Miqati Opens Beirut Arab Int'l Book Fair: State Can't Rise through Involvement in Regional Conflicts

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Prime Minister Najib Miqati stressed on Monday that Lebanon will maintain its moderate identity, reiterating the government's policy of disassociation from regional developments.

He said: “The rise of the state in Lebanon cannot take place through involvement in regional conflicts.”

The premier made his remarks during the opening of the 56th Beirut Arab International Book Fair held at Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center (BIEL).

“National unity is not a choice, but a duty,” declared Miqati.

“Lebanon will continue to carry the message of innovation, culture, and moderation,” he stressed.

Moderation is a virtue and not an excuse to shy away from duties, he explained.

“The state in Lebanon cannot rise by eliminating or boycotting the other, but it takes place through the full partnership between its sons,” he remarked.

“The state cannot rise by banking on foreign powers and getting involved in regional affairs,” Miqati said.

“The state can rise through dialogue without preconditions,” the prime minister added.

“The dialogue will lead to national understandings that protect civil peace and fortify the country against dangers,” he noted.

Miqati made his remarks in light of the recent death of a number of Lebanese fighters in the border town of Tall Kalakh in Syria.

The fighters were killed on Friday and believed to be supporting the Syrian opposition.

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Thumb geha 03 December 2012, 17:24

“The rise of the state in Lebanon cannot take place through involvement in regional conflicts.”
couldn't agree more with this statement!
but the problem is that mikati remembered this only now1
he is just a Syrian lackey... and proving it more by the day.

Thumb LebDino 03 December 2012, 21:11

OK, but why does he have to inject politics in a cultural event? Can't we leave politics out, at least for things like that?