Aoun: March 14 Boycotting Parliament to Obstruct Agreement on New Electoral Law

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun accused the March 14-led opposition of seeking to maintain the 1960s parliamentary electoral law for the 2013 elections.

He said in an interview to the FPM's facebook page: “The camp is boycotting parliament because it believes that by doing so, the 1960s law will be adopted in the June elections.”

“This is the height of ignorance because their adventure is a sign of their desperation,” he noted.

He challenged the camp to return to parliament and win the elections through democratic means, “not by force.”

Aoun therefore renewed his commitment to the Orthodox Gathering electoral law and a law based on proportional representation and medium-sized districts.

A real problem in practicing democracy will take place should a new law fail to be adopted, he warned.

The government recently approved an electoral law based on proportional representation and 13 districts.

The opposition and Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat rejected the law, demanding one that offers better representation.

Commenting on the government crisis, Aoun said: “We are certain that some powers are obstructing its activities.”

“We are remaining in government for more important purposes and we are achieving great accomplishments that we will reveal to the public at the right time,” he added.

“We are staying in government in order to maintain stability. Our resignation will create an imbalance in Lebanon,” he remarked.

“Strife is being prepared for Lebanon,” cautioned the FPM leader.

The opposition has been boycotting government-related activities, including parliament sessions and the national dialogue, since the assassination of Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau chief Brigadier General Wissam al-Hasan on October 19.

It accused Syria of being behind the murder and blamed the government, which is comprised of mainly pro-Syria allies, of covering up the crime.

Addressing accusations that Hizbullah is suffering from corruption and has committed constitutional violations, Aoun said: “Those making the accusations should present evidence on the matter.”

“Previous experience has demonstrated that no one from Hizbullah offers political cover for anyone,” he stated.

“Combating corruption must begin from the top person in authority and this corruption is the product of mismanagement of public funds,” he explained.

On former Premier Saad Hariri's efforts, along with MP Oqab Saqr, to release Lebanese held in Syria, Aoun said: “Hariri claims to be a moderate Muslim and I therefore question how he is helping Islamic extremists through his MP Saqr.”

Addressing the growing power of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East, the MP said: “I want to believe that Hariri is the only guarantee for keeping the Brotherhood away from Lebanon, but he, along with his Mustaqbal Movement, are constantly trying to topple the Syrian regime and bring the Brotherhood to power.”

“The Muslim Brotherhood has said that democracy contradicts Sharia law and its final goal is to Islamicize the world, which is evident in the names of some of their groups such as Fatah al-Islam and Jundallah,” he added.

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Thumb Elemental 23 November 2012, 12:46

Sharia Law, sure the brotherhood wants that, but so does HA. Either way it's one power against another. Perhaps it's time to focus on Lebanese rather than KSA vs. Iran.

Thumb Elemental 23 November 2012, 13:46

Straight from Nasrallah's relatives ;). Cheers.

Thumb lebfrcan 23 November 2012, 14:45

Waliat al faqih see my comment below or type in youtube 'nasrallah 1982' and watch the one with 1m38 sec and waiting for your comments FT

Thumb Elemental 23 November 2012, 16:13

Well @positiveneutral, sorry to disappoint your theory but I'm full blooded Lebanese. Second? I'm a Lebanese who's sick of watching sides try to control Lebanon. You see Iranian and KSA supporters at echothers throats, while the rest of us want to live peaceully. It's sad really why they each support a side, merely control and power. Lost way to many friends and family to both sides and put up with way too much senseless robotic speeches. Mandate for strife? Lebanon for the Lebanese, problem?

Thumb Elemental 23 November 2012, 16:25

By the way, when I mean "Lost" I mean killed.

Thumb benzona 23 November 2012, 17:22

I share elemental's views. It's KSA Vs Iran/Syrian Alawites.

Most Lebanese including Shias or sunnis don't care about the sharia nor other geopolitical agendas, they care about the consumer power and their local businesses.

Default-user-icon Georges (Guest) 23 November 2012, 13:01

You can criticize Aoun but afterall, the guy is right and quiet modern compared to fake modern faces
I am disapointed of the M14 Christian who have no program, no plans andd no power... these guys are just followers.
At least Aoun is by its own, strong enough to lead a country with a plan.
One must admit that -

I am an ex M14er..

Thumb Elemental 23 November 2012, 13:04

They do, and I'm not talking what they say to the public, I'm referring to the ultimate goal. Once it's been shown that Iranians came in through the south, learned our accent and paid original Shia's of the south to leave, does that sound normal to you? What other reason is there by doing that? Imposing of THEIR laws on Lebanese soil.

Default-user-icon The Lone Ranger (Guest) 23 November 2012, 13:10

Go sit on a rusty phone pole and rotate... You are the only one who is desperate because the herds of sheep who were following you woke up and realized that you are the most crooked and nothing but a deceiver and a liar of the first rate, surrounded by opportunists and thieves not to forget also allied with outlaws and murderers...

Thumb Elemental 23 November 2012, 13:47

again with the M14 card?

Thumb lebfrcan 23 November 2012, 14:17

FlameThrower google the video on you tube dating back to around 82 of Nasrallah talking about how jbeil and kesrouan are muslim lands and he will take them back and tell me what you think of it after.

Thumb thepatriot 23 November 2012, 14:18

I remember Aoun saying a few years back, that he did not care about the electoral law, because whatever electoral law will be implemented, he would win anyway. Well... he does not seem so confident anymore...

Thumb thepatriot 23 November 2012, 14:24

@canadian paul
Yes... but M8 people will say "oh...that was then...." and when you mention Aoun's accusations of Hezb murdering Hariri "oh...that was then..." ... and Aoun being an ennemy of Syria "that was then"... and Amal welcoming Israeli fighters with sweets and rice " that was then" as well...

Thumb thepatriot 23 November 2012, 14:24

oh well...that was then... :)

Thumb lebfrcan 23 November 2012, 14:58

FT in 92 we were still under the syrian boots so Hariri had to deal with the situation as it was and back than if i am not mistaken hizb was still fighting Israel not turning their guns and bombs on lebanese.
Also if Hassan Nasrallah was 25 is irrelevant, he was in a position (chief of HA i think) of power and his statements must tell you something on his beliefs and can not be deleted from history.
Yes today he is not vocal about it because he knows he can not achieve it even with all his guns.

Missing peace 23 November 2012, 15:58

"Aoun accused the March 14-led opposition of seeking to maintain the 1960s parliamentary electoral law "

Most of Lebanon’s political parties, including Geagea’s alliance, have rejected the return to that law.
dailystar 28/09/12

"March 14 leaders such as Saad Hariri and Samir Geagea have also denigrated the 1960 law in recent days as outdated. "
NOWlebanon march 2008

so mr aoun? your alliance insisted that the 1960 law to be adopted in previous elections no? and now you accuse M14 of it? LOL....

Missing peace 23 November 2012, 17:16

“We are remaining in government for more important purposes and we are achieving great accomplishments that we will reveal to the public at the right time"

LOL just like all the revelations he promised to make. we are still waiting until now!!!!!!!!!!

Missing peace 23 November 2012, 17:28

bravo kiserwanimoughadram: you are just showing how illogic orangina is! he s the biggest liar and best populist ever!

Missing peace 23 November 2012, 17:35

what has your ally iran done? not the same? moreover "islamic resistance" is written on their flag holding a coran not the lebanese constitution...

Missing gcb1 23 November 2012, 19:33

I don't know if you people all realize this, but all your arguments stem back to the 90s and the days of the civil war, which is another example that the Lebanese people still live in the mentality of the civil war that caused damage to this country.

How we expect to bring this nation forward when we still think in the days of the past is beyond me..

Missing peace 23 November 2012, 19:39

which arguments? on the contrary all the arguments show how much orangina is fooling people....

Missing gcb1 23 November 2012, 20:03

The political followers I speak of are not limited to one particular party and are represented across the whole of the political spectrum.

End the sectarian system, allow the breeding of a liberal movement, improve economic conditions that will allow people to have their own minds detach themselves from the old political order.

Missing peace 24 November 2012, 11:33


Thumb ghada12 24 November 2012, 01:34

i used to be annoyed everytime i heard aoun, now I realize that at least I am not married to him and have to also look at him. I hope his poor wife is half blind and half deaf!

Default-user-icon Hammer Head (Guest) 24 November 2012, 06:35

Aoun is Aoun, what disturbs me is the Lebanese that believe and defend him, The truth is apparent, the words flow from his very mouth and people still believe. I am totally disillusioned and feel a little less proud of being Lebanese.