Report: FSA Vows to Put Bassil on Trial for Recent Statements against Syrian Refugees

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syrian opposition activists and bloggers slammed Energy Minister Jebran Bassil's recent statements on Syrian refugees in Lebanon, reported the pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat on Sunday.

Sources from the Free Syrian Army told the daily: “Bassil, along with his masters in Tehran, Damascus, and Beirut, he will be put on trial for all that they have done against the Lebanese and Syrian people over the past 40 years.”

They accused him and his allies of “stirring spite, strife, racism, and sectarianism in Syria.”

Reports had recently said that the minister had proposed closing the Lebanese border with Syria because of the country's inability to support the burden of refugees fleeing the violence in their country.

Bassil held a press conference on Saturday however to deny the claims, proposing instead that the government should put an admission ceiling for refugees crossing to Lebanon.

“We never said we wanted to expel them,” he stressed.

“Racism is between red and yellow, white and black but not between two peoples from the same color and confessions,” Bassil stressed.

“How could we be sectarian when the Syrian refugees are Christians and Muslims? How could we be racist when we have common traits with the Syrian people?” he wondered.

Bassil also snapped back at his critics, saying his proposal to put an admission ceiling aimed at meeting the needs of the refugees, was in no way linked to the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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Missing helicopter 06 January 2013, 09:46

No FSA, not by a long shot. I am not a Bassil supporter but he is a Lebanese Minister and you have no business putting him on trial. Apply your laws on your Government officials, just like I rejected Asaad;s hegemony over Lebanon I also reject any interference by you in our affairs.

Thumb geha 06 January 2013, 12:35

what goes around comes around :)
after years m14 suffering from the Syrian regime, now it is the turn of m8 to get it :)
and now you want us to help you or stand by you while you never stood by us?
pay the price of your actions.

Thumb ado.australia 06 January 2013, 18:44

Geha... Your comment is the perfect example of what's wrong with Lebanon. Not our politicians, but our people! You want half the country to have its "turn" by the Syrians your supporting and hoping takes over Syria, so they can enact your and their revenge on your fellow Lebanese?Tfeh alaek!

Thumb geha 07 January 2013, 04:43

No ado, Tfeh alaek!
where was your voice when m14 have been killed for years now by your Syrian masters?
what did you do? you covered for the killers even hiding crucial telecom data information, and refused to deliver people wanted for questioning.
so, please do not lecture me about this subject. I do not want anything, but this is the normal logical turn of events from now on, so live with it.
and why do you expect us to stand by you? just give us a clue, after all what you did to us?
is it our fault you followed a foreign agenda (iran) against the Lebanese people.

Missing beirutbastard00 06 January 2013, 13:04

Syria, no matter who's in charge, will not leave us alone. Nshallah ur war lasts 15yrs! How can we hold more refugees than turkey?!?! How come we can't at least confine them in one place like turkey does?? Have u seen how many beggers n general nawar are roaming Beirut now???? Tfeh man walk down hamra these days!!!

Gotta agree with basil this time.

Thumb geha 07 January 2013, 04:46

why do you now forget what m14 has been asking for for 2 years?
- put refugees in camps monitored by the security forces.
- close the border.
and who refused that? m8. why? because they wanted to fight with their master bashar. because? iran ordered them to do so.

Missing beirutbastard00 07 January 2013, 10:23

Yea m8 made a major blunder, starting with may7. At the time bashar was firmly in control and no1 saw the "Arab spring" coming. Now things r different. Geo politics r shifting 180'.

Anyway, just commenting on the article, things r getting bad n something needs to b done. You don't agree with basils politics, don't vote for him. Protest against him. But on this subject, at this moment, he hit the mark dead center.

Blind m14 and blind m8 are both leading this country into the abyss. I'm sure we as Lebanese have more in common than differences. So it's ok if you agree with your political rival when they have a good point, and disagree when they don't.

Alota these comments sound like meaningless propaganda from both sides. I would say its silly if it wasn't so dangerous.

Thumb andre.jabbour 06 January 2013, 14:18

you're absolutely right FlameThrower, no one should be tried for his ideas. But countries such as Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia do try people for their ideas. So it seems that the upcoming Syrian Governement will be no different than the current one by considering Lebanon as a province of the greater Syria just like Iran is trying to do via it's local armed militia. The day your friend Aoun drops Hezbollah is the day he becomes Lebanese again.

Thumb andre.jabbour 07 January 2013, 00:11

Flame, who in the frag is WE? who are you to say we again? Please remind us! And when did you do a census? Hezbollah represents 1,5 million? You're out of your mind. Imagine there are that many Shias for the entire country, did 1,5 million vote for them in 2009?

Missing bigjohn 07 January 2013, 01:08

Here are the facts for Andre in 2009 elections. The Shia voted 92% for M8. Except for a couple of thousands Shia who support the SSNP (there are also several thousands Shia Communists, but they are not M8 and did not vote), 95% who voted for M8 support HA and Amal. The ratio of HA supporters to Amal supporters now stands between 3 to 4 to 1. If you do the calculations, about 75% of Shia support HA (but a large number are not members and they do not believe in HA religious ideology

Missing reformist 06 January 2013, 09:52

This is just pure BS as usual! It's sad to be criticized when you say loud what people feel inside! Lebanon is the only one bearing the consequences, why doesn't France take part of this plan? Giving part of their land to these guys in need. Noone ever rejected their being in need but again we have a country we need to protect. Nothing more nothing less!

Thumb geha 06 January 2013, 10:40

what did you expect?
it is only logical that you will get it after bashar falls, same as your hizbushaitan master.
this is a normal course of events and you will pay for your positions. it is the normal process of things.
did you ever think that your current alliances will protect you?

Missing reformist 06 January 2013, 10:42

What is gehito talking about? How relevant to this discussion?
Geha say it clearly : are you for or against limiting (even totally) the number of refugees? Don't elaborate. Just say YES or NO :)

Thumb geha 06 January 2013, 10:54

in my view, refugees are refugees whether Muslims, Christians, Jews, or whatever.
what to do with these refugees is another matter: if we can send part of them to other countries after consulting with those countries, that would be good.
but in all cases, our military and security sources need to do their job of preserving the peace.
actually we would have never been in this situation if hizbushaitan did not refuse the disarmament of Palestinian camps.

Missing reformist 06 January 2013, 11:38

What the hell with palestinians now? We are talking about all people exoding from syria. I asked you would you take them in lebanon? Why doesn't france or qatar or whoever send planes to take them in their country and feed-back and take good care of them? Why does it have to be Lebanon!
Geha be objective and stop mixing topics. I hope I clarified the situation to you!

Thumb geha 06 January 2013, 11:53

it seems things are not clear to you!
Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq are the neighboring countries, thus it is logical refugees will go in those directions and they have.
in my earlier reply, I advised that we should ask other countries to receive part of these refugees we have, and we agree on that, but I am surprised you only expect anti assad countries to receive them, and not iran!
iran is the major supplier of weapons for the destruction of this region :)
furthermore, what your mind seems to have failed to understand about the Palestinians:
- as a state we should have disarmed and regulated Palestinian refugees long time ago, not leaving a precedence.
- instead hizbushaitan refused to disarm them.
- how can we refuse armed Syrian refugees in our country while we accept Palestinians to be armed?
I hope you understand the point I am making.

Thumb geha 06 January 2013, 11:15

you choose to insult without talking straight.
can anyone really close the border? refugees will flock whatever we do.
we can be humane and try to organize this influx without alienating the whole world. but if we choose to alienate the whole world, then we must assume the results.
it has been 2 years now going on, I wonder why the sudden wake up by fpm, just close to the elections?
m14 is on the record for constantly requesting this cabinet of m8 to close the borders and that for 2 years.
now we are in a situation where what happened has already happened: so how do you want to deal with this current situation?
deport them? to where?
come on guys, words, just for words mean nothing but the air they push :)
by the way guys: if you were patriotic and true Lebanese, you would have never allied yourselves with Iranians :)

Thumb lebanon_first 06 January 2013, 11:37

Geha has a point. M14 has for a long time asked to demarcate borders and extend the authority of the state on the east, disarm palestinians, control the border. HA has refused because they thrive on lawlessness.

But Geha also is not right. We should cap the number of refugees in Lebanon. We should, in discussions with countries concerned, help make them camps in big rich countries such as KSA, and ship them with their consent (After giving them some of that oil money) to Saudi.

Lebanon should stop being the extension of Syria. HA has wanted this for a long time. It is time it stops .

Anyway, I see there is an A.. kissing festival coming along

Missing reformist 06 January 2013, 11:42

Ya allah 3a Geha! Again theory of conspiracy! He links this to the elections bla bla bla! Ya khayye el balad ma byestaw3ib and more and more refugees are coming in. It's time for countries who pushed out these people from syria to take them onboard in their countries!
Point final!
Yeuh yeuhhhhhh yeuhhhhhhhhh hal geha 3an jadd khalis la allah!
Is the point clear now bro????

Thumb geha 06 January 2013, 11:59

check my comment and you will see that we do not disagree. we are saying the same thing in a different manner.
the ones who pushed these guys frm their country is the ongoing fighting, and the ruthlessness of the assad regime supported by hizbushaitan(who is fighting them there) and their cronies the fpm and qawmiyeh.
realize what you have been doing and assume the results of your actions.
these are refugees that need to be treated with decency as human beings.

Missing beirutbastard00 06 January 2013, 13:11

Wow I can only imagine what is comming lebanons way.

Missing reformist 06 January 2013, 11:44

It is simple and straight! Bassil is strong and says loud all what people think of!
bass people like geha when they see bassil's name khalas blocage total!
For your own credibility Geha, admit when you are wrong. Some of your partners at least strongly admitted : "I don't like bassil but in this case he is 100% right...".
ciao bello!

Thumb geha 06 January 2013, 12:02

if basil was strong he would first assume the result of his alliances with hizbushaitan that is fighting in Syria driving more refugees into Lebanon and else where.
what is happening is the result of the policies of this failed government and its allegiance to the Syrian regime.
assume your errors first to be called strong :)

Missing peace 06 January 2013, 11:54

this is a tricky issue. M8 gvt has been in denial for a long time letting refugees in and now they realize that there is a problem because they always wanted to believe that there was nothing going on in syria and that bashar would crush the rebellion!
they let the refugees in lebanon settle anywhere without control, some renting apartments others seeking refuge wherever they can.
and now they talk about closing the borders after 2 years! lol! incompetence at its best.
i am no expert to say if they should close the borders or not, but how strange they react just a few months before the elections to make believe they are doing something!!!!

Missing reformist 06 January 2013, 12:02

Peace let me enlighten your frozen (or non existent) brain.
When the numbers are low and acceptable, it is fine we are happy to help people :) We are all equal... But when things become not manageable and you see that the numbers will grow like hell. Then you say no :)
Yes I personally had 'hope' that the situation would not become so bad and that we won't have such an influx... But your beloved partners wanted it differently... obviously :) So let them help those poor (I mean it, I have nothing against them) syrians and leave us out of this!

Missing peace 06 January 2013, 12:07

oh! let me please enlighten your empty brain: when there is such an issue instead of letting things rot like your gvt did for 2 years, they should have monitored right from the beginning any entry in the country... that is called responsibility! not letting the borders wide open to anyone without planning and now being surprised at the numbers and uncontrollable situation!!
responsible gvts plan before, but you have been in denial believing bashar would crush the rebellion.
so cut your BS and spare us your empty comments....whatever you say is denied by facts...

Missing reformist 06 January 2013, 12:13

wow your tone changed. Sign of tension. Out of your comfort zone? ;)
Dude! The issue is now getting serious and big and we are saying that this influx needs to stop. Point final. Which part did you not get? Why making such a simple problem so complex?
The first ones who came in fine... we will manage. We hope the situation would be better in syria and more controllable. Now that numbers are getting crazy we won't and should not accept this influx. Even ALL your allies on this site say the same ;) so why do you feel I need a brain again? ;)
I will give you a tip son : when more than 1 person, even from your camp, say you are wrong... Think twice before insisting again :)

Missing peace 06 January 2013, 12:19

read before you answer it ll spare you from being ridiculous... as a good little M8er you read only what you want to read...
let me then explain it to your binary empty M8 mind, ok, boy?

all i m saying is that your incompetent gvt has taken 2 years to realize the danger of the refugee with elections approaching they try to find a solution to the situation they are responsible for! (reread carfully and you ll understand my point... :) )

(oh! and in case you haven t read well, iletterate M8 boy, i have written: "i am no expert to say if they should close the borders or not, " meaning i cannot judge if we can or not accept this influx as we don t have any figures or plan available to judge, only words! )

Thumb geha 06 January 2013, 12:12

aren't you able of conducting a discussion without insults? what does it add to the conversation?
nobody is saying no to managing this influx of refugees.
all the countries involved in arming Syria have to pitch in and assist the Syrian people, starting by Russia and iran to the gulf, Europe and US.
so basically, we all agree on the principle, but we disagree, on how to do this and who should assume the result of their actions that led to this situation.
again, my point is that m14 has for 2 years been asking to close the borders, but m8 refused, thus we are now in this situation.
now we are in this situation that needs to be sorted out humanely.
scores between the FSA and m8 will be settled by them, as well as scores being constantly settled by the Syrian regime against m14 have been going on and you never lifted a finger:)

Missing peace 06 January 2013, 15:46

yeah coz you are a cheap byproduct...mou hek?

Thumb Chupachups 06 January 2013, 12:04

i agree, this is BS

Thumb whyaskwhy 06 January 2013, 12:19

Talk is cheap so FSA or XYZ can state anything they like, there are more wanted poeple out there by legitame organisation that cannot be touched. Bassil is not going to be tried by Syria as his allies will come to his aid.

Missing beirutbastard00 06 January 2013, 13:17

How come all these jihadist groups never attack Israel? They seem to have alota capabilities when the will is there. Imagine Israel trying to occupy Homs!!

Missing beirutbastard00 06 January 2013, 13:26

All this did was make basil more popular lol. Fsa plz stick to trying to kill bashar. And bashar, plz do the same.

I'm sorry to say this, but if they don't have enough money to rent a place to live in, they should be given a tent somewhere on the border, with guards surrounding our side of the camp. Just like turkey. Help em n keep em out at the same time.

Last but not least... Let the fsa Watch Lebanon n take notes. Our politicians are allowed to speak their minds and disagree. Isn't that what ur fighting for? Isn't that what bashar imprisons u for??

Missing reformist 06 January 2013, 19:28

We all agree ouwette except a few guys who are not open to any common sense as soon as they see bassil ;)
yes peace it's about you and your bros

Missing peace 06 January 2013, 20:05

reformist: go and buy a pair of glasses and read what i stated, iletterate baby boy...then come back and play the intellectual.

Missing peace 06 January 2013, 14:01

don t worry sidon, M8 is saying so many BS that they start to believe it is true... aoun or iranman tell them the moon is blue they ll repeat it, no matter the real facts... parrots that s all they are....

Thumb LebDinosaur 06 January 2013, 18:28

Syria is a mess and is gonna get messier. Yup, close the borders so we don't get infected again, please.

Thumb beiruti 06 January 2013, 20:13

I am no supporter of Thibran Bassil, of M8 or or Aoun or Aounism. However, it does not matter. The FSA, like the Assad Regime, cannot issue warrants of arrest, much less try a Lebanese citizen for things said in Lebanon. These are not two peoples living in one state. But two peoples living in two states. There is no Syrian sovereignty in Lebanon. Just as the warrants against Oqab from the Syrian regime are illigitimate, so is this call from the FSA. Shame on them.
In previous times, the Assad Regime would not only issue the threat of an arrest warrant, but carry out the execution on Lebanese soil, again a violation of Lebanese sovereignty, as is this.
We do not correct the errors and the violations of the past by condoning the same errors when they occur to our political opponents. It only gives them political cover and further erodes the idea of the rule of law, which is what M14 is for, if for nothing else.

Missing mansour 06 January 2013, 21:31

all i read from you people is BLAH BLAH BLAH refugees.They should all be expelled period stop dancing around the issue.the other Arab countries have plenty of money send them there.
Long Live The Syrian Civil War!

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