Harb Warns Against Politicizing al-Rahi's Visit to Damascus

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Batroun MP Butros Harb expressed fears on Sunday that the Assad regime would use the pastoral visit of Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi to Damascus to meet political objectives.

“It's a pastoral visit made by the patriarch with the aim of consolidating Maronite-Orthodox cooperation,” Harb said.

“But I am afraid that this visit would be used politically … by the Syrian regime to give the impression that the Maronite patriarch supports one team against the other in Syria,” Harb told Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5).

He also expressed fears that the Maronite church would be pushed into the Syrian crisis.

Al-Rahi made a two-day visit to Damascus on Saturday - the first by a Maronite patriarch since Syrian and Lebanese independence in 1943 - during which he presided mass at Saint Anthony's Cathedral in the Christian district of Bab Tuma.

On Sunday, he attended the enthronement of Greek Orthodox leader Youhanna X Yazigi at the Church of the Holy Cross in Qassaa, a central neighborhood of the conflict-ridden Syrian capital.

Harb, a member of the March 14 opposition alliance, expressed regret that Maronites in Lebanon were not united.

“I don't think that Maronites would be okay if they keep putting themselves in constant conflicts,” he told VDL.

“The Maronite base is in loss” over divisions among political officials, he said.

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Default-user-icon majdak Lubnan (Guest) 10 February 2013, 11:54

Sorry Mr Harb but you are certinaly living with the fairies. Sorry but when where the Maronites ever united? THey have always been divided and have always killed and fought each other for the seat. As your M14 ally once said you are bunch of useless politicians...or to be more specific "Jense el 3atl". Oh and neither your or your M14 allies had the balls to even say anything against this statement he made.

Default-user-icon Tzephir Koshbangia (Guest) 10 February 2013, 12:19

... And those who do not abide by Harb's edict will be left alone? I like it when someone with practically no weight other than that of the fart that is pumped into them throws warnings left and right! What a stinking piece of s..t.

Missing abraham 10 February 2013, 13:10

Mr. Harb
Your so called friends on M-14 group politicized this trip yesterday, by making derogetory comments

Missing abraham 10 February 2013, 22:49

Hey FT, I'm more chritian than you ever will be