Abdul Latif Fneish Appoints Salameh as his Defense Attorney

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Abdul Latif Fneish, who has received arrest warrants for involvement in an illegal medications scandal in November, has appointed lawyer Rashad Salameh as his defense attorney, the pan-Arab al-Hayat daily quoted Salameh as saying on Friday.

Fneish, the brother of Minister of State for Administrative Reform Mohammad Fneish, will be tried for forging certificates of laboratory tests, media reports said.

Salameh asked General Prosecutor Judge Hatem Madi to set an early date for his client's appearance in court, the daily added.

Madi issued in November a search and investigative warrant in absentia against two people, including Fneish over the illegal medications case.

According to reports, the warrant also included the name of Fouad Ahmed Wehbeh over links to forging certificates of laboratory tests and illegally importing medications.

Salameh has previously defended the former Lebanese Army officer and politician Fayez Karam who was convicted of passing information to Israel.

Moreover, Salameh was appointed recently on Syria's behalf to prosecute former Premier Saad Hariri, al-Mustaqbal MP Oqab Saqr, and Syrian opposition member Louay al-Meqdad, on behalf of the Syrian state for allegedly arming the Syrian revolution.

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Thumb geha 14 December 2012, 09:35

oh surprise! :) the same traitor appointed by the Syrian regime :)

Missing allouchi 14 December 2012, 17:38

jabal habal you are a truly an idiot...

Missing samiam 14 December 2012, 09:37

What a shock, same guy that is representing Syria and Fayez Karam is representing a hizbulla crook.

Some things never change.....

Default-user-icon WhyAreMyPostsNeverApproved? (Guest) 14 December 2012, 10:01

He's an attorney and that's what attorneys do for a living. Even the worst criminal has within due process, the right to be heard in court. Justice is best served and truly upheld when one is given a fair chance to defend oneself no matter the accusations. That's what differentiates democracies that uphold the rule of law from unjust dictatorships. The worst serial killers in the US got a fair trial and were represented by a criminal defense attorney.

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 14 December 2012, 16:10

The US judicial system is based on common law and jurisprudence, whereas penal/crminal code in Lebanon originate from statutory/regulatory laws.
Jurisprudence is loaded by bureaucracies and unnecessary expenditures; this thug must be denied his right of habeas corpus, for he went beyond abuse to dare and take advantage of people whose health might have depended on the medecins! Imagine the amount of torts in monetary terms that even the Lebanese gov is somehow responsible for oversight.High court needs to reject Salameh as a defense attorney based on conflict of interest. There exist numerous legal tools that courts can use to outmaneuver fneish, their whole tribe, and whomever tags along...If the punishment fits the crime, then perpetual incarceration is not sufficient; death by hanging would be...

Thumb Elemental 14 December 2012, 10:37

Look at how surprised I am! (blank face).

Thumb benzona 14 December 2012, 10:53

All terrorists belonging to the same group. Class A terrorists.

Thumb jabalamel 14 December 2012, 16:54

no actually you are class Z terrorist

Missing lappeaudecouille 14 December 2012, 11:28

Justice should be served. Some people will have irreparable skin damage all over their bodies because of these medications.

Thumb primesuspect 14 December 2012, 12:34

Oye, governments don't stop criminals. Police, army and judges put them behind bars. Not ministers, MPs, or presidents my dear.

Thumb eli-g 14 December 2012, 14:00

He will not serve one day.Just watch the charade

Missing beirutbastard00 14 December 2012, 14:33

Wow this salameh guy is on a roll ha?... I wonder which lawyer is gona represent him tho...

Missing justlebanese 14 December 2012, 16:14

this all huzzy fuzzy to calm the public a little bit, after one month when people forget he will be out of it as he 4 sure belongs to "ashraf el nas"...hehehehehe

Thumb lebanon_first 14 December 2012, 16:40

Impressive... this salameh character is building quite a resumé...

Thumb jabalamel 14 December 2012, 16:53

the filthy zionist complain because karam is released after 2 years.

that's probably because he tipped off more of your agents

Thumb jabalamel 14 December 2012, 16:53

that is spying. do not defend karam just because he is m8

Thumb jabalamel 14 December 2012, 16:54

the filthy zionist scum is afraid

Missing helicopter 15 December 2012, 02:43

jabalamel, you lowered the bar so far with you comments, you instantly made all other commentators sound smarter.

Missing justlebanese 14 December 2012, 17:22

hahahahaha damn u r right

Missing allouchi 14 December 2012, 17:40

excuses excuses...bravo...

Missing allouchi 14 December 2012, 17:42

Hizbala and M8 cronies defending one of their own....filthy hizbala farsi zionist....

Thumb shab 15 December 2012, 20:56

filth begets filth