Lassa Residents Vow Escalatory Measures over Failure to Hand over Wata al-Joz Shooter

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The residents of Lassa condemned on Saturday the failure to hand over the shooter in the Wata al-Joz incident over to the judiciary.

They vowed that they may take “escalatory measures” should the assailant remain at large.

They noted that Lassa lies in an area near various tourist destinations, warning that they may block the roads to areas such as Kfardebian and Faraya should the state fail to apprehend the criminal.

“We call on officials who are keen on Lebanon and mutual coexistence to hand the criminal over to the judiciary,” they demanded.

The residents blocked the Hrajel-Mayrouba road in order to protest the failure to apprehend the criminal, even though media reports Friday said that he had in fact handed himself over to the security authorities.

“We are speaking from a position of power not weakness,” they declared.

“We do not want to take justice into our own hands,” they warned

“We hope that this issue would not be transformed into strife,” they added.

The residents later reopened the Hrajel-Mayrouba road, said LBCI television.

Al-Jadeed television later reported that the shooter had turned himself over to security forces.

Ghassan Seifeddine and his son Hadi were killed during an individual dispute, which erupted after a traffic accident, in the Wata al-Joz region on Thursday.

Meanwhile  Former Minister Farid Haykal al-Khazen stressed in a statement he gave from Hrajel that this is an “individual incident and that an entire village should not be blamed for it”.

"We refuse to blame an entire region for what was committed by one person,” al-Khazen said, calling on the three presidents and the leaders of the Shiite sect to immediately draw an end to this case to avoid any possible sedition.

He also called on the security forces to “look for the suspect and submit him for legal investigation”.

Later on Saturday, the village's Sheikh Itawi announced that the two men will be buried on Sunday afternoon. This announcement came after Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah interfered and requested that the families withdraw their pledge of sentencing the accused to death before they lay the bodies of Ghassan and Hadi to rest.

Investigations revealed the attacker as Anthony Khalil Khalil, who fled the scene soon after the shooting.

On Friday, relatives of the victims in Lassa blocked the Mayrouba-Wata al-Joz road to demand the arrest of Khalil.

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Thumb geha 26 January 2013, 14:21

if you heard the sheikh speaking you would come out with one result: law of the jungle.
he threatened with sectarian war.
what is amazing is that the suspect is an fpm and the killed are hizbushaitan.
Lassa after being armed by hizbushaitan have become an enclave in the Christian region, and are not shy of threatening the region.
something should be done about that before they become the next jabal Mohsen.

Thumb geha 26 January 2013, 15:58

for your information:
talks have been held at the highest levels between fpm and hizbushaitan to try to solve this.
hear the sheikh and then come and tell me I am blowing it out of proportion :)
do you think that the sectarian rhetoric of hizbushaitan (arming elements in Lassa) and that of aoun and his league will not have any effect?
sectarianism eats everyone ultimately, and the so called leaders of these packs will not be able to control the pack soon.
if you do not realize we need moderate talk these days, then you are a fool, as it is leading us directly to a sectarian war. the stupidity of what happened with assir is also in the same category: just flaming sectarianism.

Thumb jabalamel 26 January 2013, 16:44

the filthy zionist scum trash talks about law of the jungle and other stupidities

Missing helicopter 26 January 2013, 20:56

Please someone update jabalamel's speech software.

Thumb geha 26 January 2013, 16:48

your level of understanding has been proven the last few days, jumping to the wrong conclusions and insulting others based n your ignorance of the facts as for this incident yesterday :)
anyway, the ones being armed and trained like jabal Mohsen are lassa residents, those same ones illegally building on Christian land, appropriating it to themselves with Hizbushaitan weapons.
the sectarian rhetoric the last month has been fueled by fpm, and we have seen the result of what they did to assir visit (again, not that I like the guy).
now lassa residents also use the same rhetoric and are being supported by their Beirut colleagues and bekaa ones.
do you not see where all this is leading the country?
you must be really blind if you do not agree with me that this sectarian rhetoric is going out of hands and will burn the ones propagating it first and the whole country afterwards.

Thumb jcamerican 28 January 2013, 12:11

you say there are 'armed' lassa elements? based on what? these 2 dead citizens had machettes. hardly what i call hezb armament.

Heard they were the new generation weapons of choice for HA. Your comment makes more sense than most here.

Default-user-icon elio (Guest) 26 January 2013, 15:59

all we can stay what a crazy country is this let us pray that he dont turm himeself inn self defense or net they will lock him in jail due to ha power in governemnt

Default-user-icon Yorgo (Guest) 26 January 2013, 16:05

Lassa is in Jbeil and Hrajel, Faraya, and Kfardebian are in Kesserwan.
For these Lassa thugs to threaten the closures of vital roads in Kesserwan it should be considered an agression and dealt with it as such. Lassa, geocraphically, is not close to the towns mentioned above. Lassa's thugs have to travel to the heart of upper Kesserwan in order to block the roads. The Lebanese army better deal with them with an iron fist. Nobody should be above the law.

Default-user-icon abou elnar old fghter (Guest) 26 January 2013, 16:20

let the war begin.ya heik ya heik.

Thumb jabalamel 26 January 2013, 16:43

the filthy zionist scum trash logs out to log in under different nickname to support himself

Default-user-icon mcDad (Guest) 26 January 2013, 19:54

the military wing of Lassa residents

Default-user-icon shn (Guest) 26 January 2013, 20:40

the filthy Shite full of shite with shite for brain is expressing an "opinion"

Default-user-icon ot the sake of the public (Guest) 26 January 2013, 20:44

No worry, Ibrahim al-Amin will soon publish the pictures of the guy and his whole family with phone numbers and addresses, where his kids go to school just so the justice hungry Lassa scum will has a good starting point...

Missing greatpierro 27 January 2013, 09:00

It's a circus or a zoo. Look at you guys turning ever single event into partisan politics. Just call for justice and rule of state.

Default-user-icon JouJi (Guest) 27 January 2013, 13:18

Bizarre are Fanatic Civilized lebanese peoples.
They consider Lassa population as canton citizens or strangers in the hurt of christian civilized word...etc.
You are really illiterate! you know why? because Shia live in Jbeil and Kserwein since more than 500 years while the origin of the maronites (the majority) are from Syria, Egypt or even Genoa. So if you dont like the entourage, take a hike

Thumb primesuspect 27 January 2013, 14:57

his God is also your God you fool.