Brahimi Says has Syria Plan that World Powers May Adopt

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

International peace envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi said on Sunday he has a proposal to end the deadly 21-month conflict there "that could be adopted by the international community."

"I have discussed this plan with Russia and Syria... I think this proposal could be adopted by the international community," the U.N. and Arab League envoy said in Egypt after meeting League chief Nabil al-Arabi.

The situation in Syria "is very bad and getting worse by the day," added Brahimi a day after warning that Damascus faced a choice between "hell or the political process."

Brahimi held talks in Moscow on Saturday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on his end-of-year bid to accelerate moves to halt the conflict that monitors say has killed 45,000 people.

The talks came amid signs that key Syrian ally Russia was beginning to distance itself from Assad's government.

Lavrov said both he and Brahimi agreed there was hope for a solution as long as world powers put pressure on both sides.

"The confrontation is escalating. But we agree the chance for a political solution remains," Lavrov said.

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Thumb Chupachups 30 December 2012, 14:27

Flag really?... Instead of lebanon

Missing gabby12 30 December 2012, 19:11

Shouldn't the FSA want to adopt it? They have the upper hand and are gaining ground daily. Brahimi is fighting a losing battle. The more the FSA gains the more they don't care what he says. Plus if the deal involves the word "ASSad" he may as well not even say it.

When Idlib and Aleppo provinces are cleansed of ASSad troops the whole dynamic of the situation will change.

Missing bigjohn 30 December 2012, 19:53

People should go on youtube and see for themselves the videos made by the FSA and Alqaida in how they savagely slaughter innocent Alewites and Christians. In the last 6 months, the "revolutionaries" have committed twice as many war crimes as the Syrian regime. The head of Al Nusra front in Northern Syria said that ALL Christians must convert to Islam or pay heavy tax for being infidels. These are the "revolutionaries" the west and M14 are supporting. It is sad that Naharnet does not show what THE REBELS ARE SAYING AND WHAT THEY SHOW THEY ARE DOING because many who read this website ONLY see pro-M14 news sources.

Missing helicopter 30 December 2012, 20:21

bigjohn, I will take your comment on face value and believe its content. What you mention is despicable and believable, however the answer is not the Assad Regime or Hezb. The answer is a strong Lebanese State and a Strong Lebanese Army and strong ISF. The answer is less hate and less tunnel vision where everyone is out to convince everyone else that their dog is the strongest or the Master is the best. We need to unite around democratic principles that immunize Lebanon from both extremes (Hezb and Salafists. We need to support our Army and Governmental institutions, remove our corrupt (filthy rich) politicians who rise at the expense of our people and society. Remove all illegal arms (that includes Hezb). Happy New Year.

Missing bigjohn 30 December 2012, 20:41

I never blamed the opposition for starting the war. You were not able to reply to ANY of my points. If you have any brains, you would have been be able to tell the difference between the views of the SSNP and the independent Left.

Missing beirutbastard00 31 December 2012, 01:27

the ssnp is an enemy of lebanon. any party that does not believe in the state should not b allowed in the state.

Missing bigjohn 30 December 2012, 20:14

"Your AAsad is finished and so did your fake revolution. It's time to packs for Iran"...Yes, if the Islamist rebels take over Syria (including ALL the border areas with Lebanon and by refraining from killing each other) than the New Syrian regime will treat HA and M8 the same way the New Egyptian regime has treated the Gulf Kings and M14 for supporting the Israeli puppet dictator Mubarek for 30 years. The New Syrian regime will then work with the Israeli navy to stop ALL weapons coming into the shore to ARM the Lebanese resistance, which is ONLY POSSIBLE AFTER....the new Syrian president converts to Judaism and embraces ZIONISM. While I am at it...Antwan Lahd will return from Exile and become the new Lebanese President.