Italy statuette shows Obama holding Bin Laden's head


Traditional artisans in southern Italy have put a clay statuette showing U.S. President Barack Obama holding Osama bin Laden's head on sale in an unusual reaction to the Al-Qaeda chief's killing.

The statuette was fashioned by artisans who usually make religious figures for the elaborate Christmas Nativity scenes typical of the city of Naples and who have branched out in recent years into pursuing more contemporary themes.

The hand-painted figurine shows the American president grinning and flashing a victory sign. Bin Laden's disembodied head is also smiling.

Naples artisans have a reputation for their quick reaction to news events.

When Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was struck in December 2009, statues with his bloodied face appeared on sale within hours.

Bin Laden's killing by U.S. commandos in Pakistan was announced late Sunday.

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