Chic Clinton's Cool in Her New Specs


Hillary Clinton has been a noted trailblazer in her lengthy political career -- but now she's joining the growing fashion for cool nerd glasses.

Many have been surprised to see the U.S. top diplomat sporting black, thick-framed glasses since she returned to work from an illness, concussion and blood clot at the beginning of January.

And during seven hours of testimony to U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday, she used them to great advantage, at times fixing a Republican questioner with a withering stare during a heated exchange, or flirtatiously adjusting them when she was lavished with compliments by her Democratic allies.

As any schoolgirl will tell you, nerd glasses are one of the latest fashion accessories.

But top aide, Philippe Reines, confirms Clinton has taken to wearing the glasses as a result of the concussion she suffered in early December.

"She'll be wearing these glasses instead of her contacts for a period of time because of lingering issues stemming from her concussion. With them on she sees just fine," Reines said in a statement.

Clinton, 65, first fell ill with a stomach virus on returning from a trip to Europe on December 7. She subsequently fainted as a result of dehydration and suffered a concussion, which then led to a blood clot.

The U.S.secretary of state, who is expected to step down within days handing over the baton to her designated successor Senator John Kerry, was hospitalized for several days over New Year's Eve.

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Default-user-icon John appelqvist (Guest) 26 January 2013, 13:50

The next president....!