First Power-Generating Ship Set to Arrive in Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The first of the two Turkish power-generating vessels is expected to arrive in Beirut soon, reported the daily An Nahar on Saturday.

It said that the “Fatmagul Sultan” set sail on Friday, but it did not disclose when it is scheduled to arrive in the country.

The arrival of the ships had been subject to numerous delays.

Reports in December had expected the ship to arrive in Beirut in April even though it was initially expected to dock in Lebanon in November 2012.

Energy Minister Jebran Bassil explained at the time that the delay was attributed to the government's failure to provide the costs of leasing the ships from Turkish power company Karadeniz.

The cabinet agreed in 2012 to lease power-generating vessels that would help provide 700 megawatts of electricity for a period of three years.

Lebanon has long suffered from electricity outages because of shortages at its power plants whose maximum capacity is less than 1,500 megawatts but the country’s actual need exceeds 2,300 megawatts.

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Thumb andre.jabbour 09 February 2013, 09:52

The most expensive ship in lebanon's history. Israel will enjoy bombing it.... Thanks to hezbollahs provocations and terror bombings.

Missing billabash 09 February 2013, 12:50

Dear FT, the reason why a person is $200-$300 for the neighborhood generator is because of ur tofl el mu3jize Gebran Bassil. He has ruined the electricity as he did with the cell phone. The reason for these high bills is because there is no electricity so the neighborhood generators have to run longer leading to higher operating costs because of the ever increasing fuel costs (Wizaret el ta2a --> Gobrano ;)). So how they say in arabic : "Kif ma bramta el 7a2 3al wazir el feeshel".

Default-user-icon Qaslab (Guest) 09 February 2013, 18:37

Dont forget 50-60% of the population ( Hezballah ) don't even pay their electric bills . Who dares to ask them for it . Incompetent Animals .

Missing samiam 09 February 2013, 21:30

No offense FT--but in the 3 years that Bassil has been at the helm, not a single power is being built nor is one even planning to be built as the one in Deir Ammar was rebid upon, because Bassil's company didn't win the bid. A

Before you say that he is trying to get the lowest bid possible, the bid on the Turkish ships was rebid after Bassil did the initial bid and the cost was lowered significantly after that. Face it, Bassil is incompetent and with his FIL, he would have been sacked long ago.

Missing samiam 09 February 2013, 22:57

They weren't built under his initial plan because well for one, he had a bad plan (details if you want them) and 2) he wanted $800MM put into the ministries account to build the power plants, and get this with NO oversight. Remember his temper tantrum after he tried to mock this portion.

Now, you want to defend his actions, fine, but his incompetence has been revealed. If he is such a great minister, why do people have 80% less power than they did when he assumed his post? You want to blame the other side (conspiracy if he want the emulate HA), but he should be able to adapt and get shit done. Bottom line, if he can't and he cares about the country, he should let someone else assume the post (don't care about which party). Actions speak louder than words and by his actions, the sector has regressed significantly.

Missing samiam 10 February 2013, 10:13

FT, you are an apologist, and obviously in your eyes, Aoun the Bassil are two parts of the trilogy and can't do no wrong. As for my 80%, in my personal residence, the bills used to be around $300 every two month 3 years ago--now it about $100. A family member in Mansourieh used to get bills of $250 three years ago and now his bill is around $60. You want me to do the math, or are you comfortable with the basics?

Bassil's plan called for paying for a 700 megawatt plant with cash--who the hell pays for something that big with cash? Even the gulf states won't do that. When people called for him to seek soft loans, he went off in one of his little fits--now it seems that he has to do it. You of course, won't blame his incompetence but rather say it is someone else's fault, like he does.

Actions are louder than words--by his actions, he is silent.

Default-user-icon Hasib Moukarim (Guest) 09 February 2013, 10:44

At last the longly awaited solution to our national energy crisis .looking forward to see improvement in the service .

Default-user-icon majid (Guest) 09 February 2013, 11:24

Flame thrower. Your entitled to your opinion... but why the personal attacks.. you believe in democracy freedom of speech so why not let people air their opinions without your insults.

Missing peace 09 February 2013, 11:56

"that would help provide 700 megawatts of electricity for a period of three years."

and after? any plans made to build modern plants? or is it just another crutch?

Missing beirutbastard00 09 February 2013, 20:59

Plans? Modern?... Nah.

Missing billabash 09 February 2013, 12:18

This is a purely a cover up for stealing public money by the oh so clean FPM. It would have been much more efficient if the money was invested in a plant that gains electricity from burning garbage. It can be clearly built up to the european standard and has more benefits than ships ruining the lovely shores. But what can I say about this tofl el mu3jize Gebran Bassil.

Thumb shab 09 February 2013, 12:29

Now the filthy militia will have to pay for electricity. Or will they just tap out the Lebanese ones?

Missing 09 February 2013, 13:43

This is a necessary temporary fix. It takes anywhere between 2-3 years to bring a power plant from planning phase to deployment. The problem is that if we do not move ahead with long term plan, this temporary fix will be an expensive long term plan. But I agree with FT in one way, considering that this government opted for the Hanoi model (resistance vis prosperirty), it may be better to lease these ships as there will be third party protection for them. Same for oil and gas, we should only deal with countries that have the ability and will to protect their interest.

Missing 09 February 2013, 13:43

This is a necessary temporary fix. It takes anywhere between 2-3 years to bring a power plant from planning phase to deployment. The problem is that if we do not move ahead with long term plan, this temporary fix will be an expensive long term plan. But I agree with FT in one way, considering that this government opted for the Hanoi model (resistance vis prosperirty), it may be better to lease these ships as there will be third party protection for them. Same for oil and gas, we should only deal with countries that have the ability and will to protect their interest.

Thumb Mordekaiser 09 February 2013, 14:07

3 YEARS HAAAAAA.... I bet 10% of Mr. Bassil's and Mr. Aoun's commission that they shall be extended to like 5-6 years

Thumb Mordekaiser 09 February 2013, 15:04

600 MILLION??? there must be some mistake bro, that is barely enough money to last them more than 2 months!! :P

Thumb lebanon_first 09 February 2013, 15:07

anyone knows how much electricity this ship will give, and how much will become the total capacity countrywide with it?

Missing rami 10 February 2013, 07:46

Ya 7abboub, i like using your terms, and replying to the thread at the top, when you talk about your real estate boom, 50% increase, wallla, mich aleel, where did you get this figure from, i bet your so called boom came straight after the 2006 war, correct? people love being bombarded, so they build and invest more. Woy chou kamen faster internet? LMFAO.

Missing peace 09 February 2013, 16:21

but it will not serve the pockets of the mafiosi politicians...and the generators mafia!

Default-user-icon Watt's up (Guest) 09 February 2013, 16:22

"It said that the “Fatmagul Sultan” set sail on Friday" -- yeah right, that Friday is just like Aoun's Tuesday in "Tuesday the Syrian revolt will be over"

Missing helicopter 09 February 2013, 16:24

It took NASA less time to land on Mars than it took this ship to come from Turkey to Lebanon.

Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 09 February 2013, 17:22

Billions were spent on the Electricity company while electricity is still cut daily. Shouldn’t some of these who governed be held responsible for that? Why should we use ships to generate electricity? This way is fraught with all sorts of kickbacks and corruption because the deal could be done without going through the standard procedures for establishing a process that leads to electricity generation. Now I know why basil wants this speedily? He’s trying to fill his pocket before one of two things happen: 1. His F-I-L dies or his party is toppled if things in Syria change. I think after all he’s very smart. I though he was stupid and I was mistaken.

Missing peace 09 February 2013, 18:02

it is a sign of GREAT incompetence that no lebanese gvt solved the pb of electricity for such a tiny country! those who throw the blame on M14 only forget that the ministry of energy was often held by M8ers!
so neither M8 nor M14 are to blame because they are ALL to blame for their inefficiency and corruption! and bassil is only another incompetent minister who will solve nothing.
and people still vote for them, pityful country....

Missing peace 09 February 2013, 22:28

try not to forget what aoun always said when he was in france: that our debt was mainly caused by syrians who stole the treasury not by lebanese...

you seem to forget that easily to suit your FPM propaganda that everything was caused by hariri and sinioura only.....

Missing gabby14 09 February 2013, 19:27

All of this because the Shia don't pay for electricity. The 800 pound gorilla in the room nobody ever mentions.

This fiasco will further bankrupt the country.

Thumb whyaskwhy 09 February 2013, 20:02

In the end we will pay whatever were told to pay, the only saving grace is that as Lebanese we have eternal hope. Irrelevant we hope to get a few more hours of electricity and inevitably we will pay more and more for less and less. Glorification will come to those involved with this fiasco as they will be the Gods to pray and pay homage to... Stop the river waters from flowing blame everyone for it and then sell them bottled water. bless our leaders

Thumb lebanon_first 09 February 2013, 23:02

I will be hated for this comment. But I prefer the private generator business to be regulated and that we slowly stop receiving government electricity. Private generator owners will not tolerate non payment and will shut off non payers. Eventually, the sector would privatize this way, and we close EDL. On a second step, we would consolidate teh private generators into power plants and have a private electricity company. Sorry Nabih berri. no more useless positions and free electricity.

Default-user-icon Sroux (Guest) 10 February 2013, 01:29

No offense, this would never be a gd idea or even a remotely considerable one.One of the biggest electricity generation costs is POLLUTION and not money. The better your reactor is built the more efficient it runs...same logic goes for cars and every generator out there and that is the reason why electrical cars are less pollutant than conventional one!...the small car engine take around 20% of the energy of the fuel burn yet huge a conventional modern power plant can squeeze up to 80 or 90% and thats why electrical cars are a better solution!!..following this logic if we can burn less fuel to make more electricity we can pay less and pollute less!!! Driving cost down and pollution down the ships are a good enough STARTER idea as long as maintenance is done on the current plants and some new ones get built!! I see this as a positive sign as long as it is step of a larger cleaner leaner plan that would clean the whole sector (unlawful employees to shortages)

Default-user-icon Forthis (Guest) 10 February 2013, 11:27

Considering how lacking any sense or decency or even in some cases the need for truth and clear facts (like for instance, that the property prices hike started in 2006, after Hizb-Iran unilaterally provoked an Israeli invasion that destroyed half that property), I sometimes wonder if FT is not actually Aoun in disguise. Nafs el ghabéwé, nafs darajet el watawé, nafs îllit 7aya...

Missing samiam 10 February 2013, 16:01

Ft, still no maintenance and still no power plants--he promised 24/7 power initially by 2014 and now 2015--how do you think that will happen with ZERO power plants being built or planning to be built right now?

Do you need numbers to back this up or can you count to zero?

Missing samiam 10 February 2013, 16:29

There is only one practical solution: privatization. Individual companies will protect their assets and theft will be eliminated and will try to make things more efficient to make more money. Additionally, it takes the political process out of it and allows the sector to improve on its own instead of depending on the whims of the political figures.

Missing samiam 10 February 2013, 19:35

The M14 people are not my friends, but neither are the M8 people who refuse to accept responsibility and try to blame their ills on everyone else. Unlike you, I praise when there is something to be praised and criticize when there is something to be critical of regardless of party or camp. You, OTOH, are an M8 apologist.

Now back to the subject matter, you need a parliamentary majority when money is involved and parliament, rightly denied the $800MM that Bassil wanted deposited into the ministry's account, and with no controls to boot. He also didn't want to utilize soft loans that were available and were pushed on him by everyone else. Aside from that, there was the Zahrani incident (controlled by fellow ally Berri), the strike last summer (again Berri), and endless other problems. You want to blame the M14 camp--guess what, don't look outside your own house to get things in order.

Or did you selectively ignore this...

Missing phillipo 10 February 2013, 19:38

I may not be an expert in electricity but I do know my maths.
If Lebanon's Power plants can supply 1500 megawatts, and the actual need of Lebanon is 2300 megawatts, there are 800 megawatts "missing". Assuming that the ships can supply 700 there is still going to be an amount missing.
When/if does Lebanon intend building new power stations to cover this catastrophic situation?