March 14: Assad Regime Plot to Create Unrest in Tripoli Must Be Resolved by Radical Solution

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The March 14 General Secretariat accused on Wednesday the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad of fueling the unrest in the northern city of Tripoli.

It said in a statement after its weekly meeting: “The regime's determination to spark unrest in Tripoli must be confronted by a radical solution by the state and its security and military forces.”

“The residents of Tripoli are aware of the conspiracy aimed at provoking them and involving their city in a crisis that does not concern them,” it added.

This awareness should be met with decisive security measures that could resolve the security situation permanently, it said.

Furthermore, the general secretariat reiterated its demand that the army deploy along the Lebanese-Syrian border “in order to put an end to Hizbullah's meddling in Syria.”

“This meddling threatens Lebanon's security and helps transport the crisis to Lebanon,” it noted.

The deployment should serve to end the Syrian regime forces' daily violations of Lebanon's sovereignty, it explained.

The Mach 14 General Secretariat also offered its condolences over the death of Patriarch Ignatius IV Hazim of Antioch and all the East, who passed away on Wednesday.

The Tripoli clashes broke out over the weekend in wake of the announcement of the death of a number of Lebanese Islamist fighters, who mainly hail from the North, in the border region of Tall Kalakh in Syria on Friday.

Media outlets had conflicting information about the number of people who died and those who survived the attack.

While the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that a group of 30 rebels "were caught in an ambush by government troops in the area of Tall Sarin near the town of Tall Kalakh”, Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) said the ambush left 20 Lebanese men dead, adding that they hail from Akkar's Fnaideq and Tripoli's Bab al-Tabbaneh and al-Mankoubin neighborhoods.

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Thumb Elemental 05 December 2012, 14:22

Deport anyone from either side who's causing trouble, simple as that.

Default-user-icon Youssef (Guest) 05 December 2012, 14:24

You are right Mowaten, people are so unjust with Assad. Such a tender loving person spreading good around him...

Quit defending mass murderers already!

Missing peace 05 December 2012, 18:10

"brought stability and prosperity"
1/ stability: very easy when you are a totalitarian regime...
2/ prosperity: yes by stealing lebanon for 30 years...and being thanked for that after! lol!

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 05 December 2012, 20:05

we did not ask to be murdered, tortured or raped! we did not ask them to stay until 2005. Also, when you say ma khassna fiyoun, why aren't you saying ma khassoun fina? as I type this they are meddeling in our affairs and yet all you have to say is shou khassna fiyoun? habibi they need to leave us alone first before anyone can say that! they need to let us live and that can't happen as long as kids like you are on here trying to make them look like angels for a bloody dollar.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 05 December 2012, 22:36

FT- If you are true to what you said in your 3rd statement, then you would not be on here defending the biggest sellout of all, mon general Aoun. He sold out every single one of his beleifs. So please spare me your lectures about things begining within until you start doing it first. I am not insulting anyone's inteligence. on the contrary, you insult every single victim by blaming them for what happened as apposed to blaming the culprit. And just to be crystal clear, I am not hinging our future on Bashar leaving. All I am saying is that will be a good start and he deserves all that is coming to him.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 05 December 2012, 23:58

you need proof of Auon being a sellout? how many times did he attack the army and belittle the army ( let me guess, you want me to go find articles and send you the link- many of which you commented on). His alliance with the hezb is so that he does not alienate 1/3 of the lebanses. he sure as heck did not beleive in that stance before the great MOU. How about visiting syria and coming back to Lebanon and claiming syria has no lebanese prisoners. I can go all day! give me a break! you are obviously some little kid who was never affected by the war or someone who has a clear financial interest by spending your time on pro M14 websites trying to make M8 look like a victim of the media and smear M14. heck you are trying so hard you may have ripped your underware several times already. Let me make this very clear to you once and for all because I am done arguing with a child like you. If I agreed with you then both of us would be wrong.

Thumb jcamerican 05 December 2012, 14:32

This is very funny. I always wondered myself about the regime, having so much problems to deal with, yet it has the free time to motivate the citizens of Tripoli to shoot at each other. My own conclusion is Bashar is not watching tv or being informed of what is going on.

Lebanon will always find a reason to make problems. Even when Bashar and Iran are gone, they will find something to fight for.

Thumb geha 05 December 2012, 15:25

the assads are s..t.
there has not been wrorse mass murderors and tyrants across history but for hitler himself.
the number of people killed by them wether in their country or outside is so huge...
and there you have ft saying they brought prosperity in Syria: at what price? tens of thousands killed and more tortured and jailed for years?
ft has a nice way of appreciating mass murderers and tyrants.

Thumb mckinl 05 December 2012, 16:04

March 14 must put the Saqr- Hariri mess behind them as soon as possible. This attempt at changing the subject borders on the absurd.

Hariri doesn't look good having armed Jihadists in Syria and encouraged unknowing Tripoli youth to venture to their deaths.

Missing gabby10 05 December 2012, 17:28

Hey Flame_Retardant. M14 is sick of stability that means ASSad and the Hezz conspire to kill politicians and reporters who speak the truth against them. If even someone suggests that the Shia pay for electricity or if the real government wants to know about unusual communication lines the hezz point their guns at the country or burn tires on the airport road. We are sick of thie kind of "stability". I am sick of paying your bills.

Be a real man and pay your electricity instead of living like a begger with an AK-47. Africa is full of poeple like you too and they are not stable either.

Missing peace 05 December 2012, 18:19

don t forget that a lot of public land was stolen in dahiye during civil war and even after...hard to make something organized when people come and build houses without permission then ask the different gvts to organize all the public works...

Missing peace 05 December 2012, 20:33

"the people who arrived in dahieyeh were to a great extent extremely poor and forced refugees of war"
war is over so it would be better to till their lands now and contribute to live out of agriculture...and give back the lands belonging to the state... lol

Missing peace 05 December 2012, 22:48

FT -> lol.....

Missing peace 05 December 2012, 18:22

hafez settled the alawis in tripoli to control the area there at the time. in times of trouble in syria no wonder they will defend the syrian regime.

Missing peace 05 December 2012, 22:47

FT, just read and educate yourself once more...and revise your history...

Missing peace 06 December 2012, 00:32

FT-> lol....

Missing peace 05 December 2012, 20:36

"can you give me a link to his speech saying he will burn the region? "

bashar did say that don t play as you forgot mowaten....

Missing people-power 06 December 2012, 02:41

Here's an example of what FlimflamThrower calls his "proof", a direct quote from the article he cited......

"Syrian state television reported"

Yes that's right, a news report from SANA, the mouthpiece of the genocidal Syrian regime. The school bombing occurred at a time that the butcher was littering Damascus with dumb bombs; bombs that are not GPS or laser targeted, and are dropped in the general vicinity of non-friendly neighborhoods.

This is what the village idiot calls "proof". Did you not hear that the Assad regime key spokesperson defected this week, because he could no longer stomach spreading the lies?

The only things this "proves" is how much an idiot you are.

Missing people-power 06 December 2012, 12:22

I wasn't talking to you, douche-bag. I was commenting on the idiotic post that said "u don't have proof, while I do", and then quotes information from SANA news agency. Laughable.

And secondly, what kind of egotistical vainglorious narcissist quotes his own comments and then re-posts it? Are you freaking kidding me? Do you think your post was so fantastic and clever that it was worth copying and pasting over again? And then you have the nerve to say I "cleverly dodged it"? In other words, your propagandist drivel was so indisputable, that no one could refute it, and the only "clever" response was to avoid replying to it.

Dude you are so full of yourself. Your original comment wasn't worth reading or replying to. But your reply to my post, that was hilarious, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to point out your egotism. Priceless!!!