Free Syrian Army Infiltrates Arsal, Attacks Army Post

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Army Command announced on Saturday the infiltration of a Free Syrian Army unit of the Bekaa town of Arsal on Friday night.

It said in a statement that the unit, “backed by a large number of gunmen, infiltrated the outskirts of the town and then attacked an army post in the area.”

No one was injured in the attack, it said.

The army then brought in reinforcements to Arsal to contain the situation and pursue the assailants, who fled to nearby mountainous regions and border villages.

The Army Command stressed that it “will not allow any side to use Lebanese territory in order to drag Lebanon towards the developments of neighboring countries.”

It renewed its determination “to defend Lebanese territories and confront any violation regardless of what side is behind it.”

Al-Manar television had reported that gunmen from Arsal kidnapped three Lebanese soldiers and detained members of the Free Syrian Army.

Security sources later denied to OTV the abduction of any Lebanese soldier in Arsal.

They added that the Free Syria Army unit withdrew to Syria after clashes with the army.

Lebanon's political parties are deeply divided over the Syrian revolt, with the Western-backed opposition supporting the uprising and March 8 allies a lead backer of President Bashar Assad.

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Default-user-icon Abb (Guest) 22 September 2012, 14:23

Free Syrian Rats

Thumb joeleb 22 September 2012, 15:02

Im not defending anyone, but how do they know they are FSA? It doesn't make sense, why would they do that, they have no interest in attacking the Lebanese bet is that it's a drug clan attacking the army because the government has been destroying their crops. As if there is a shortage of scum in that area....

Missing peace 22 September 2012, 16:35

it is not the FSA that slit the throats of babies in houla remember?
but if you defend those who killed lebanese and destroyed many lebanese villages then you are no better than the "wahhabis" you denounce! think of that...

Thumb kanaandian 22 September 2012, 18:12

Do you think these "Free Syrians" are all in support of a Free Lebanon. Firstly, it is mostly now a sectarian war. Secondly, they see the Lebanese Army as a division backed by Damascus and a Hezbollah agent. They will eventually be used to fight Hezbollah, much like the US-backed Taliban was used to fight the Soviets.

Missing feekahraba 22 September 2012, 22:41

Who are you still resisting against other then lebanese. Can't stand seeing iranians in here.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 22 September 2012, 15:06

so what is the new norm of relations between the lebanese army and both the syrian regime and FSA?WILL THE ARMY CONFRONT BOTH OR PLAY AROUND?

Thumb beiruti 22 September 2012, 15:36

An outrage. Neither Assad Regime nor FSA should violate Lebanese national territory. Keep their fight in their own country.

Default-user-icon Momed (Guest) 22 September 2012, 15:36

joeleb, it doesn't make sense for you but it makes completely sense for us. The so called Free Syrian Army is a terrorist organization & their main goal is to destabilize the region. And stop making stupid excuses. This is not a drug clan. It's FSA.

Default-user-icon log live lebanon (Guest) 22 September 2012, 15:43

wayno hasan wel moukawami

Thumb Marc 22 September 2012, 15:52

To me, they were Syrians with weapons! They are not welcome whoever they are and hope the LA teach them a lesson!

Missing roger@10452 23 September 2012, 13:56

FSA or not, they open fire on the Army they must get the same back but only 10 folds at least...from a humanitarian standpoint, the syrian refugees are welcome in Lebanon for a very short term, otherwise ANY armed syrian who steps in the country must be arrested and sent special treatment.

The last thing we want to see happen with the FSA in Lebanon is what happend with the PLO starting in 1969 onward. This is their battle to fight in their country and not ours.

Default-user-icon Mick (Guest) 22 September 2012, 16:07

As long as Nasrallah's men are helping there allies in Syria and the Syrian regime forces briefly occupying, shelling and kidnapping people as they please, then the FSA (if it really was them) are free to do what ever they want. When we talk about distancing ourselves from the crisis in Syria, it must be genuine or else.

Thumb eli-g 22 September 2012, 16:18

beiruti, marc ya'll took the words out of my mouth.

Missing peace 22 September 2012, 16:32

well as they know the so called "lebanese resistance" resists everywhere but against bashar and that the gvt let the situation in the north rot, no wonder there will be clashes like that!

but it doesn t excuse them from invading the lebanese territory! that is the big difference between the M8 followers and me: i denounce EVERY violation of our sovereingty when they just whine for the south and don t care for the north...and even excuse the shellings of the syrian army on lebanese villages...

Missing hitech 22 September 2012, 17:44

Is this how Lebanon is paid back for welcoming thousands of refugees? Is this how the FSA pays back for the thousands of their wounded who were treated in Lebanese hospitals for free? I understand that the FSA is not a centralized army and any faction can do this, but there is no reason for their central command not to issue a hash condemnation against this act. The responsibility here falls on all the people in Lebanon who support the revolution in Syria to be very vocal and outrageously condemn this act. No one should stay silent when our dignity and sovereignty are being compromised, no matter who the offender is.

Default-user-icon Hypocrisyria (Guest) 22 September 2012, 19:30

When Bachar's army attacked Lebanon, ma 7ada hazz. Now that it is supposed to be the FSA (but where is the confirmation of that?), kil el 7ukumeh wil jésh saro abadayet...

Thumb Chupachups 22 September 2012, 20:06

F k the dirty Syrians

Default-user-icon Evolve (Guest) 22 September 2012, 21:23

More reasons to strengthen the state while Syria is weak. Nobody knows whether the new regime will be friendly or will undermine the Lebanese state.

Missing peace 22 September 2012, 22:02

exactly what M8 propaganda tells you to repeat, good boy!

Default-user-icon LeboExpat (Guest) 22 September 2012, 22:02

Syria is not trustworthy, their government has tortured, caused harm and discriminated against its own population on the grounds of empowering Alawites. Iran, although its current government structure resulted from pure U.S interventionism and carelessness,has evolved into a self-interest radical organization. Furthermore, the U.S and Israel have been mainly responsible for fueling Middle East conflicts, by overextending aid to one group over an another for personal interests. Even with each side's record, we are still justifying how supporting one is better than the other. Are you all fucking delirious? I'm tired of hizbullah, LF, and the rest of those micro-ideological organizations. They all had sincere intentions, however, they've evolved into complex organizations that cannot be matched by a civilian population that wishes to deviate from political conflicts.

Missing samiam 22 September 2012, 22:42

Lebanon shouldn't have arms smuggled into it nor out of it--PERIOD.

In any case, it is sort of curious how this news has only been reported by OTV and Al-Manar. It isn't like their news is completely propaganda--but what they choose to report is not to make Syria or themselves look bad.

Missing feekahraba 22 September 2012, 22:44

All accept for the christians rite? what a tool you are

Missing cedars 23 September 2012, 02:32

No no no, to some people such as Hizb el Saleh, if you are Bashar's follower then you are the good guy because they let the Iranian weapons make it to them via Damascus and the empire or their mini state remains healthy, Anyone who is against Bashar or Hizb el saleh is zionist and against the resistance.