Saqr Holds a Press Conference on Thursday on Leaked Video Recordings

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal MP Qqab Saqr will hold a press conference on Thursday to respond to criticisms about his alleged involvement in arming the Free Syrian Army against President Bashar Assad's forces in the neighboring country.

Saqr will also be revealing the engagement of other Lebanese parties in Syria's events, Future TV reported on Tuesday.

The MP admitted on Monday that the three-part series on recordings published in al-Akhbar newspaper were authentic.

The newspaper had unveiled a taped conversation between him (Saqr) and Abou Nehman, a “leader in the armed Syrian opposition”, during which they apparently agree on a weapon delivery deal.

Meanwhile, General Prosecutor Judge Hatem Madi tasked on Tuesday the Central Criminal Investigations Bureau with examining audio recordings implicating Saqr in the transfer of arms to Syria in order to take the necessary decisions in light of the Lebanese regulations and the bilateral treaties with the Syrian government.

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Missing mohammad_ca 04 December 2012, 20:46

overthrowing ASSad is in Lebanon's interest.

Missing mohammad_ca 05 December 2012, 01:23

why is this in reply to my post?

Missing reformist 05 December 2012, 08:11

It's just crazy how people avoid confrontation. You send them clear messages that this sakr is a ba3ba3 bass not up to his words and they respond with "with in reply to my post?!" or "what about others?".
Now we are talking about sakr! Was he a big fat liar? Does he lose full credibility? Is anything posted by theresistance false? Fabricated?!
Please answer :)

Missing lebanese_uae 05 December 2012, 12:35

The same thing was done by your master when he denies any action from his side, but we surprised later that a leader with some others were killed doing "jihad" in Syria.. what a comparison. at least sakr confess but your master is still lying..

Missing reformist 05 December 2012, 12:53

dakhilak ya lebanese uae spare me the 'at leastssss'. Just doesn't make sense!
A guy rapes a kid and admits it when videos of the rape are found and you would simply say : at least this guys admits it, other rapes happen in New York and noone admits them! HAHAHAHAHA
jehil :)

Missing mohammad_ca 05 December 2012, 13:57

reformist, fighting ASSad is not like raping a kid ya ghabi

Default-user-icon Carl (Guest) 05 December 2012, 16:11

@Reformist ... say what you want, and justify your points the way you like. But the inevitable truth and reality is that your Beloved Assad will fall. Damascus will "Fall like Saigon" it is imminent!

Thumb dasphinx 05 December 2012, 16:35

I guess Sayyed Hassan taught him how to lie like when he said that Hezbollah is not interested in internal politics and that the resistance weapons will never point to the internal front.

Thumb lebfrcan 04 December 2012, 21:30

Even if I liked Saqr, i don't respect the fact that he flat out lied to the media before, saying he did not do it +++ and after the audio leaked out we knew the truth.
Sometimes a politician doesn't say it all, fine, but do not lie to the citizens that elected you!

Missing reformist 05 December 2012, 08:16

Bravo man! Proud of you! You got it right! It's all about lying with so much conviction and energy! He should be sentenced to jail and outed from politics!

Missing mohammad_ca 05 December 2012, 13:58

no trial (media/public) for sakr until hizbocrap goes on trial for defending ASSad.

Missing reformist 05 December 2012, 14:49

We'll see about that! Meanwhile you can of course wa3wa3 as much as you want!

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 05 December 2012, 03:41

Funny that people that receive weapons from Syria want someone to go on trial for sending weapons to Syria...

Missing reformist 05 December 2012, 12:51

What the hell? Again mixing topics...
I don't blame you my dear! You have no answers... A guy is proven guilty, shamefully! That's the only point! Even naharnet admits it ;)
And move on!

Missing mohammad_ca 05 December 2012, 13:59

how is it mixing topics? hizbocrap is fighting with ASSad sakr is arming the opposition...anyone with even half a brain can see the connection.

Missing reformist 05 December 2012, 14:51

OK ABC of logic mohammad bek! Was he caught doing illegal stuff? Yes or no?
Thanks for your understanding, appreciated!
If we take your logic (stinking), the US and Europe will go to jail for arming the resistance ;)
We are now talking about a PERSON doing ILLEGAL stuff!
if you don't get it i give up :)

Missing mohammad_ca 05 December 2012, 15:44

layk fi wa7ad sara2 ma7al mberi7, kamen he was doing "illegal" stuff, let's compare them too! please stop learning "logic" from nasrocrap, the rest of lebanon doesn't understand sheep.

Missing 05 December 2012, 05:30

Saqr is one of the few m14 leaders that make me proud.

Missing reformist 05 December 2012, 12:50

ya hek pride ya bala! Now Lebanon can be proud of you! If he is the best of the best of M14 for you hahahahaha ;)
Man ya man :)

Missing mohammad_ca 05 December 2012, 13:59

are you proud of hizbocrap killing syrians and getting killed while defending ASSad

Missing reformist 05 December 2012, 14:52

Mo! You always answer by comparing... Again you avoid the problem. I am happy this way, this is what makes M14 to weak :) None of them is a man!

Missing mohammad_ca 05 December 2012, 15:45

didn't you just incorrectly compare him to samaha?, sheep logic, nasrocrap style!

Missing allouchi 05 December 2012, 14:35

me too rafehh

Missing peace 05 December 2012, 11:33

no wonder you read people like reformist : didn t they thank syria for all the good they did to lebanon? lol....

Missing reformist 05 December 2012, 12:47

Chou jeb la jeb peace? Again please try (can you?) to be structured. I am not protecting nor supporting Syria... I am saying an asshole who doesn't do anything but ba3ba3 on all tvs, who swore not to be involved is actually a big fat chicken liar.
Point final!
Don't bring other topics like your politicians do.
Address this one and we are done :)

Missing mohammad_ca 05 December 2012, 14:00

now who is avoiding confrontation reformist by questioning topics?

Missing reformist 05 December 2012, 14:53

Mo ya Mo focus sweetheart focus we are talking about SAKR's case. let's close it and then move on ;)
Article talks about sakr as a chicken and a liar who changes his mind every minute. He put his credibility on the table without anyone asking him to ;) He even involved his 'boss' ;)
and now peace is talking about people thanking syria?
What's the connection? Please explain since you seem so smart!

Missing peace 05 December 2012, 15:34

the day i ll see you write so many critics about hezbis and their illegal smuggling of arms then you ll be credible...
sakr for now is accused over a phone call but no evidence that he delivered arms, he only discussed an arm delivery "during which they apparently agree on a weapon delivery deal." therefore he is innocent of arm delivery as it apparently hasn t taken place yet!

wait for the judiciary to clear it all out: aoun asked the same thing concerning samaha , no?

Missing mohammad_ca 05 December 2012, 15:48

reformist, you just talked about samaha, so "sho jeb la jeb"...
second, because ya zakzak, after the ASSad regime ruined Lebanon for 30 years, there was a group called hizbocrap that had an honourary celebration for the regime and thanking them for their work in Lebanon, now, we are realizing a new reality, of a freedom for Syrians and Lebanese from the ASSad regime, we will help them by any means necessary because getting rid of ASSad is in Lebanon's best interest, even if idiots like hizbocrap thanked them (when Aoun was against ASSad then by the way).

Thumb whyaskwhy 05 December 2012, 13:02

Every single Lebanese politician bar non has over the course of time lied through his grining teeth so what? will this change the rotation of the globe? will Israel give up? will you get clean water and electricity guaranteed into your Lebanese home 24:7?
Keep fighting each other for the sake of your leader he needs your neck to support his/her cuase....definately not your common sense.

Missing allouchi 05 December 2012, 14:32

Mr. Saqr, you are a TRUE Lebanese Shia hero...god bless and protect you...

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 05 December 2012, 17:55

for all the people crying here and calling for Saqr's head, I have one thing to say to you. How does it feel now that the shoe is on the other foot? The tables have turned and revenge tastes so sweet! before you come here and complain; practice what you preach first.

Thumb freelebanon 06 December 2012, 09:58

He should be taken to court. Along with anyone else who decided to interfere in syria after the president called for dissociaton. That includes anyone sending fighters and anyone sending weapons.