SANA: Assad Says 'War Targets Resistance Axis'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Bashar Assad told Iran's foreign minister on Wednesday that the war engulfing Syria is targeting not just it but the "resistance axis," state news agency SANA reported.

Assad's regime, Iran, and Hizbullah refer to themselves as a "resistance axis" in their common opposition to Israel.

"The ongoing battle is targeting the whole of the resistance axis, not just Syria," Assad told Iran's visiting Ali Akbar Salehi.

Meanwhile, Assad said "Syria has shown openness in dealing with all initiatives put forward to find a solution to the crisis. The key to any initiative's success is the sincerity of the intentions behind it."

Earlier on Wednesday, Salehi said the solution to the conflict "lies only with Syria and within the Syrian family, in partnership with international and regional organizations."

Assad and his allies in Iran, China and Russia have systematically blamed the conflict on foreign powers, notably the West, Gulf countries and Turkey.

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Thumb phoenician 19 September 2012, 18:30

Just think of what your father did to Lebanon and you continued his barbaric actions,your time is up alongside your masters you evil homo erectus.

Missing gabby4 19 September 2012, 18:48

Your stinking axis has been causing trouble throughout the region. The Samaha case uncovered what we all knew: 40 years of assasination, thug stealing, and destruction you did in Lebanon. I say destroy this axis. From inside Syria the people have had enough living on $100 per month and having no tongues.

Get out while you can ASSad or you won't get out at all.

Missing gabby4 19 September 2012, 19:18

The statement from Iran about Quds forces being in Syria and Lebanon, and now this statement are they was to say he is calling for axis help for survival. They are trying to say their mutual defense strategy allows Iranian and Hezz killers to flood into Syria to try and save ASSad. So now when dead and captured Hezz and Quds appear on video don't be surprised.

Although when western "counselors" start appearing, also don't be surprised. This is clear international escalation by ASSad and Iran.

Missing peace 19 September 2012, 19:21

resistance axis? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ! not a single shot to retake the golan heights? LMFAO!

"Syria has shown openness in dealing with all initiatives " LOOOOL! by killing people more and more!

"have systematically blamed the conflict on foreign powers," LOOL! another big lie used by M8 too... at the beggining it was a popular movement, but when people were shot like rabbits by the army the shabbiha and hezbis of course they asked for help! they believe that they would let themselves get killed? hypocrits!

he is just clinging to his seat believing he is stronger than saddam or moammar! but i guess he ll share the same fate....

Missing samiam 19 September 2012, 22:45

Why doesn't he explain how many Syrian soldiers have died or how many Syrian tanks and warplanes have been used against Israel since 1973? The same could be asked of Iran and how many died in 2006 or 2010 in Gaza. Answer is ZERO.

Iran and Syria and just using the idiots in Lebanon who will listen (and get paid) to be a proxy in this so called battle. IMO, we would be better off to have a peace treaty with Israel so we can trade some water for electricity and make everyone better off.

Default-user-icon LEB (Guest) 19 September 2012, 23:23

Allah Ye7mik ya batal

Missing gabby4 20 September 2012, 00:05

Axis of EVIL.....assasinating Lebanese politicians.

Missing shark12 20 September 2012, 08:38

Both men in the picture are scum..

Thumb thepatriot 20 September 2012, 10:59

Syria's #1 weapons buyer
Has a military base in Tartous, the last Russian military base outside the former Soviet Union, and its only Mediterranean fueling spot, sparing Russia’s warships the trip back to their Black Sea bases through straits in Turkey, a NATO member.

First trading partner of Syria, far ahead from others. 5,6B$ of chinese goods imported per year.

Syria is their only tactical ally. If the Syrian regime goes down, Iran looses one of it's last cards in the game...the last one will be Hezbollah!

Missing people-power 20 September 2012, 14:41

The so-called "resistance axis" killed Rafik Hariri, Pierre Gemayel, Gebran Tueni, Samir Kassir, Wissam Eid, George Hawi, Walid Eido, and many others.

Thumb benzona 20 September 2012, 21:14

And is probably preparing further killings.