Syria Opposition Chief Urges 'Specialized Weapons' for Rebels

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The leader of Syria's new main opposition coalition called on world powers on Tuesday to arm rebels with "specialized weapons" as European Union and Arab League ministers met in Cairo.

Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib told Agence France Presse rebels desperately needed arms if they were to "cut short the suffering of the Syrians and their bloodshed."

"We need specialized weapons," he added, without elaborating.

Khatib also said his organization, formed on Sunday after marathon meetings in Qatar, was representative of most opposition groups, even as European countries and the Arab League fell short of recognizing it as a government in exile.

"Many groups have joined. Some have reservations, and we are in touch with everyone. The vast majority has joined. It is the strongest coalition and represents Syria internally," he said in a telephone interview in Cairo.

Earlier on Tuesday, Khatib met French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius at a Cairo hotel.

Fabius and EU chief Catherine Ashton have expressed support for his National Coalition but have not given it the recognition it had hoped for, a move that could facilitate more aid to the rebels.

Khatib said the Syrian people were "facing bombardment from Bashar (Assad's) warplanes" and needed "specialized weapons" to win, but declined to specify the nature of the arms, which he said a newly formed military council would outline.

"We want the international community to light a candle in the dark tunnel in which the tyrant Bashar has thrust his people," he said of military aid to the rebels.

A continuation of the conflict, he added, "could explode the entire region. It may create bigger and more dangerous consequences."

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Missing mohammad_ca 13 November 2012, 18:26

Long Live the Free Syrian Army

Missing abraham 13 November 2012, 19:04

By your statements in needing more arms you just showed the world that you are not a serious leader.
A leader would do anything in sparring his people's death in achieving his goal.
wars aren't the means of achieving an objection
sit down and negotiate as the world powers want. now that the elections are over

Default-user-icon DCNZogh (Guest) 13 November 2012, 22:10

You seem to be one of the more thoughtful respondents I have read on this web site.

The truly sad fact is that from the beginning it appears that world powers were set on regime change and never pushed for dialogue. They could have spared Syria from the destruction and the region from the disruption if they at least tried for a negotiated political settlement.

Let us pray that it is not too late.

Thumb chrisrushlau 13 November 2012, 23:41

The US/EU are distancing themselves with this continuous changing of leadership of the opposition (Sabra was elected just four days ago and suddenly he's gone from sight).
How weak is Israel today compared to a year ago?