Army Urges Foreigners to Visit Lebanon: You Will Enjoy Utmost Level of Protection

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Army Command stressed on Sunday its keenness on the security of foreigners in Lebanon.

It urged in a statement “foreigners and Arabs to visit Lebanon as they will enjoy the utmost level of protection.”

“The army and all security agencies will cater to all your needs,” it said in an address to foreigners.

“The security forces are pursuing their duties with complete determination in order to maintain freedom, security, and stability in Lebanon,” it added.

The United Arab Emirates called its citizens on Saturday to refrain from traveling to Lebanon except in case of utmost necessity.

“We have taken this decision because of the political situation in Lebanon and in surrounding countries,” the Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Butti al-Hamed told Emirates News Agency - WAM , explaining that the ministry is keen on protecting people's safety outside the country.

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Thumb JabalElFersan 23 December 2012, 15:48

A7la jaish bi dini kela. Allah ye7mik ya watan!

Thumb eli-g 23 December 2012, 16:36

With all due respect to the army, but,do they think this is assuring the tourist to visit Lebanon?
the army making the pitch for tourism?
this is scarring them more.what it actually says is that there is trouble in paradise and you should stay away.

Missing greatpierro 23 December 2012, 17:45

let the army take full control of the airport and pull out the weapons from tripoli

Missing gabby13 23 December 2012, 18:24

What if we want tourism in Dahye.....then what?

Thumb geha 23 December 2012, 18:28

since when the army meddles with tourism?
have they heard the threat issued today against turks?

Default-user-icon aloush (Guest) 23 December 2012, 18:51

and the reply to this Lebanese army communique came swiftly from the Iranian islamic terrorist Fakih party in Lebanon using the families of it's terrorists captured in Aazaz Syria.

Missing ya_kord 23 December 2012, 19:29

the reason why this summer tourists didn't come to lebanon had little to do with tripoli and more to do with kidnappings and hold ups on cars that the army nor police were willing to do anything about (I wonder why? which regions weren't they willing to enter??)

Missing samiam 23 December 2012, 19:39

of course, you neglect the HA sponsored Meqdad clan and others going on kidnapping sprees this summer. And, while you are at it, where do you want the tourists to come from? You have already eliminated the gulf countries and Europeans won't come here with security issues. I am assuming you want the farsi terrorists here whose currency has gone down 80% this past year, because there isn't anyone else out there.

Thumb lebanon_first 23 December 2012, 20:16

The lack of arab tourism in Lebanon is due to the GCC countries making a political statement because darling Saad was kicked out of power, and using their leverage to prevent their citizens of coming.

Missing peace 23 December 2012, 20:35

don t you think it s rather due to the climate of insecurity that prevails thanks to this wonderful gvt? and the fear spread by M8 on dangerous salafis? LOL....

Thumb lebanon_first 23 December 2012, 22:59

If that was the case, European tourists would not have come. But european countries did not put travel warnings. The travel warnings of gcc are political manoeuvers of countries who want us in their sphere of influence.

Missing peace 23 December 2012, 23:48

but also look at how M8 talks about gcc countries... no wonder they forbid their citizens to come... it all goes back to M8....

Missing phillipo 23 December 2012, 23:01

Does this mean that the Lebanese Army will be able to protect me when I request to go to see the ruins at Baalbek? I bet they can't remember the last time soldiers were there.

Missing mohammad_ca 24 December 2012, 02:08

oh yeah has nothing to do with jabal m7sen, da7ye thefts, b3albak clan fights, jnoob militias...absolutely nothing to do with any of those...

Missing 24 December 2012, 07:23

Lebanon scares me

Missing damascene 24 December 2012, 08:39

No the last time I checked people didn't come to lebanon because there were persian traitors who created an armed group and threatened to kidnap everyone. Lebanon needs to seriously build another airport, going through Dahyeh is a big liability.

Thumb dasphinx 24 December 2012, 11:59

Our country is a mess. Lebanese people are dreaming about leaving. Why would any foreigner want to come? To visit the new Saints in Da7iyeh?

Missing phillipo 24 December 2012, 14:21

Are these the same security agencies who have today allowed 3 people to be kidnapped from Baalbek?