8 Dead, Dozens Hurt in Blast near Damascus Shiite Shrine

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A motorcycle bomb attack on Wednesday near a Shiite Muslim shrine southeast of Damascus killed at least eight people and injured dozens, a watchdog said.

State television confirmed the blast, but said that six people had died and 13 were injured.

"At least eight people were killed and dozens were injured when a bomb planted in a motorcycle exploded outside the Yasser hotel, near the Shiite shrine of Sayyida Zeinab," said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

"A police source in Damascus province said an armed terrorist group set off an explosive device hidden in a rubbish bag... in the Sayyida Zeinab area," said state news agency SANA.

The Sayyida Zeinab area has seen frequent violence in recent months, including a suicide bomb attack on June 14 that injured 14, according to state media.

The neighborhood is disputed between rebels and the army.

It is home to the mausoleum of Sayyida Zeinab, the granddaughter of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed and is considered holy by Shiite Muslims.

On August 5, rebels fighting to oust President Bashar Assad's regime posted a video online saying they had kidnapped 48 Iranians from the area, charging they were elite Revolutionary Guards.

They said three of them died a day later in government shelling.

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Missing peace 31 October 2012, 19:02

for once i agree with you.

Missing abraham 31 October 2012, 20:14

where are all those commentators who fill these pages with there hate
yesterday FSA burnt a Armenian christion church Aleppo, today they bomb a Shia shrine.
Is this what you call an Arab Spring,
What you call is mercanary war for the domination of the Arab world
If the FSA and their masters think this is the way to intice the minority population of Syria , they are wrong

Default-user-icon Lebanese (Guest) 31 October 2012, 20:39

Abraham, they're bigots with selective memory, allies of Syria's ex-servants for 30 years and now Saudi lackeys.

Missing mohammad_ca 01 November 2012, 00:01

ASSad has killed over 30,000 and he's worried about a building...fale7!

Missing mohammad_ca 01 November 2012, 00:00

because we do not visit shrines to seek intercession whereas shias visit it and kiss the walls and pray to the deceased...which we do not do, not rocket science...

Missing peace 01 November 2012, 02:23

but this shrine is holy as the grand daughter of the prophet is buried there... so even if you are sunni you should respect this and pray there !! those who dared bomb it are not muslims and if they were they should be cursed!

Missing mohammad_ca 01 November 2012, 08:57

ASSad has killed over 30,000 and you're worried about a grave?, btw Muslims don't pray at graves, we may supplicate to God for the deceased but that's it.

Missing lebanesed 01 November 2012, 16:09

Peace, i dont know if your muslim or not, but you are wrong. Shiaism is not islam. And islam is not about praying at shrines or seeking intercession from muslims who have passed away, not even if they were prophets or related to prophets. If someone does that then he/she is a mushrik and thus is no longer a muslim.

Thumb kanaandian 01 November 2012, 00:49

Wahabi democracy team has arrived ALlahu AKbar.
Free yourself and convert to Christianity now, it's your only hope.

Missing lebanesed 01 November 2012, 16:13

Lol, if you want to stay a hindu christian, go ahead but we dont want your hell-leading religion. Shiaism and christianity is like hinduism. Look at what the christian US did to iraq and afghanistan, hiroshima, vietnam etc. Name one arab so called muslim dictator which wasent or isent backed by the christian US regime. Go save your christian brothers that are dying and starving or getting raped in south america or eastern europe, clearly being christian didnt help them from anything.

Thumb kanaandian 01 November 2012, 07:36

Two thumbs down for speaking the truth. If Syria became Christian, there would be no more war, GDP would go up triple, people would have human rights and freedom and those who refused to convert would live as equal citizens. Why do you think the Mideast is how it is? Cuz of Geagea and Aoun right.

Missing mohammad_ca 01 November 2012, 15:23

yes of course because did not participate in the civil war right? sho hal 7ake el habal heda...Islam never killed anyone for not converting, wala you do not remember the Spanish Inquisition?

Missing lebanesed 01 November 2012, 16:06

No such thing as "shiite muslim". Shiites are a seperate religion and the reason to why its called a shiite shrine is because shiites go their as a form of worship and talk to zainab (ra) and ahlelbayt (ra) and thus comit shirk. That has nothing to do with islam.