next thing u know we can't make fun of rocks cos some dude worships that !!

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 19:47

2in akramt al kareem, fa malaktaho, w'2in akramt al la2eem fa tamarrada...Your idea of world peace is to bow down to terrorism. My answer is NEVER! Practice your religion at home where it belongs and worship in your places of worship PERIOD THE END!

Missing lqu7 19 September 2012, 14:19

I would much rather have seen Kate Middleton than this silly cartoon. But for France to have to close its embassies for this shows how regressive human beings are.

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 14:39

Let's see if you can publish anything anti Jewish in the West? Or let say pro Nazi articles in Germany? Double standards exist big time…

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 19:58

Please, if you don't know, then don't speak. There are such groups and they are protected by law. In the USA they are protected by the First Amendment to the constitution of the United States. Much to my disgust we have organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Brotherhood who hate Jews and Blacks and Asians! But the USA is founded on this basic freedom. If these group don't destroy property and engage in violence against others, they are free to engage in their outrageous but LEGAL activity of teaching and spreading their hate.

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 21:25

bandoul, calm down a little dude....I didn't say the USA, I said the west !!! and please don't assume I don't know anything about the States or the're starting to sound like Homer Simpson...

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 22:20

Actually I love Homer Simpson :)

Missing lqu7 19 September 2012, 15:05

You can publish anything anti-Jewish or anti-Christian in the west. But you cannot publish anything anti-Jews, or anti-blacks, or anti-Asians. You can attack and criticize ideology all you want, but attacking a person or group of people is illegal. There's a huge difference between a religion and a group of people. This is the fundamental nuance that many people are missing.

Default-user-icon Darwish (Guest) 19 September 2012, 15:20

Yes true and this is exactly what our arab world does not seem to get because we do not have this nuance in the systems. Expressing "anti-group of humans feelings" is completely different from laughing at ancient stories or religious characters. The same some people's comments express racist and sectarian feelings against muslims as individuals and it shows clearly. The West has a clear difference between religion and humans as seculor societies. Hence Kate's case... But I know that in the religious and sectarian East, this difference cannot be understood or accepted. All in all, in Europe for instance, you can make a cartoon laughing at Moses for example but a cartoon laughing at a jew being in a gaz chamber is certainly not acceptable and not the same thing.

Default-user-icon RIP (Guest) 19 September 2012, 15:12

Mowaten, Sarkozy or a president would never do such thing and if he really did please send us the link on internet of a credible source... The court rejected the lawsuit because there is nothing in french law restricting the freedom of speech

Missing lqu7 19 September 2012, 15:14

Criticizing an ideology is the fundamental cornerstone of free speech, which many Muslims are not accepting. This is different than hate speech, which is illegal and is aimed at a person or group of people. In the West hate speech is illegal while in is tolerated in the East. Look how racist we are towards Sri Lankans, Indians, Philipinos, Syrians, etc. But if someone criticizes a religion, the world is turned up-side-down.

Missing phalangistes 19 September 2012, 15:40

and freedom of expression is sacred in France and it is certainly not a muslim who is gonna change that! any unhappy muslim can pack his bag and go back from where he originally came, because remember France isnt a muslim country. you adapt or you go!

Missing bigjohn 19 September 2012, 18:19

Freedom of expression is sacred in France??? In France, like most of western Europe you go to jail if in any way you question what happened to Jews in WWII?

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 20:16

Lies and Fabrications.

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 21:48

Lies, disinformation and fabrications.

Thumb Chupachups 19 September 2012, 16:13

Agreeeeeeed 100%

Missing rudy 19 September 2012, 16:26

for example: Beirut danish embassy being burnt down over the cartoons a few years ago

Default-user-icon free arabia (Guest) 19 September 2012, 16:38

in every free country there should be a funny publication and a Cartoon that depict MOHAMMAD in solidarity of free speech and let all those hardliner Muslim blow up and hell break loose

Missing phalangistes 19 September 2012, 16:43

Tolerance is what most of the Muslims should learn! Isn't so difficult to take it easy and relax?? The West offer them freedom and they abuse it!

Missing bigjohn 19 September 2012, 18:32

We need freedom from western blood thirsty imperialists. The more you say and do to slavishly please the white man, the less he will respect you.

Default-user-icon Pro Freedom of Speach (Guest) 19 September 2012, 18:35

I can assure you, I feel sad about the movie and cartoons regarding relgion (Innocense of Muslims, Passion of the Christ or South Park episodes) However USA, France and others were built based on FREEDOM OF SPEECH and once we stop a human from certain speach, then we step on the Constitution and values these countries were built on. I don't believe these governement would ban a movie or cartoon because it's making fun of a certain religion or person specially when violence is in act.

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 17:30

anonymetexasusa, I agree there is a problem but I disagree with people generalizing about a whole religion or group by saying Muslims are this and that...that's the keep labeling more than 1 billion people like 1 entity and that's wrong.

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 20:13

If this is the behavior and attitude that the practitioners of Islam have to offer to the world then the world united under one voice should reject this behavior and attitude while demanding that the real Muslims object to the hijacking and subjugation of Islam on a 24/7 basis, loud and clear, until they can distance themselves from the scenes we are witnessing from at least 20 countries around the world.

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 20:15

When 1.5 billion Muslim stand up and denounce this behavior, we will listen.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 19 September 2012, 17:41

the west is giving muslims freedom, like the freedom of irak???????/
the west is taking ressources, he cant live is not arab spring, its muslim awakening, and the USA is the first(astonishingly)who understood the new equation, ask mursi.
we must keep opium(religion)away from lebanon as far as we can,to save our lebanon,or.......

Missing bigjohn 19 September 2012, 18:15

How come there is no "basic free speech" in France when questioning what happened in WWII??? racist hypocrites!

Still, violent reaction is not justified. What is justified is violent resistance to blood thirsty western and Israeli imperialists who are colonizing and occupying.

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 20:18

Lies, disinformation and fabrications used to make real a fantasy that legitimizes violence to achieve means.

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 21:53

I have a solution for you FT, immigrate to the USA, become a citizen, participate and our democratic process, collect signatures, file a petition, get a majority then get whatever politically correct law you want implemented or stricken. This is your right as a free American who abides by the US Constitution. Your statements about blacks and whites and loosing jobs is BS. Concern yourself with what is happening where you live and leave USA business to those who live there.

Missing vaclav_havel 19 September 2012, 18:15

ya jame3a I agree with your "freedom of thought and speech". bass you are generalizing!
ma darouri deghri netehem kel el moslemin! kelna 3enna asdika2 men tawe2if mokhtalifi ma bikharbo walla bikasro w open mind 2ad ma badak!

fa ka lebneniyi wa7idin bel 3alam 3ena shebeh ta3eyosh moslim-masi7i, bisharafkoun khalouna nentebih la kel kelmi 3am n2oula: heda mawdou3 7essess w bye2zi l 2aghlabiyi menna. khalina netfaham din gherna ta n7asen l ta3eyoch ma3 ba3ed 2ala wa 2ila ma7a ne2dir n3ish ma3 ba3ed!

yali bi kharib w bi kassir lezim yet7ekam. khalina n7adid shou l ghalat w bala generalisation! Please

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 20:26

Where are the 1.5 billion Muslims who have denounced Jihad? Where are the 1.5 billion Muslims who have denounced beheading innocent civilians in the name of Allah? Where are the 1.5 billion Muslims who have denounced extremism? Where are the 1.5 billion Muslims who have denounced imposing Sharia Law on western society? Where are the 1.5 billion Muslims who have denounced the killing of the US ambassador to Libya?

Kalsouna akl hawa ba2a, SILENCE is just as bad as committing the act of violence. Where are the good Muslims? I want to hear them and see them, I want them to tell me they exist and they refuse to have their religion desecrated by thugs and filth like this!

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 21:27

@bandoul, Where did I hear that before???

Missing vaclav_havel 19 September 2012, 21:38

ya bandoul beddak trou2 shway w te7ki bi wa3i moch bi 2enfi3al.
Ne7na Lebneniyi christians and muslims, majbourin n3ish ma3 ba3ed, heda te7sil 7assil. shou baddak nenzal n2atil ba3edna ye3ni? ma3melneha abel? shou ra2yak men jarreba ba3ed marra?
3end kel l tawa2if fi ta3assob (akid inta ma3i), w yemkin 3end l din l 2eslemi fi aktar ta3assob (moch 7a sher3ak fiya haydi), 3layna ka lebneniyi nzil heda l ta3assob. machekil l 3alam ma bethemna, bihemna "our unity"!!!
Bedna MOUWATANI, bel faranci Citoyenneté ye3ni 2ensihar watani.
marra 2al l 2imam Moussa el Sadr "bi kel masi7i lebneni fi 2eslem", w inta bta3rif ya bandoul 2enno l 2eslem bi Lebnen aktariyetoun moch met3asbin w 2ana b2akedlak 2enno l ba7bou7a ( to be wealthy) betkhafif l ta3assob.
heda l ma2soud ya bandoul: it's easy to criticize bass we (you and I) should be constuctive and meangful in order to improve our society!!!

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 22:02

@vaclav_havel, koun akid ana ma3ak 100%. I am the son of a mixed marriage so nobody knows el itihad wil ta3asob from both sides as much as me and my brothers. I suffered from Christians and Muslims the same amount equally and as the product of my Muslim and Christian parents I am the least one you can accuse of ta3asob or wanting to try the war again. Many bad things happened to my family from both Christians and Muslims in 1975/76. My issue is not about the lack of el 3eich el moushtarak in Lebanon but rather the attempt of extremists to justify their hatred for America which is now my country and where I pledge allegiance. America has many things wrong with it and it has made big mistakes in the Arab world but it has done a ton more good to make up for it and those who preach otherwise are tainted liars who don't want peace, they want to oppress the USA like they oppress in the Muslim dominated countries.

Default-user-icon freedom of speech (Guest) 19 September 2012, 18:35

The muslim world could protest peacefully and submit a petition or open a law suit to fine the makers of the movie. No JEW bombed Mel Gibson because he produced PASSION OF THE CHRIST, No Christian acted with force again South Park for Showing virgin mary bleeding. A priest from Florida burned the Qur'an but did not protest against humans... This priest will be judged because he burned a book which has the name Jesus peacefully over 154 times...
God is Love and Forgivness, let God be the judge, not angry humans.

Missing vaclav_havel 19 September 2012, 19:03

ya anonymetexasusa!

HEda l 7aki yali 3am te7ki hayyin ktir! haydi l karahiyi yali bi kel wa7ad fina khalina nedfena!
fik bikel sohouli te7ki l 3akess masalan :
" Amerka l balad l 2a2wa bel 3alam, w kel l 3ale2at l kharijiyi btemra2 bi washignton, amerka bi siyeseta bted3am Isra2il da3em shemel wala 2aya balad 3alami bye7sal 3a hek mose3adi, l feslstini sha7atou men ardou, l 3ira2i kharaboulou balado w fawato bi 7areb ma 2ila ekhir bi 7ejit l chemical weapons yali ma fi 3enda shi menel 7a2i2a........" 3atol l moslim da7iyeh, shou ra2yak?

Heda kalem hayin w sahel, ne7na ka lebneniyi ma bi2admna wala bi 2akherna heda l kalem, ne7ana lezim ne3ti masal l ta3eyosh lal 3alam, masi7iyet heda l balad gher masi7iyet l western counties, w 2eslem heda l balad gher 2eslem l motatarif! Haydi l fekra yali lezim neshteghil 3laya!!!!!!!!!

Missing bigjohn 19 September 2012, 19:14

Only Muslims do "nasty outrageous crimes"??? Here in Lebanon, This month is the 30th anniversary of the Sabra-Shatilla massacre. Which country (America) have killed millions since WWII by invading and occupying other countries. In WWII was Hitler a Muslim or a Catholic?( By the way, I am from a Christian background from Koura). People emigrate mostly for economic reasons that is why you have many non-Muslim workers in Lebanon and the rest of the middle east. You are a Zionist who wants the Christians to leave the middle East (especially occupied Palestine) by creating frictions between the Lebanese. Most Lebanese are smart enough to understand your divide and conquer poison.

Missing vaclav_havel 19 September 2012, 19:32

ya bigjohn ya habibi 3afek inta masi7i 3am defi3 3an l eslem. ana ma3ak bi hel ne2ta! bass 3mol ma3rouf bala 2etihemet Zionist ma Zionist. Khlesna men hal mouda. Kelna Lebneniyi.
w ba3dena the regime that works the most and systematically to create frictions between the Lebanese is the Syrian Regime , the tyrant regime of Damascus. ye3ni sma7li fiya and stop distorting the reality!

Missing bigjohn 19 September 2012, 20:51

You can criticize the Syrian regime all you want (and I will agree with you on many), but Israel's existence and interests is based on its surrounding countries to be at friction because it is a colonial state. The Syrian regime does meddle in Lebanon and have been a cause of friction among Lebanese, but The Syrian regime does not need Lebanon divided for it to survive, the way the Zionist colonial expansionist entity that sees Lebanon and the entire Arab native population as enemies.

Remember, you support M14, but M8 support Syrian role in Lebanon because MANY Lebanese believe it is in Lebanon's interest for Syria to play a role to counter Israel/American enemy power. Before 2005, the largest M14 groups like PSP, and Future were allies of the regime who Always praised them for their own interests and their followers supported them. Most Lebanese leaders supported Syrian interference in Lebanon at one time or another.

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 20:28


Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 20:31

@vaclav_havel, bigjohn lives in a fictional world. He is a Aounist speaking what the General has told him to recite. When the General pivots again to suit his political aspirations, bigjohn will change his tune right along with him.

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 19:43

Right on! But beware that this is the excuse they are using to hate, destroy, pillage and justify. The real reason behind it is driven by those using the ignorant, illiterate and poor Muslims as a vehicle to rule the world by the sword and keep the spoils for themselves! Power and Greed is what this is about.

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 20:08

anonymetexasusa, Even though I agree with some points of yours but I disagree with some major assumptions on your part, for instance you are forgetting human nature, someone might ignore/accept when others criticizes his/her religion, family, country etc. if they are from the same religion, family and has much less negative effect then someone from a different religion, family and country did so...especially if not only criticizing but insulting their most sacred believes...Your biggest misconception is that your analysis justifies your generalization of 1 billion Muslim is grossly inaccurate and weak. You are dehumanizing Muslims to suit your believes. One more point, Muslim organizations and scholars all over the world publicly condemned the violence, do a web search please…..finally, I strongly agree and believe that nothing justifies this violence.

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 20:33

Where are the 1.5 billion Muslims who have denounced Jihad? Where are the 1.5 billion Muslims who have denounced beheading innocent civilians in the name of Allah? Where are the 1.5 billion Muslims who have denounced extremism? Where are the 1.5 billion Muslims who have denounced imposing Sharia Law on western society? Where are the 1.5 billion Muslims who have denounced the killing of the US ambassador to Libya?

Kalsouna akl hawa ba2a, SILENCE is just as bad as committing the act of violence. Where are the good Muslims? I want to hear them and see them, I want them to tell me they exist and they refuse to have their religion desecrated by thugs and filth like this!

Missing bigjohn 19 September 2012, 21:07

first of all you are an ignorant bigot. There are not any Muslim armies in North America or Europe colonizing and occupying their land. What Sharia law in the west? In the town I lived in the US, there were more Muslims than Jews and the Jews had 2 Jewish holidays off in school(yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana) and Muslims had none. You have as many Muslims in US as Jews...How many Jewish judges, Senators you have compared to Muslims. I going to end it because it is not worth responding to an ignorant bigot.

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 21:14

bandoul, amazing...make a little effort and Google would have taken you less time then typing all this non sense!!!

Thumb Bandoul 19 September 2012, 21:37

Insults is the only way you know how to respond because you have no defense for those so-called Muslim savages who destroy property, burn buildings and kill people because their feelings are hurt. You want to celebrate a Muslim holiday? Go do it on Muslim land. America is not Muslim nor will it ever in your wildest dream become one. The Jews and the Christian built the USA and they are entitled to celebrate their holidays. You and your kind are the bigots, liars and twisted fabricators.

Missing youssefhaddad 19 September 2012, 20:16

" Those Muslims who are still easily offended should learn to accept that what is sacred to them means nothing to others" once they do they could easily integrate with the rest of the world.

Missing bigjohn 19 September 2012, 21:14

You are criticizing the actions of a few hoodlums, which I agree with you. Recently in the US, a woman was stabbed to death because she was a Muslim and a man shot to death 4 Sikhs outside a temple believing they were Muslims because he did not like Muslims....that was their crime to be executed. This happens every place. you just need to open your mind and read ALL the news. The US government and the entire population is not to be blamed for this. I am more concerned what governments have done.

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 21:55

1994-2001: Hate crimes victimizing
Muslims and vandalizing mosques

1994: An arsonist started a fire that burned to the ground a nearly completed mosque in Yuba City. CA.

1995: The Islamic center in Springfield IL was destroyed by arson.

1995-SEP-17: Vandals painted obscenities and graffiti on the windows, walls and trees of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, in Patterson, NJ. Flammable liquid was found on the floor of an outbuilding; this might have been an attempted arson.

1995-SEP: Vandals attacked the mosque at Clarkston, GA by breaking windows, damaging lights, discharging fire extinguishers, and burning satanic symbols (inverted pentagrams) into the carpet.

1995-OCT-21:The Islamic Center and Masjid of Greenville, SC, was destroyed in an arson attack. A suspect was later charged.

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 21:56

1995-OCT-21: Vandals painted an obscene message on the wall of the Flint Islamic Center/Genesee Academy in Flint, MI.

1996-MAR-19: Employees of a radio station in Denver, CO entered the local mosque after morning prayers. They allegedly played the national anthem on a trumpet, harassed the worshipers, and broadcast the incident live on radio. An agreement was later concluded between the local Muslim community and the radio station. It included a public apology by the station, sensitivity training for station employees and PSAs that offered a positive image of Islam.

1998-JAN-28: A 23 year old man was arrested for allegedly smashing a concrete block through the glass front door of the mosque in Fort Collins, CO.

1998-JAN-29: Vandals scattered metal spikes in the parking lot of the Flint Islamic Center in Flint, MI. A number of cars had flat tires.

1998-FEB-22: A vandal threw a beer bottle through the second floor window of the mosque in Bloomingdale, IN.

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 21:57

1998-MAR-8: Someone torched three school busses owned by the local Islamic school in Ottawa, ON Canada.

1999-MAY: A man was arrested after fleeing in his car from the area of a mosque in Denver CO. Loaded weapons, machetes, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and bomb making materials were found in his car. Jack Merylin Modig was later arrested. He allegedly said "I am an enemy against the Islamic nation [sic] and I was going to take care of business."

1999-JUN-23: CFRB, a Toronto, ON Canada radio station broadcasted a live call-in program. The initial topic dealt with a Greek Orthodox priest who refused admittence of a seeing-eye dog into his church. A caller criticized religious extremism. He said "Nero burned the wrong people - he should have burned the Muslims." The announcer tried to change to another topic. The operations manager of CFRB later apologized. They have since drawn up new guidelines for operations during call-in shows.

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 21:57

1999-MAR-5: A mosque was seriously damaged by an arsonist in Minneapolis, MN

1999: Three youths were charged with vandalism of a Villa Park IL mosque, near Chicago. They allegedly threw several large chunks of concrete and a glass milk bottle through four windows of the Islamic Foundation.

2000-JUN-20: A gunman seriously injured a worshiper at an Islamic Center in Memphis, TN. The door to the mosque was damaged by a shotgun blast.

2000-NOV: A suspicious fire gutted the lobby of a mosque in Surrey, British Columbia, and severely damaged the rest of the building. There were no injuries reported. Witnesses reported seeing a van speeding away from the mosque just before an explosion was heard.

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 22:03

My point is that thugs and criminals exist everywhere but that shouldn't give us the right to label all Muslims or all Christians or all American or all westerners as this and one is 100% innocent...

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 22:08

anonymetexasusa, I know there is a problem and we need to fix...and like I always say "God Bless the USA" :)

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 22:12

anonymetexasusa, I cannot imagine the Middle east without its Christians...God Bless the USA...

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 22:15

anonymetexasusa, I wish and hope that one day we can put up lists that shows the good deeds of both and to both....Inshallah :)

Missing allouchi 19 September 2012, 22:50

anonymetexasusa, I really didn't know that...Thanks.