Authorities Detain 8 Syrians, 6 Affiliated with FSA, over Possession of Illegal Weapons

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Military Examining Magistrate Imad al-Zain interrogated on Monday eight Syrian nationals, who reside in the Bekaa town of Masharee al-Qaa, with the possession of illegal arms and a large quantity of ammunition.

According to the National News Agency, six out of the detained Syrians belong to the Free Syrian Army, and one of them was charged with opening fire at the Lebanese army.

Al-Zain referred the eight men to the military prosecutor to take the appropriate legal action against them.

More than 100,000 Syrians have fled their war-torn country for neighboring Lebanon, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said last week.

The border between Lebanon and Syria has witnessed tensions since the eruption of anti-regime protests in Syria in March 2011.

Lebanon and Syria share a 330-kilometer border, but have yet to agree on official demarcation.

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Thumb Elemental 29 October 2012, 13:30

Weapons for the Lebanese army ONLY, nobody else.

Missing allouchi 29 October 2012, 14:01

okay, we should all be equal under the law, so let us see if the Lebanese authorities arrest ANYONE connected with illegal arms from Iran and Syria...I truly doubt it...that's the double standards that's frustrating people...

Thumb benzona 29 October 2012, 15:02

Just read your post, after answering FT's provocation.... pretty much the same logic you and I have.

Missing allouchi 29 October 2012, 17:54

i agree

Thumb benzona 29 October 2012, 15:45

Hariri had no choice back then. He wasn't the sole ruler of Lebanon so don't twist the facts.

Hezbollah assassinated Lebanese figures and civilians in the 2000's, the deal is off. Moreover, legalizing is one thing, but it isn't us who gave the hezbollah terrorists their weapons they used against us.

Missing allouchi 29 October 2012, 16:26

FT, well let me remind you that Lebanon was occupied by your Syrian friends and they were basically governing Lebanon in full force. If you didn't follow orders you get killed or MOST (not all) Lebanese political elite had to follow orders to survive politically and should know that and stop this non-sense rhetoric...

Missing greatpierro 29 October 2012, 17:28

Give us a break. Lebanon was then occupied by the Syrians. Hariri had to obey. When he stopped obeying he got killed. Like René Moawad, he did not obey the Syrian masters and he got eliminated.

Now the legitimacy of weapons of HA has long gone since Israel has withdrawn from South Lebanon (please do not mention the Shebaa farms this is a never ending joke).

This is what M14 are asking. No more weapons but the Lebanese army's. The fact is HA is abusing the resistance motto and using and distributing its weapons to inforce the Syrian and Iranian politics in Lebanon.

Thumb benzona 29 October 2012, 15:01

ya fool, Israel did the same for the very same reasons about Hezbollahi weapons.

No to double standards!

If one has the right to steal, kill, abduct, terrorize, then ALL have the right to do the same because we're all equals after all.

Thumb benzona 29 October 2012, 15:47

FT: la fin justifie les moyens.

Default-user-icon Lebanese (Guest) 29 October 2012, 15:29

FSA has become the new PLO-- bravo to M14, the former Syrian allies (didn't forget those 30 years did you?)

Missing allouchi 29 October 2012, 16:27


Missing greatpierro 29 October 2012, 17:23

FT if you shout for scandal then you should also shout for the weapons being delivered by the Iranian and Syrian regime to Tawhid, HA, Alawits in Jabal Mohsen, FPLP...
Also you should condemn HA supporting the Syrian regime (please read the article in the Sunday Telegraph about divisions within HA those who are with and those against supporting the Syrian regime).
Otherwise I agree all persons holding illegal weapons should be detained and weapons confiscated.

Missing greatpierro 29 October 2012, 17:31

Wallah? And what were M14 leaders accused of? Ah yes of disobeying the Syrian master.

Mamlook is accused on hard evidence i.e. plotting to kill and create havoc in Lebanon. But since you are pro syrian you can overlook this.

Shall we call you collaborator?

Missing greatpierro 29 October 2012, 17:32

I agree FSA weapons should not be allowed and Lebanon should be neutral. Now can you explain why HA weapons are here to defend Lebanon since the Israeli have withdrawn?

Missing peace 29 October 2012, 17:32

chou chatrin the lebanese authorities...what about the weapons illegally detained by psns hezbis amal and so on? lol a real farce this gvt...

and look at the faithful syrian pups, rejoicing over 6 persons and making it the big info just like when a handful of people demonsttrated in front of the serail they wanted to make it look like if all M14 was there ! lol! always making a fuss over details when they carefully avoid the important matters....

Missing peace 29 October 2012, 22:23

what a charming comment from our mowaten ! "how dare you compare the right of Lebanese to hold weapons on Lebanese soil, to defend themselves,"

lol! so you find it normal that people have arms at home? waw! back to the wild wild west with you! what a logic! what a childish remark!
are you reading the stupidity of what you write before posting? i doubt...
NO ONE apart from the army and police should have the right to have weapons... i don t have one! i bet you and your paranoia have dozens at home....
and the state should confiscate ALL arms... isn t that the role of a "sovereign state"? but we know what state means to you, nothing...
that s why this news is total hypocrisy from the authorities just to make believe that they are doing something for the security of the citizen while allowing parties like your hezbies and friends which are far more dangerous to the lebanese than "6" syrians!!!! LOL!
so funny as usual.

Missing peace 30 October 2012, 12:13

stop mowaten to try and put thing in my mouth to suit your propaganda...

i do not find normal that foreigners have guns JUST like i do not find it normal that lebanese have guns too! that is the BIG difference between you and me! you find it normal to live in the wild wild west, people being armed to "defend" themselves not me...

i do not find it normal that they make a fuss over 6 syrians for publicity to show they are working while letting hundreds of lebanese armed and do nothing about it!

is it clear now for your binary mind?

Missing souriya88 29 October 2012, 17:39

Hahaha sure sure. And if your the strongest defender of the strong, go ahead and make those arrests now, starting with half of the lebanese population lol. Or at least fix a couple of your thousands of problems. How strong is bashar el assad if your the strongest and he (according to you is causing you all your problems)....? That makes him stronger than you which means he wont fall since he is stronger than the strongest lol. Enough bs. You have to be mentally ill to believe the bs you believe.

Missing allouchi 29 October 2012, 17:59

souriya88, what is your point? do you just want to insult us? we Lebanese will unite when the time comes...we do have a lot of problems but that does't mean we let people insult us ANY of us...

Missing peace 29 October 2012, 18:22

"HA weapons serve to defend Lebanon"


Default-user-icon Sobrano Fallacia (Guest) 29 October 2012, 18:32

My compatriots of March 14, Lebanon must remain the land of wide open doors. Remember the Palestinians and mi casa es tu casa (my house is also your house)? Well, with your help and humanity, we are now saying the same to the Pales-Syrians. Disregard what the forces of evil and backwardness and of Wilayat al-Faqih nonsense, collectively and shamefully called Lebanese BY SOME UNINFORMED AND BLINDED FOLKS, will say or do. The more Pales-Syrians we welcome fi roubou3 loubnan, armed and non-armed, the merrier, and the rosier Lebanon's future will be, especially from the perspective of its Christians. Thank you, once again, March 14 and Lebanon First!