MEA Denies Planes Targeted by Missiles in Syrian Airspace

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

National carrier Middle East Airlines has denied a media report that two of its planes were targeted by surface-to-air missiles in Syrian airspace.

In a statement it issued late Monday, MEA said the company's planes continue to use the Syrian airspace which “is open and functions naturally.”

“The company has held the necessary contacts with the specialized agencies” in that regard, it said, without giving further details.

The statement also urged media outlets to broadcast and publish accurate information after a news website reported the alleged attack.

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Missing trigger 11 December 2012, 09:59

they should stop fluing over Syria, just as a precaution

Missing trigger 11 December 2012, 10:00


Thumb andre.jabbour 11 December 2012, 11:18

Well, Mister Hout, we need more precision... yes, our security is also our business. Which specialized agencies did you contact? Even the allegations are true... then any company flying over Syria is potentially a target.

Default-user-icon to trigger (Guest) 11 December 2012, 12:31

They would lose a lot of business if they stopped flying over Syria. All flights to Gulf would take much longer if you avoid Syria, and people will start flying with other airlines that do fly over Syria (e.g., Emirates, Fly Dubai, Etihad). What is needed a full no-fly zone over Syria for all airlines, so the butcher can stop the air attacks.

Missing phillipo 11 December 2012, 14:46

So what is better, spending a few hundreds of LL's more on petroleum or losing a plane or two with hundreds of innocent people on board.

Default-user-icon T (Guest) 02 April 2013, 07:13

Emirates has stopped flying over Syria. And I'd rather be on a plane for a longer time and pay a little bit more than have it be shot down and die.

Default-user-icon ziza (Guest) 11 December 2012, 14:17

no1 asked you what they should do

Thumb Elemental 11 December 2012, 19:55

I say a no fly zone should be implemented given the Army there gets their freak on by murdering civilians.

Default-user-icon Gcc (Guest) 11 December 2012, 23:42

Even if it is flying over, it is not at 30,000 feet as aircraft is still taking altitude or preparing for landing from/to nearby Beirut, it is at about 8 to 10K feet which makes the flight potentially risky. Saudi airlines stopped using this route to Lebanon. But as it was said above, this should be a rule to all airlines not an individual company decision. A no fly zone would make sense at this dangerous stage of the conflict

Thumb freelebanon 12 December 2012, 11:22

Its ridiculous that they are still flying over syrian territory. Thats stupidly risking the lives of up too 500lebanese, and if god forbid that were too happen than have fun trying to stick to the "dissociaton" policy.