U.N.: 170,637 Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has reached 170,637, among them 126,724 registered refugees and 43,913 scheduled to be registered, according to the weekly report The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The report said more than 24,000 refugees were registered in December at the registration offices in Tripoli, Beirut, the Bekaa and South Lebanon.

According to the report, 64,798 refugees are residing in northern Lebanon, 49,692 in the Bekaa, and 12,234 in Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

MP Oqab Saqr on Sunday lashed out at Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun and Energy Minister Jebran Bassil over their latest calls for closing the Lebanese-Syrian border to stop the influx of Syrian and Palestinian refugees into Lebanon.

Slamming Bassil without naming him, the lawmaker added: “One of Aoun's ministers has gone too far and likened them (Syrian refugees) to imported evil ideas and called for expelling them together with the Palestinian refugees – a step that amounts to an extraordinary challenge to the extinct hawks of South Africa's apartheid.”

Aoun has warned that “the number of Palestinians in Lebanon is nearing one million.”

Commenting on the arrival of refugees from Syria through the border, Aoun said this is a “real danger from which our attention should not be deviated.”

“Nations supporting the revolutionaries in Syria with money and arms are obliging Palestinians to flee the war-torn country,” the FPM leader added, wondering why these regimes do not “take responsibility of the refugees instead of blaming us and putting the entire burden on Lebanon".

On November 20, Aoun cautioned that “the accumulation of refugees on the Lebanese border confirms that they are not all refugees and this poses a threat, especially if they are fighters taking part in the war in Syria.” 

“Everyone knows that the issue of asylum starts with individuals asking you for help and ends with them mutineering against you,” he added.

The FPM leader cautioned that “this issue has become very dangerous because they are spread across all areas,” calling on the government to “publish the numbers and oversee residency across Lebanon.”

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Missing lebanonrules 29 December 2012, 01:04

Take them to Southern Lebanon,they will fit in well there ,since the people there still live in tents thanks to Hasson's victory in 2006..

Missing mohammad_ca 29 December 2012, 02:51

we welcome them in the north and in the bekaa, these are our people that are going through a humanitarian crisis.

Thumb thefool 29 December 2012, 02:56

I disagree... Lebanon has supported too many refugees! Have we learned nothing from history?

All Non-Lebanese should leave.

Their "Humanitarian" crisis is going to bring us down with them!

Their "Humanitarian" crisis is going to bring us down with them!

Their "Humanitarian" crisis is going to bring us down with them!

No to refugees, not Syrian, not Palestianian, no one. Lebanon should take care of Lebanese, no one else.

If western countries care about them and can support them, let them take them and support them.

Missing mohammad_ca 29 December 2012, 13:16

I disagree with you...Lebanon is not doing anything for these refugees they're being helped by Lebanese and by NGOs, you think this hizbocrap government gives a damn about Sunni Syrians coming in?

Missing mohammad_ca 29 December 2012, 13:17

crime is on the rise? where is your proof for this?